Frequently asked questions

Giveaway Questions

How do I enter the giveaway?

Visit Scroll under current giveaway photo until you see where it asks you to enter your full name and email address. Then hit continue. This will give you one entry into the giveaway

Are the giveaways open internationally?

Some of our giveaways are open to everyone worldwide. Please check the giveaway details to find out which ones. www.bobandbrad/giveaways

Have another giveaway question not specified on this list?

Shoot us an email at

How is the winner picked?

The winner(s) will be selected in a random drawing from among all eligible entries received throughout the promotion period. The random drawing will be conducted immediately after the promotion period.

I have not received my prize after winning a giveaway. What should I do?

Please contact us at

Have another giveaway question not specifies on this list?

Shoot us an email at

General Questions

Where are you located?

We are located in Winona, MN.

Do you do video therapy, or can we make an appointment with you?

We are very sorry, but we are not currently taking any new patients.

I am looking for a good therapist in my area.

We recommend McKenzie therapists. You can see if you can find one in your area with this link :

Do you have a recommendation?

Email us your recommendation at

Product Questions

Where can I find a product that was mentioned in one of your videos?

Products should be listed underneath the video in YouTube, click “show more”. All of the products used in that particular video, will be in that list along with the link to find it.

How do you install the Bob and Brad wall anchors?

Looking for a specific product recommendation?

Check out Bob and Brad's products: OR Here is a list of products we love

You have a product you would like us to promote or try out?

Email us at

My massage gun won't turn on.

Be sure to hold the power button until the massager turns on (about 6-8 seconds). For further assistance email or call +1(612) 567-3035

My massage gun won't charge.

The massage gun should come fully charged and ready to use. Be sure to hold the power button for 6-8 seconds. For further assistance email or call +1(612) 567-3035

What is the rubber ring that comes with the massage gun?

This is a replacement ring for the attachment heads.

Are your products available anywhere other than Amazon?

Not at this time, however we are working on this.

Health Questions

Have an individual medical question or looking for specific answers to your individual issue?

Unfortunately, we cannot answer individual medical questions online, since each individual is unique. We try our best to give advice and tips on general health and wellness, but we do recommend that you see a healthcare professional in person for anything more in-depth. We can try to find you the best video we have made on a particular issue, if you’d like to email us at, but please remember, it will be a general video.

Should I use heat or an ice pack?

How do you find a certain video on a specific topic?

Go to our YouTube channel Click on the magnifying glass that is located all the way to the right under Bob & Brad’s picture. You can type anything in this search function that you want to know about, and it will bring up all of our videos related to that subject.

Can’t find a video that you’re looking for because we don’t seem to have one?

Shoot us a suggestion email and we will add it to our to-do list!

What if I am feeling pain with an exercise or stretch?

Our general rule of thumb on pain is, if it hurts, STOP doing it.

Further questions?