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Best Massage Gun Of 2020! (30+ Massage Guns Compared)

Previously, we had a nerdy talk about the technical parameters to consider when looking for a suitable massage gun, including: stall force, speed, amplitude, noise level, size, and battery. Still troubled by all the tech terms and looking forward to some clear examples?

Here comes the help: Scott Behrends from the YouTube channel "Beforeyoubuy" reviewed over 30 different massage guns and made a few recommendations in his latest video.

In this video, you can clearly see the differences in performance of various massage guns. No time for an 18-minute talk? Then continue reading. The essence is all here. First thing first, who is Scott? He is a super fit and athletic IT professional who had excellent performances in the sport show "American Ninja Warrior 2019" and made it to stage 1 in the Las Vegas National Finals. He also runs a local gym called "Ninja U" and trains his own kids and nephew, along with others to be Ninja kids and teens. Reviewing massage guns is a common topic on his channel "Beforeyoubuy" and he actively uses massage guns, not only for muscle relaxation and recovery but also for warming up before his training. He is objective and independent when reviewing massage guns and sometimes his videos talk about which massage guns not to buy. So we can trust his credibility on reviewing massage guns.

After reviewing over 30 various massage guns, he compared the following parameters of the Bob & Brad massage gun, Hypervolt, Medcursor Mini, NoCry, Softerspot S2, Sportneer D9, and Theragun Prime, and recommended the Bob & Brad Massage Gun, Sportneer Elite D9, Medcursor Mini, and Theragun Prime. The links to the products and the discount codes to the Bob & Brad Massage Gun and Sportneer Elite D9 are included in the video description.


All his recommended massage guns have a low speed between 1000 and 2000 RPM and a high speed above 3000 RPM, except Theragun Prime which has a very narrow speed range. Different massage guns have different speed levels, but usually 3 to 5 levels should be sufficient.


Amplitude is how far the massage head travels. Theragun has an amplitude of 16 cm, the biggest among the recommended massage guns. The others usually have an amplitude of around 10 to 12 cm, although the Bob & Brad has an amplitude of 8 cm due to its small size. When it comes to amplitude, it is really not "the bigger, the better", because a very big amplitude means it hits you really hard. When you have very sore muscles or don't have much experience using a massage gun, you wouldn't like to start being "hammered" and feel just the pain.

Taking both the speed and amplitude into account, if you are big and beefy and have a hell load of hard muscle to massage, or training is a major part of your day, or you are the kind who likes it hard, choose a powerful one. But for average people's daily use, the power versus size of a massage gun is more important to consider than just the power. Like the Bob & Brad, though having a small amplitude, can dig deep into your muscle to give a proper massage.

Stall force

The stall force of a massage gun is the force needed to stop it. He literally has to push hard against the Bod & Brad massage gun to stop it, while he hardly needs to push against the Sportneer, which is somewhat bigger than Bod & Brad, at a low speed. Too small a stall force limits the performance and effectiveness of a massage gun when you try to get a deeper massage.

Noise levels measured in decibel (dB)

When noise levels measured in dB increase by 10 dB, it means the noise is twice as loud as before. A noise level of 30 dB is like whispering. Sportneer, the quietest of them all, at a high speed sounds significantly quieter than the Theragun Prime, which is said to be quieter than other Theraguns, at a low speed. It actually sounds like my big handhold kitchen mixer on the highest speed. The Bob & Brad sounds slightly louder than the Sportneer with a higher pitch due to its higher RPM. The quieter a massage gun is, the more scenarios you can use it in: watching a movie, talking to friends, in the airport, riding in a car... wherever and whenever you want! And you can multitask and save time.

Usability: including ergonomic features, button placement, accessories. The usability of the recommended massage guns is rarely an issue. The only thing to consider is to choose the right size and shape and the preferred massage head. Their power buttons are all easy to reach but not in the way. Their batteries have comparable life spans of around 5 days, depending on the use. They all come with cases and enough heads for different usages. Theregun has a soft squishy head that gives you some cushioning for its powerful hits. The Bob and Brad massage gun has an even more squishy head that offers more buffering. Sportneer has a metal head for people who don't like plastic texture or who prefer to use massage oil or lotions with their massage. And Medcursor even has a head with its own integrated rechargeable battery that can deliver heat while giving massage. 

Price for quality value

The price of massage guns varies greatly, so before looking at the price tag, consider how strong and quiet and how many features you need for your massage gun. Don't naively believe the specs provided by the manufacturer. Check out trustworthy reviews on YouTube to see the performances for yourself.

In short, given all the factors, the Bob & Brad massage gun, together with Sportneer, Medicursor, and NoCry, has a high value for quality and is a good choice for daily use.

Why not give it a try?

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