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How to Treat a Recent Injury to Your Hip (3 Step Program)

If your hip pain started with a fall or an injury, the first question that needs to be answered is if you need to see a doctor. Watch our video Hip Pain? 15 Signs You Need to See a Doctor Immediately.

If you have seen a doctor or feel certain it is unnecessary you can proceed with a three-step approach.

Step ONE

For the first 24-48 hours apply ice to the hip. To prevent ice burn, place a damp towel between the ice pack and your skin. Apply the ice pack for 15-20 minutes to the hip every 3 hours (if able).

You can make your own cold pack with two-gallon freezer bags, a cup of rubbing alcohol, and 4 cups of water. Put the four cups of water and one cup of rubbing alcohol into one of the freezer bags. Get the excess air out. Place the bag inside the second-gallon freezer bag and freeze for several hours. It makes a nice pliable cold pack.

Do not sleep on the painful hip. Sleep on the opposite hip with a pillow placed between your knees.

Step TWO

For the first 24-48 hours limit any activities that increase your hip pain or swelling. Limit weight bearing and stress on the injured hip. Avoid stairs and hills for now. Use a cane in the hand of the opposite side of the injured hip. You also can use a crutch or crutches, a walking stick or sticks, or a walker to decrease weight on the area.


Begin gentle movements. A good starter exercise is gentle trunk/hip rotations in the hook-lying position. Bend your knees to a comfortable position. Lower the knees to your left side and then to your right side. Perform this exercise in a pain-free manner. If rotating in one direction increases pain- skip that direction to start and come back to it later- when less painful. Just work on the direction(s) that are pain-free.

After your hip begins to feel better you can partake in the exercise program outlined in the video How to Strengthen a Painful Hip.

Check out the full Hip Pain Relief Program series of videos along with downloadable guide sheets for each video on our website here:


Back Pain Relief Program

Get BACK to pain-free: Bob and Brad bring you the best information on keeping your back in tip-top shape! Check out our Back Pain Program and you'll be bending like a contortionist in no time


Bob and Brad Products Program

The products we back to help in your quest to live a healthy, fit, and pain-free life.

Sit back and relax as we explain the ins and outs of these products.


Osteoporosis- The Meeks Method

Sara Meeks specializes in the management of low bone mass and skeletal fragility (osteoporosis).

Here she shares her secrets to successfully prevent, arrest or reverse the Patterns of Postural Change.


Neck Pain Relief Program

70% of people will suffer from neck pain at some point in their lives. DON’T be one of them!

Check out our Neck Program with videos and printable PDFs full of at home treatment options.


Stretching & More Fitness Program

From your head to your toes, the Stretching & More Program offers stretches and techniques that will keep you feeling great and help prevent injuries! Add a few of these to your stretching routine today.


Shoulder Pain Relief Program

You shoulder your daily responsibilities, let us shoulder the burden of relieving your pain!

Check out our Shoulder Program for at home exercises to get you back to business!


Sciatica Relief Program

Do you have pain in your lower back that shoots down into your glute and leg?

Our Sciatica Program offers videos to help relieve your pain at home, work, or just out living life.


Total Knee Replacement Fitness Program

Planning knee replacement surgery? Want to improve your range of motion and return to activities you love?

Our Total Knee Replacement Program can help.


Self Massage Program

Two sure-fire ways of relieving tension and sore muscles: massage and humor! We have both in our Massage Program.

Learn to use self massage for a variety of ailments with videos and printable PDFs.


Hip Pain Relief Program

It’s not hip to spend your life in pain. Enjoy a pain-free life with our Hip Program, full of at home treatment options and printable PDFs!

You'll be back on your feet in no time.


Knee Pain Relief Program

Is knee pain slowing you down? Knee pain relief has never been so accessible.

Learn ways to relieve pain at home and feel your best with the videos in our Knee Program!


Plantar Fasciitis Relief Program

Foot pain can affect many other parts of your body without you even realizing it!

Don’t let your pain progress- stop it NOW with our Plantar Fasciitis program! Full of videos for at home healing.

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