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Fancy a good massage after a heavy workout but your appointment with a massage salon or your physical therapist is still days away? Or the massage salon that you always go to has to be closed due to this unprecedented global pandemic? Or you only get tired fingers but no relief in the muscle soreness when you try to give yourself or your beloved one a massage? It is time to invest in a high-quality massage gun.

What is a massage gun?

As the name suggests, a massage gun is a "gun" that massages you. Instead of shooting bullets, this hand-hold device delivers continuous percussion at different strengths and/or frequencies, aiming to sooth muscle soreness caused by heavy exercises and other strains on muscle tissues. The chiropractor, Jason Wersland, is believed to have invented the massage gun in 2008 to handle his own back pain and later branded it as "TheraGun" after his invention got very well received by his own patients. Since then, massage guns have been warmly embraced by both elite athletes and general workout enthusiasts and has become the most trendy word in sports recovery. Various companies launch their own massage guns giving consumers a wide range of options.

Who should use a massage gun?

Massage guns aren't just for elite athletes or people who work out. Sore muscle? Stiff neck? Back pain? Go for it. Massage guns often come with several different shapes of heads to target various anatomical locations. It's like having a personal massage therapist with you 24/7. They are good for everyone who feels muscle tightness in their body and needs some relaxation in life. They provide various benefits to your muscle tissue and don't take as much space as a massage chair or pillow. The benefits of using a massage gun include:

Help speed up muscle recovery

Improve blood flow

Ease pain associated with soft tissue damage

Enhance muscle responsiveness

Prevent injuries

Break up scare tissue in muscle

Help fight against muscle spasms

Enhance the range of motion

Decrease the occurrence of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness(DOMS)

And don't forget, even if you are a professional massage therapist, you can also opt for a massage gun, saving your fingers from getting sore and reducing some occupational hazards.     

How do they work?

At first sight, a massage gun almost looks like a power drill and may provoke certain suspicion on whether getting "beaten up" by a rubber hand would really help with your muscle pain. Fear not. You can simply see a massage gun as an upgrade from your good old foam roller and it has been suggested to be one of the best massage machines that restore and even improve muscular functionality. The idea behind massage guns is the so-called "percussive therapy". Percussive therapy provides rapid bursts of pressure into users' body tissue and delivers mechanically high-intensity massage, thus increasing blood flow, reducing inflammation, and improving muscle pliability. It can be compared to the consistent, rapid-thumping movements used by massage therapists to stimulate muscles. Besides, the oscillating movements of a massage gun also generates heat, helping muscle relaxation.

How to use a massage gun?

The use of a massage gun is relatively a no-brainer. Just turn it on and put it on where it hurts or needs to be relaxed. As to how to use it effectively to reduce pain and accelerate muscle recovery and how to choose a suitable head for a certain anatomical area, it is helpful to watch some tutorials, like the detailed and highly-informative ones from Bob and Brad, the two most famous physical therapist on the Internet (

How to choose a massage gun?

Let's be frank, it does cost some money to get a proper massage gun, although the price range varies greatly. A high-end massage gun from brands like TheraGun or Hyperice Hypervolt can go up to five- or six-hundred bucks. But neither do you want to buy a cheap one, only to end up in disappointment and put it away after using it once or twice.

So it is important to consider carefully the technical parameters of the available massage guns, your own special needs, and your budget. For example, a smaller, thinner person probably won't need a massage gun as powerful as the one for a beefy giant. If you live a busy life and are constantly on the go, it won't help to carry a big, heavy massage gun. For a one-gun-massaging-it-all experience, consider choosing one with multiple different heads. And if you don't want to be heard as if you were demolishing your house, it is a better idea to choose a quieter one. 

Given these factors, the C2 massage guns from Bob and Brad are good choices for people living in this busy modern world. They are small but powerful, quiet, and come with several heads for targeting different trouble areas. Beside, Bob and Brad, as well as the crew, are always online to help you with proper uses of the products. 

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