Can a Pinched Nerve in My Neck Heal?

This article is a transcribed edited summary of a video Bob and Brad recorded in March of 2021. For the original video go to

Bob: Today we are going to answer the question, can a pinched nerve in my neck heal? We are going to get right to that, let’s start.

Brad: Bob, it’s a simple answer for me and I think for you as well. I’d rather work with the pinched nerve in the neck as a therapist than in the low back because you have better results.

Bob: So, the short answer is yes.

Brad: Well, I guess so.

Bob: If a pinched nerve is due to a bulging disc, so if there’s a pinched nerve, something is pinching it, it could be bone, it could be a disc, it could be a ligament even, or muscle. Let’s talk about the disc first. If it’s a disc putting pressure, the discs are between the bones of your neck, the vertebrae. They’re putting pressure on the nerve. The thing is with discs, especially in the neck, they tend to shrink over time. They can dehydrate and they can get reabsorbed by the body even. The body is really amazing.

Brad: Right, well just from the therapeutic exercises so the mechanical forces make it better versus make it go out more. It could be just a simple posture thing that people aren’t aware of.

Bob: So, what Brad’s hinting about is that we will show you exercises to try that’ll help push that material back in.

Brad: Right.

Bob: So, in addition to the body trying to help you out, we’re going to help you out. I just read about this other thing in the last year, Brad. In response to inflammation the body creates little Pacman-type cells.

Brad: That’s not a technical term.

Bob: No, lol

Brad: But you can think of it that way.

Bob: Yeah, and it actually eats the disc material. Isn’t that crazy?

Brad: Well, I’m convinced that that’s what happened with my lower back. I used to have pain going down the back of my leg. It just took time. And again, exercises along with it consistently.

Bob: Also, what we’re going to talk about is that you created an environment of healing. You weren’t putting it under stress. I’ll say it’s proper stress.

Brad: Right. We’re not aggravating it everyday by poor posture or silly body mechanics or things of that nature.

Bob: Let’s say you have neck pain or arm pain due to arthritis in the neck. You know, the little holes that the nerves come out.

Brad: The foramen.

Bob: Yep, they actually can shrink as they grow, bony overgrowths. In those cases, where there’s pressure on the nerve from bone. Like foraminal stenosis, we can’t heal it, but we can improve it. Most people do not require a surgery even though they have arthritic changes. So, the first thing we are going to recommend is you decrease the pain makers, in your life. A pain maker is anything that causes pain. Like an activity or a position. If you can decrease those pain makers, you can decrease the sensitivity of the nerves a lot of times. It’s just a positive, rolling down the hill of a ball, a snowball. It just avalanches to the point where you get less and less pain. You see you can have control. We are going to have a video on how to decrease the pain makers in your life. That’s coming up. We also have one on nerve flossing. This is a technique you can use to help decrease the stress on the nerve too.

Brad: Yes, if you free it up. Get it moving. That’s a lot of this, is just getting motion back in that area but in an appropriate way so you don’t irritate it. You break it loose. That’s what therapy is all about.

Bob: So, you want to look for this video and this podcast. It’s part of a series of videos on how to treat a pinched nerve or neck pain and arm pain. Go to, and look for neck pain. You’ll find a whole series of videos on this. You’ll find how to perform nerve flossing, which can help your neck and arm pain. You’ll find one on pain makers.

Brad: So, just scroll through the videos. Look at the titles. Pick out the ones that pertain to you. You don’t have to watch all of them. Look at them. Actually, we have a PDF printout for each video for review. Shows you the exercises on there and you don’t need to put your email in or anything. It’s all free. It’s a wonderful way to self-treat and help yourself get through the system.

Bob: You know, we should be charging thousands for this.

Brad: Well, maybe we will, Bob. We might change our minds.

Bob: No, we’re not going to change our minds. It’s always going to be free. So, check it out and get rid of that pain today.

Brad: You bet.

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