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8.Plantar Fasciitis Series: General Rules for Purchasing a Shoe When You Have Plantar Fasciitis.

After you determine your arch, choose a shoe that is suitable for your arch.

• To minimize the risk, try to only buy shoes that are immediately comfortable, not that you will need to “break in”. If you need the added support of arch supports or plantar fascia inserts, it’s usually best to replace them with your new shoes. If you don’t yet have a new pair, swap your old inserts into your new shoes until you are able to replace them to ensure you always have proper support.

• While trying out shoes wear the socks you will normally be wearing.

• Try on shoes at the end of the day in case your feet swell during the day.

• Length of shoe. The shoe should be about a quarter inch longer than your longest toe.

• Width of shoe. Depends on your overall comfort. Too narrow and your feet may go numb. Too wide and your feet may slip.

• Heel to arch length. The widest part of your foot should line up with the widest part of the shoe.

• The heel counter: Simply the back part of the shoe that cradles your heel. Tighten the laces of the shoe to a comfortable level and the heel should not slip.

• If you have plantar fasciitis you may want to wear a shoe with a little more heel which will decrease the pull from your heel cord. Heel height can be anywhere from 1/3 inch up to ½ inch depending on comfort.

• Rotating footwear between at least two different types of shoes decreased the incidence of plantar fasciitis by 72 percent. (study by Werner et. al 2010). The time allows the soft material in the footwear to rebound and provide better cushioning.

• Dress Shoes for Men: Leather shoes are not very cushioning and don’t absorb shock very well. If possible, opt for a softer soled casual dress shoe. Just search for soft soled dress shoe.

• Dress Shoes for Women: Women and high heels. If you can wear proper good supporting footwear 90 percent of the time- you need not worry about the ten percent of the time with high heels. If you are wearing high heels at work and sitting most of the day- this is also not a problem.

• Work Shoes: Work shoes were designed for safety and not for comfort. You may want to remove the sock liner. Replace it with an insert that is thick, supportive, and comfortable.

• Hiking boots: Hiking boots tend to be great footwear for people with plantar fasciitis. They have great arch support. However, if you are seeking more “cushioning” in your footwear you may need to look elsewhere.

• Replace your footwear when you begin to see wear patterns that are more than half of the treads in once area.

• Change positions often if on hard surfaces

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