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TENS Program Series 14. How to Use a TENS Unit with Shoulder Pain. Correct Pad Placement.

How to Use the TENS Unit for Shoulder Pain (Impingement, Rotator Cuff Injury, Arthritis):

If you are using an iReliev TENS unit we provide step-by-step video instruction on how to use the following types:

iReliev 1313

iReliev 5050

iReliev 8080

Just go to the program section at BobandBrad.com and click on the TENS series, or click the link below. Under the series look for the videos with the 1313, 5050, and 8080 TENS units.

If you are using a TENS unit from another manufacturer you will need to follow the instructions provided with the product.

Where to Place the Pads:

There is NOT a specific right way to position or place the pads. The best approach is to place the pads wherever they relieve pain the most. Experiment and see what will work best for you.

General Guidelines for a Small Area of Shoulder Pain:

Use one channel and two pads. Place one pad (either one) directly on the pain. Place the other pad either directly above the other pad (at least a pad’s width apart) or directly below the pad (at least a pad’s width apart).

See Photo for Shoulder Example

Use one channel and two pads. Place one pad directly above the pain and one pad directly below the pain or place one pad on each side of the pain.

See Photo for Shoulder Example

General Guidelines for a Large Area of Pain:

In our examples, channel one has yellow pads and channel two has green pads.

Option one: one pad from channel one placed above the area of pain and one pad placed below the area. One pad from channel two placed in front of the area of pain and another pad from channel two placed behind the area of pain. This arrangement forms a cross pattern.

Option two: one pad from channel one in the upper right corner of the area of pain and one pad from channel one in the lower left corner of the area of pain. One pad from channel two in the upper left corner of the pain and one pad in the lower right corner of the pain. This arrangement forms an X pattern.

Reminder: do not place pads over open wounds or areas with excessive hair. Clean the area with soap and water prior to placement of the pads.

Exercise: Statue of Liberty or hanging.

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