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  • 10 Exercises to Never Do With Osteoporosis

    This article is a transcribed edited summary of a video Bob and Brad recorded in March of 2021. For the original video go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3G_-S_2HUk&t=2s Bob: Today we're going to talk about 10 exercises to never do with osteoporosis, especially if you have severe osteoporosis. Brad: Sure Bob, you bet. Bob: So, kind of a softening of the bones. I think people know what it is, right? Brad: Yeah, it puts you at risk for a fracture. Bob: One of the biggest concerns with osteoporosis is that you can get a compression fracture of the spine. A compression fracture happens when you move into a flexed position, especially with weight bearing or with added weight. Brad: Right. If there's an impact, that obviously increases that risk much more. So, we want to avoid that. Bob: We want to avoid the jarring through the spine. Brad: We know from working with a number of patients over the years, compression fractures in the spine are painful and they don't go away quickly. Bob: No, they don't. I've seen people literally just bend over with that rounded back and get it that way. So, it doesn't take much. That's why you really want to learn good body mechanics when you have osteoporosis. Brad: And we should mention, typically this is older people, and it affects women more than men because of the change in their hormones at menopause. So, I would say people in their 60s really have to start thinking about this and older, of course. Bob: I'm sure your health professional is probably bringing it up to you. Because they try to monitor that fairly closely. Brad: Right, and there's a test they can do with the actual number to see what level you're at. We have a video on that, and I gave all the details. Bob: Sure. All right, number one, you shouldn't be doing toe touches. Well, you shouldn't be doing these anyway. But a lot of people do it for stretching and it's just not good for your back anyway. Bob: You certainly don't want to be doing those and you don't want to be doing it lying dow