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Holy Cowabunga Joint & Muscle Cream


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Cowabunga Joint & Muscle Cream is a joint and muscle cream that provides cooling comfort for relieving normal aches, pains and strains. Cowabunga Cream is fortified with peppermint, eucalyptus and other essential oils. The non-greasy formula is promptly absorbed into your skin to achieve the cooling sensation that quickly relieves your sore or strained muscles and joints. 


For years, this joint and muscle cream has been used by farmers on cows with inflamed or infected udders. When a stronger version of the cream was created and approved for human use, Physical Therapists, Bob and Brad, were totally and "udderly" impressed! 


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Holy Cowabunga Joint & Muscle Cream



Holy Cowabunga Joint & Muscle Cream


Bob & Brad Holy Cowabunga Cream




No Returns

Please note that this product is non-returnable

Endorsed by Physical Therapists

Bob and Brad, renowned therapists, highly recommend Holy Cowabunga Cream


Originally used by farmers on cows with inflamed udders, reflecting its proven efficacy

Rapid Absorption

Non-greasy formula quickly absorbs into the skin, delivering a cooling sensation

Fortified Formula

Infused with peppermint, eucalyptus, and essential oils for enhanced effectiveness

Cooling Comfort

Provides relief for normal aches, pains, and strains in muscles and joints


Real results, real people


I have sciatica and it helps reduce the pain.

Mary L

Seems to work very well, but the bottle is very rigid, especially if you have arthritic hands. Found a pump from a soap container that I cleaned out, which works much better! Need to add a pump!

Jackie G

Growing up we would use UdderMint on the inflamed udders of cows to help bring the swelling down. It had a strong minty smell. Never would have thought that something similar could be used on my back. Gives great cooling relief. Much stronger IMO to BioFreeze.


I use cowabunga for my wide spread pain. Feet, legs and back. It smells good like peppermint.

Scott M

Pleasant odor, fast acting and comforting relief from muscle aches and the pain from arthritis.


Just got this today and already I’m loving it. Almost instant relief. Thanks, Bob and Brad for sharing this product. I have a suggestion. My arthritic hand are not as strong as they should be so squeezing the bottle is a bit difficult. Perhaps you could include a pump with the product or change the packaging. Again grateful for the relief.


The cream is great. It absorbs very quickly and really does sooth your joint pain. I use it on my back and I have cut back on my ibuprofen which is a good thing. Customer service is outstanding. So glad I watch Bob & Brad to find this.

L.J Mitchell

I was in an accident and had many contusions. It really helped with the pain.


Got this a couple of days ago. Appears to increase blood flow to affected areas. I use it before bedtime and first thing in the morning. I apply to my Lumbar, traps, delts, upper pecs and heels and Achilles. Using an ice pack with it to the lumbar spine is a dream


As an active person at the end of the day when u want to give those joints and muscle some relief I highly recommend this cream. After an epsom salt bath I’ve been using this cream daily and in the morning that aching pain is gone. It has a cooling relief but not too strong. Also unlike many other creams that have a strong smell and leave a lingering smell this one does not. Actually has a nice smell to it that won’t linger on your clothes. Highly recommend.


Seems to work very well, but bottle is very rigid, especially if you have arthritic hands. Found a pump from a soap container that I cleaned out, which works much better! Need to add a pump !


I'm a therapist. Love Bob and Brad. I’ll try anything they sell and rec them constantly to clients. This stuff works on a diff level than most Icy/ hot type creams. It penetrates t relieve inflammation

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Grip & forearm strengthener

Grip & forearm strengthener