TENS Program Series 5. How Do I Obtain a TENS Unit for Pain?

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

How Do I Obtain a TENS Unit for Pain? Do I Need A Prescription? Will Insurance or Medicare Pay for It?

You do NOT need a prescription to obtain a TENS unit.

If you are trying to get your insurance or Medicare to pay for a unit, you will need to check their guidelines. Their requirements frequently change, and many have different rules. You might need documentation from your doctor stating that the treatment is medically necessary. You might also need a prescription from your doctor. Some insurers require that you rent a unit for a month.

Medicare used to require that you try other treatments first. They also required that you have pain longer than three months. Medicare may also not cover certain types of pain such as chronic low back pain.

Having said all that we honestly do not know of any equipment providers that will process an insurance or Medicare claim for TENS. Leave a comment below if you know of one. The cost of units has come down so much we believe there is not enough money in it for equipment providers to go through the difficulty of dealing with insurance and/or Medicare.

iReliev’s has a TENS unit (order number 1313) that is around $49. We remember when these units were hundreds of dollars. Despite the low cost, the $49 unit is just as powerful and effective as the units that used to cost 10X to 20X more.

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