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Improving Your Health While on a Budget

Image via Pexels

Regardless of what advertisers tell you, healthy living does not have to be expensive. With a little planning and preparation, you can improve your health without spending a fortune. The following outlines how to do so.


Data shows that less than 25% of American adults get the recommended amounts of aerobic and strength-training exercise. There are low-cost exercises that you can do at home or outdoors. Many routines can be performed without equipment, but there is a variety of budget exercise equipment that you can purchase, including:

• Resistance bands

• Jump rope

• Yoga mat

Bigger equipment can often be found on sale or purchased secondhand. Check out yard sales and social media market pages.

If you want to join a gym, there are a few ways to save money. Compare membership prices at gyms near your home and work. Many employers offer a stipend for gym membership as part of a wellness program, so check your employee benefits. If you aren’t sure how often you will actually be able to make it to the gym, offer to pay per visit rather than a monthly fee.

If you have a condition, such as sciatica, that makes it more difficult for you to exercise, check out free physical therapy videos from Bob and Brad, and remember to always speak with your doctor before starting a new fitness regimen.


Another area where many individuals pursuing a healthy lifestyle worry about expense is nutrition. Although it is possible to spend hundreds of dollars every month on healthy food, a little planning can save you a lot. Swap fresh produce for canned and frozen alternatives. Not only are they cheaper, but they also last longer and are less likely to go to waste. Depending on the size of your household, there are many items that you may be able to buy in bulk to save money. When buying large quantities, purchase things you know you like and will consume before the expiration date.

Packaged foods and prepared meals are generally more expensive than raw ingredients. Find healthy recipes that you can cook yourself. If you appreciate the convenience of microwavable meals, prepare meals in bulk and freeze them in single-serve containers.


For many individuals, physical and financial health are interconnected in a variety of ways. When money is tight, you may be more anxious and not sleep well. When your financial situation improves, you have more money to spend on your health. Fortunately, it is possible to stick to a budget while making healthier choices.

In some cases, it may also be possible to monetize your healthy lifestyle. A wellness blog may supplement your income. If you want wellness to be a larger focus of your work life, consider opening a health-focused business. These are very trendy, so be sure to do thorough market research before investing much money. Find a niche that has not been overdone but is not so specialized that the customer base will be too small for success. A strong logo can solidify your brand identity. There are many online logo makers that can help you quickly and easily design the right image for your business; check into this online logo maker if you’re looking for one with great features.

The wellness industry is growing, and prices are rising for specialized food and fitness classes. However, if you stick to the basics and focus on your needs, you can save money while improving your overall health.


Back Pain Relief Program

Get BACK to pain-free: Bob and Brad bring you the best information on keeping your back in tip-top shape! Check out our Back Pain Program and you'll be bending like a contortionist in no time


Bob and Brad Products Program

The products we back to help in your quest to live a healthy, fit, and pain-free life.

Sit back and relax as we explain the ins and outs of these products.


Osteoporosis- The Meeks Method

Sara Meeks specializes in the management of low bone mass and skeletal fragility (osteoporosis).

Here she shares her secrets to successfully prevent, arrest or reverse the Patterns of Postural Change.


Neck Pain Relief Program

70% of people will suffer from neck pain at some point in their lives. DON’T be one of them!

Check out our Neck Program with videos and printable PDFs full of at home treatment options.


Stretching & More Fitness Program

From your head to your toes, the Stretching & More Program offers stretches and techniques that will keep you feeling great and help prevent injuries! Add a few of these to your stretching routine today.


Shoulder Pain Relief Program

You shoulder your daily responsibilities, let us shoulder the burden of relieving your pain!

Check out our Shoulder Program for at home exercises to get you back to business!


Sciatica Relief Program

Do you have pain in your lower back that shoots down into your glute and leg?

Our Sciatica Program offers videos to help relieve your pain at home, work, or just out living life.


Total Knee Replacement Fitness Program

Planning knee replacement surgery? Want to improve your range of motion and return to activities you love?

Our Total Knee Replacement Program can help.


Self Massage Program

Two sure-fire ways of relieving tension and sore muscles: massage and humor! We have both in our Massage Program.

Learn to use self massage for a variety of ailments with videos and printable PDFs.


Hip Pain Relief Program

It’s not hip to spend your life in pain. Enjoy a pain-free life with our Hip Program, full of at home treatment options and printable PDFs!

You'll be back on your feet in no time.


Knee Pain Relief Program

Is knee pain slowing you down? Knee pain relief has never been so accessible.

Learn ways to relieve pain at home and feel your best with the videos in our Knee Program!


Plantar Fasciitis Relief Program

Foot pain can affect many other parts of your body without you even realizing it!

Don’t let your pain progress- stop it NOW with our Plantar Fasciitis program! Full of videos for at home healing.

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