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Praise for Bob & Brad products

Real Results, Real People


I had a few massage guns before that one. I can tell you it's worth the price and destroy competition with Theragun !

Karen K.

Used for NECK issues. While it seems bulky and rigid , once it is turned on it’s deep massage gets deep into the muscles for relief.

Mark V

I have had issues with dry eye so after watching one of Bod and Brads videos on it, I thought I would give it a try. I worked great - I would recommend this product for sure. I use it twice a day - first thing in the morning and again at night. I did start having a problem with charging it so I contacted their customer service department. Even though I was past the warranty, they were very nice and sent me a new eye massager. So bottom line = great product and great customer service

Robbin W

I love this set! Makes it so easy to do my exercises. It's really making a difference.


Easy to use, multiple pain relieving attachments. Sturdy & well built. Customer service is excellent. They stand behind their product and will help you with any questions you have.


I purchased this for "Prehab" therapy in preparation for a total knee replacement. I brought it to my PT appt and asked my therapist if this was acceptable to use for leg slides in lieu of a towel. He watched me do 2 sets of leg slides and called over the other therapists to see the device and watch how much easier it was to slide my bad knee back and forth My therapist said this will be very helpful after my knee surgery for rehab as well. The Director of the facility was so impressed with this device that they are ordering several for the business. Very pleased with my decision.


Thank you so much for this! I was looking for a back brace, but these techniques are better.

Mr. GoodToons

Hanging absolutely rocks. Everyone should do it. Hanging is our body's natural way of resetting the upper body, like the ground resets our lower body.


Works great with building strength in the knee before and after knee surgery.


Seems to work very well, but bottle is very rigid, especially if you have arthritic hands. Found a pump from a soap container that I cleaned out, which works much better! Need to add a pump !


It was easy to install and I love having a way to exercise at home.