#1 Anti-Cancer Vegetable, Fruit & Nut

This article is a transcribed edited summary of a video Bob and Brad recorded in December of 2019.  For the original video go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3UoaUaG6JU&t=283s

Bob: #1 Anti-Cancer vegetable, fruit and nut. We’re going to go over all three categories. By the way, we are by no means experts on nutrition.

Brad: So why are we doing this video Bob?

Bob: Because I think it’s important to try to keep people healthy and fit.

Brad: And we’re getting information from experts.

Bob: Yes. If you can’t be an expert, you find an expert. I’m going to talk just a little bit on how I chose my expert. The expert I’m going to mention here is Dr. Michael Greger. He wrote the book, How Not To Die. That’s one of the reasons that I chose him, because he wrote this best selling book. This book has over 4,900 ratings and the ratings average 4.8 stars. That’s amazing. I think you could give away money in a book and I don’t think you’d get 4.8 stars. I really don’t, I mean, there’d be somebody who’s like, what do you think you’re trying to do, buy me or something. Number two, he’s got a medical degree with the proper specialization, he specialized in nutrition. Number three, his book and his website are highly referenced. He’s got loads and loads of research. I mean, you just look in here, Brad, it’s just filled with references, look at that.

Brad: That third of the book.

Bob: Yeah, it is the back third of the book. This guy does his research, and he knows how to weed through the research that’s false and he knows what research is worthwhile. He’s also got a website called nutritionfacts.org. That also has a lot of research on it. He’s got videos on it that I’d recommend you watch.

Brad: What about the vegetables we should eat?

Bob: We’re going to get there. I’m almost there. I think it’s important to mention because a lot of these guys are trying to hock things and make a lot of money off it. 100% of all the proceeds he’s ever received from his books, DVDs, or speaking engagements have always been and always will be given to charity.

Brad: Really?

Bob: Yep. Isn’t that amazing? This is a good guy. The fifth reason I’m going to recommend this guy is my wife and I have tried some of his stuff and it’s worked fantastic, you like the flax seed oil? It dropped her blood pressure. You tried the mother apple cider vinegar.

Brad: With mother, yeah, the organic.

Bob: Well, what did it do?

Brad: Well, we’re going to do a video on that. I’m so impressed.

Bob: Okay, here are the vegetables. We aren’t going to go into great detail on this because I don’t know the great detail. I’m not an expert on it. These are the vegetables he mentioned, and these were ones in two categories. Spinach and garlic. The best anti-cancer vegetables.

Brad: Was there any way to eat them or prepare them?

Bob: No, he just mentioned those, and he also goes over the other ones too. He ranks them on his website. Number one anti-cancer fruits, cranberries and lemons. Here you are, from the state of Wisconsin and I think they have a lot of cranberries.

Brad: I think Massachusetts produces more then us. Or used to, I don’t know what it is now. But there are a lot of cranberries in Wisconsin.

Bob: No lemons though.

Brad: No. They have the lemon law though.

Bob: Ok and finally, the number one anti-cancer nuts. They are actually all three of these were kind of grouped up fairly close.

Brad: Fighting for the top?

Bob: Yeah. Walnuts, pecans and peanuts. Almonds was number 4. I eat a lot of almonds. I also eat a fair amount of peanuts. I eat the non-salted type.

Brad: You don’t like walnuts and pecans?

Bob: I just never had a reason to try them but maybe I do now.

Brad: That’s what we always used on our salads, those two. The pecans are just hard. You have to grind them up or something. That’s another segment. I just like the walnuts and the pecan. Pecan pie is one of my favorites, Bob. That probably doesn’t count.

Bob: I hate pecan pie.

Brad: Really? It’s terribly fattening though.

Bob: I don’t think you should be putting nuts in a pie.

Brad: They’re on top.

Bob: I know but that’s just not right. Who do I talk to about that set-up?

Brad: We better carry on.

Bob: By the way, we can fix just about anything,

Brad: Except for

Bob: a broken heart.

Brad: A pecan pie is a part of this broken heart thing though. I know it is, it's wonderful.

Bob: I hope the pecans go out of business to be honest, ha-ha.

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