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I Did the Wim Hof Method for Stress Reduction for 2 Months- This Is What I Found

This article is a transcribed edited summary of a video Bob and Brad recorded in February of 2021. For the original video go to

Bob: Today we're going to talk about, I did, that's me, The Wim Hof method for Stress Reduction, for two months. And this is what I found. I'm going to reveal today what it has done for me.

Brad: Wim Hof is a name of a person?

Bob: He’s Dutch, and he’s known as The Iceman. We'll tell you some of his accomplishments, it’s pretty amazing. He's got many Guinness World Records Brad.

Brad: Yeah, I actually saw a video of this guy. I've read a little bit about him.

Bob: It's amazing.

Brad: Yeah.

Bob: I mean, it seems impossible. Some of the things he did, so he's got the record for swimming under ice. 188 feet.

Brad: Without a wetsuit?

Bob: Without a wetsuit.

Brad: No dry suit.

Bob: No. He had the camera on the first time, he was just trying it, and his eyes froze over, his eyelids. He was blind. He couldn't find his way out and he had to be rescued. And then the next time he did it, the same day yet, he still went 188 feet.

Brad: So the water is what? 40 degrees or something like that.

Bob: I think its freezing.

Brad: Or was it 32 or was it salt water. If its salt water, it could be even colder without freezing.

Bob: Yeah, I'm not sure.

Brad: We didn't get in that into detail. Well one way or another that guy is amazing or he's got some issues.

Bob: I'll give you a few more Brad. He’s got the fastest half marathon. He did this up in Antarctic, I believe with no shoes, no shirt he wore shorts. I mean.

Brad: What was the temperature?

Bob: You know, what is in Antarctica?

Brad: Maybe they have a summer that gets a little warmer.

Bob: No, no. He was in snow. It took him two hours and 16 minutes and 34 seconds.

Brad: Wow.

Bob: But yeah, nothing but shorts.

Brad: Just shoes.

Bob: No shoes.

Brad: No shoes?

Bob: Yeah.

Brad: I'd like to see what his feet look like.

Bob: This seems impossible, doesn't it?

Brad: I bet we could look, someone could probably Google this and they'll see pictures and maybe some video footage.

Bob: Yeah. There's a documentary out him. So you can watch that. There's the longest time that he had direct full body contact with ice. And that was an hour and 53 minutes. I guess it's been broken now by other people now. But could you imagine sitting the ice bath for an hour and 53 minutes?

Brad: Like water filled with ice cubes and you submerge yourself?

Bob: Yeah.

Brad: Like to the neck.

Bob: Yeah, to the neck. He can keep his body temperature the same. He just has that ability.

Brad: So they're measuring it sublingually.

Bob: Yeah, they actually did test it on him. So this is the one that's pretty amazing about his immune system. So he purposely injected an endotoxin that normally makes you sick. It will cause nausea, headaches, inflammation, vomiting and nothing happened to him. He just, with his mind pretty much controlled it. He didn't get sick at all.

Brad: Why would you do that to someone anyways?

Bob: Well, they wanted to show... He wanted to prove that as immune system and they did it. So you think, okay this guy's a freak of nature, he's got, but no. So he can teach people how to do this stuff.

Brad: And it has a lot to do with breathing techniques.

Bob: Breathing technique and yeah, they do mindfulness. He's got a three system, three pillar system. But these are the things that his website says it’s supposed to do: it's supposed to boost your immune system, increase your energy, relieves stress, improve sleep, increased willpower, relieve some symptoms of depression, increases concentration, improves your overall mental wellbeing. So again, there's three ways to do this.

Brad: Wait. So if you get into this, does this mean you’re jumping into water or you're going to jump in an ice bath and you're going to do all these things?

Bob: Well, you know, this is how he recommends it. First he's got the breathing part of it and these are breathing exercises and they last... You can probably do it about 15 minutes and you can go right to his YouTube channel and he's got great videos. Great visuals on how to breathe. And you breathe in and out for like 30 times then you hold your breath for a minute. And right when you're done, you hold it for another 15 seconds.

Brad: Did you do this?

Bob: I didn't it.

Brad: Did you get dizzy?

Bob: I never got dizzy but people can get dizzy. And he warns you not to do it in the shower, not to do it anywhere if you're not lying down or sitting down because you could get dizzy and fall over.

Brad: And he actually learned this technique from some people?

Bob: I think it's a mishmash of things over time. I don't think its specifically in one place.

Brad: Cause in that book, Breathe, they referenced him and that he did with these with people from, I'm thinking over by India.

Bob: Yeah, I think it was India.

Brad: The Buddhists? Anyways, that's a side note.

Bob: So the breathing, he does have a program you can purchase but I'm thinking you don't need to do it. I didn't.

Brad: You maybe that's why...

Bob: Yeah, yeah. We'll find out. The only thing I was missing, he's got some yoga stretches and stuff like that. I do a lot of stretching already.

Brad: You know how you would do with yoga sometimes.

Bob: Yeah. So anyway, the breathing exercises, definitely had that down. I was doing that. The cold exposure. What he does is he has you start with cold showers. So you start with a warm shower and then you finish with a cold shower. And the first time he made me only 10 seconds or 30 seconds and I was up to a minute and a half.

