How to Lose Belly Fat in ONE Week at Home with 3 Simple Steps

This article is a transcribed edited summary of a video Bob and Brad recorded in May of 2018. For the original video go to

Bob: How to lose belly fat in one week at home with three simple steps. No we do have to qualify this, right Brad.

Brad: Yes, we do. There are so many claims about how you’re going to lose weight really fast, blah blah blah, miracles happen. We are going to show you how to do it but…

Bob: You’ll start to lose weight in one week, I mean you’ll start to lose body fat but you’re not going to lose all your body fat. The best diets that work the best are the ones where it becomes a lifestyle change. Not just something you’re going to do for a little while to lose it and then go back to eating again the same way.

Brad: If you do lose five, seven, eight pounds in one week, it’s not healthy.

Bob: No, it’s not. You want to start off a lot slower, especially that first week. Maybe a couple pounds or just a pound. You want to just take the wins.

Brad: You want to get started on the right track. And these are three steps that are going to get you there, get you to be a winner. Now, Bob does a lot more reading and research on diet. I’m one of those people, I just want to lose some weight and I don’t want to get too technical about it. I was up to 203 pounds and now I’m down to 183 pounds.

Bob: Nice job man!

Brad: But, it took more than one week.

Bob: I was at 221 pounds and now I’m at 201 pounds, so be both lost 20 pounds. We weren’t starving either, would you say Brad.

Brad: No, not at all. Step number 1 was my biggest one. I cut down on bread (I didn’t eliminate it completely).

Bob: So you’re talking about carbs?

Brad: Yes, carbs, but for me it was bread. I cut way back on it. If I grill a hamburger, no bread.

Bob: Yeah same thing. And I don’t really miss it. I don’t miss the bread, but I do miss pasta. It’s funny because I used to have pasta a lot, almost every night. I do miss it but I will have it once in a while. You don’t have to eliminate these things from your like. If you just start cutting down on the refined sugars.

Brad: Right, which is another one. For lunch every day I used to have one of those little bars with the chocolate, because I’m a chocolate lover. I thought this little thing isn’t going to hurt me, well I cut that out. I don’t even miss it anymore. But, every day I had one so that’s like a whole box. And they really weren’t that healthy.

Bob: If you wanted to get more technical on this, if you wanted to look up the glycemic level on things. The higher the glycemic level the higher the more the refined sugar.

Brad: So look on the ingredient list?

Bob: Well, you can look it up online. It’s kind of surprising to me Brad, because one of my weaknesses is Peanut M&M’s. I was like that has to be terrible, but actually they aren’t that bad. I think the peanuts help to keep it down. It’s actually less than some of the fruits and things. Not that I’m going to go crazy with them, but that’s the one thing I indulge on. I like to have a few peanut M&M’s once a week.

Brad: You have to have you’re treats.

Bob: That’s right.

Brad: So refined sugars, anything with refined sugar you have to cut it out. You’re not going to eat candy bars. You know maybe one day a week have a candy bar but a smaller one is always a better idea. And this isn’t new to anybody but you just have to do it.

Bob: It’s pretty shocking actually, another lady that works with us, that’s all she did and she sliced that weight right off. We aren’t saying ketosis, you know to totally eliminate carbs, we just want you to decrease them in your life. Where I lost the weight was my mid-section. That’s where the weight was, I could see it in some of our old videos that I had a little pouch.

Brad: I know me too. I’ve still got a few pounds I really should do. My big goal is to be healthy. I don’t care if I’ve got a six-pack or a twelve pack or whatever kind of pack. But, I want to be healthy and I want to be able to move for the next 5o years.

Bob: But if you think you’re going to lose belly fat by doing sit ups you can forget it. You have to control it with diet first. That has to be the first step. Not to say that exercise isn’t going to help, because we are going to show you some things that you may want to try.

Brad: I did want to mention, outside of breads, rice, pasta, potatoes, all the sugars, is drink a lot of water. Stay hydrated.

Bob: It will help fill you up.

Brad: Right, it fills you up and you need the hydration. So, it’s a win, win situation. And the price is right. You can buy these drinks or powdered drinks you put in with all kinds of proteins and stuff. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that, but I don’t think it’s necessary.

Bob: Right, to me it’s always better to get things naturally, from your foods. And you drink green tea, too.

Brad: Yeah, I like green tea. There’s not that much caffeine in it and what I do is I take the bag of green tea, fill up my cup, and I’ll use that bag all day long. The flavor stays there quite well but you don’t get the caffeine that you get initially.

Bob: That’s a good idea.

Brad: So, let’s go on to Step number 2 exercise.

Bob: Yeah let talk about some of the exercises. Especially if you can do some exercise that’s a little more-high intensity. We are going to endorse our wall anchor here. We invented this and it works out really well at home. You just have to put it into a stud. Then you buy some bands along with it and you can do such a variety of exercises, especially high intensity ones.

Brad: These work so well at home, especially if you don’t have a lot of space. I know a lot of people who live in big cities, like New York, they’re known for having smaller apartments so as long as you can anchor it. This is the exercise I do. I’m working my shoulders, all the muscles across my back are working. You can move back to get a little tighter.

Brad: Then I like to work the opposite muscle group as well. So, we work the other direction, and I like to move a little bit.

Bob: So he’s stepping along with it, so we’re getting a little more-high intensity. We’re getting the heart rate up a little bit. That’s going to burn fat a lot faster.

Brad: One thing I want to really mention, unless you’re a therapist or a kinesiologist, right now I am working my abs as well as my arms. You think it’s just arms but my abs are working quite a bit to maintain my posture.

Bob: And any time you do resistive training it’s helping increase the mitochondria, so your metabolism goes up.

Brad: Yum, we have to keep things moving. Show us one of your favorite ones Bob.

Bob: This is like kettle bell swings but you are actually using bands to do it.