Brad: Of cold?

Bob: Of cold. Yeah.

Brad: But you started warm.

Bob: I started warm and I'd go with that last minute and a half. I just say, this is just the shower, tough it out.

Brad: Did you have a little timer or what?

Bob: I had a little timer.

Brad: Right in the shower with it?

Bob: Right in the shower.

Brad: A waterproof one?

Bob: Yeah a waterproof one. And you know, it's funny when I'd get out of the shower, you know, normally if I get all the shower, now I'm cold. But if you get out of the shower after you had a cold shower, you actually feel pretty good. So it definitely wakes you up.

Brad: Yeah, I believe it.

Bob: And then he had a mindfulness meditation which he kind of just did with the breathing. The same breathing state.

Brad: Mindfulness? What do you mean mindful?

Bob: That's all meditation. You're trying to be in the moment.

Brad: Its the mind.

Bob: And I know a lot of you have problems with this. You know, I do transcendental meditation and a lot of people were upset about that that I was leaving the devil in. And believe me, the last thing I'm thinking about is the devil. So anyway, so I did the breathing, the cold exposure like I said, it was up to a minute and a half. I think he actually has you eventually go up to like five minutes but I get a lot of outdoor cold too. In fact, one day I ran out. I ran in shorts to see what it's like. It was 30 degrees or less than 30.

Brad: Did you have short sleeves?

Bob: I had a short sleeve shirt on. You know, I get hot when I run. So first I should say I am the least person that likes the cold on earth. I hate cold. I hated it all my whole life. My hands get really cold easy, my feet. So that has improved without a doubt I can handle the cold better.

Brad: Sure.

Bo: Without a doubt. But as far as my immune system, who knows. I don't know if my immune system's better. I mean, I've not been exposed to anybody.

Brad: Oh, you're healthy, right Bob?

Bob: Yeah, I'm healthy.

Brad: It's probably better than... Let's be optimistic.

Bob: The breathing, the sleeping, you know I felt like the transcendental meditation helped me more than anything else right now. So I'm going to continue doing that.

Brad: I think you have to take the program.

Bob: Maybe you do.

Brad: Sometimes you take a program, they explain it better. But maybe not, I don't know.

Bob: He's got a lot of information on his channel. I think you get a pretty good sense of whether or not the program would work for you.

Brad: Well, Bob let's look at it this way. If someone watches our shoulder program through the video, we do a pretty good job. But if they come to us directly, it’s probably better.

Bob: But our shoulder program is free. I thought you were comparing our shoulder program to just one video?

Brad: Well, no, it just a video in general. You're going to learn a lot but in person you might get more out of it.

Bob: I'm not going over to the Netherlands or whatever.

Brad: Oh, you have to actually go over there.

Bob: If you want the program. There is an online program too.

Brad: I'd like to go over there and maybe take it. Because otherwise I'm not doing all that stuff. That's cold.

Bob: I mean, you start off and then you finish off by climbing up this mountain with your shirt off and shorts.

Brad: Well maybe if I had shoes on. I'm thinking, I don't know anymore but at one time in my life, I'd say yeah, let's do it. Now I'm thinking maybe not. I've swam in very cold water without a wetsuit.

Bob: Oh yeah.

Brad: I had to for a triathlon, you either swim or you can't go. And it's dang cold. You got an ice cream headache because the water is hitting you in the forehead. By the time you get done, you're so numb. It doesn't feel so bad. You get out and like you say, you feel pretty darn good.

Bob: You feel good when you come out.

Brad: It’s like, Whoa, it’s not so bad.

Bob: I'm getting so much cold exposure. I ran this morning out in the cold, but I had plenty of clothes on. It was it was -10, -15, below with the wind chill. And I felt good. I mean, I felt, I wouldn't want to be any colder. It was probably at the limit of where I'd run outside. But I just don't want to do the cold showers. You know what? I only have so much motivation. And if I deplete my motivation on that cold shower, I'm not going to be able to do something else during the day that I should do.

Brad: We might have some people watching that are experienced with this and actually are really successful with that maybe.

Bob: There are people that love him and I don't disagree.

Brad: But they could maybe give you some hints on maybe what they've discovered.

Bob: Sure.

Brad: Maybe there was something that you missed.

Bob: That I missed out on.

Brad: You never know. I think it's one of those things that could be different between individuals, how you experience it.

Bob: It can and there's some talk about people with rheumatoid arthritis and AMS.

Brad: And they got better?

Bob: They were on meds and they got off the meds. So there's a lot of stories. There's no doubt, I think it does boost your immune system too. I really do well.

Brad: There's got to be something to it if this gentleman could climb a mountain and run and go under water. It’s amazing how he could not have hypothermia.

Bob: I know it's crazy.

Brad: Unbelievable.

Bob: It's nuts. So, check it out. He's got a website. He's got videos on YouTube. He's got a book. So I have nothing against Wim Hof. I think he's a great guy. I just... I'm not going to do cold showers anymore. Sorry. Thanks.

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