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Ways to stay active for people over 60

Introduction: As you age, sometimes you neglect your health requirements and do fewer physical activities. It’s essential to take care of your body and prevent illness. It’s necessary to make healthy choices to strengthen your immune system and get less prone to diseases. Staying active after 60 can help boost your energy, makes you independent, protect you from cardiovascular diseases and manage symptoms of illness. Regular physical exercise or activities suit your mind, mood, and memory.

1. Resistance bands: Resistance bands are made of elastic and are used in exercises for all parts of the body. It is suitable for seniors as it is lightweight and less expensive. Resistance band exercises enhance muscular strength and endurance. Incorporating resistance into your daily workout routine increases muscular strength, coordination, and flexibility. It helps to prevent arthritis. You can do several strength exercises with resistance bands, such as chest presses, bicep curls, shoulder presses, etc.

2. Low-intensity yoga: It is the best option for older people who want to stay active as it includes mild exercises that are safe and enhance physical health. As with old age, our bones, muscles, and joints weaken, which increases the risk of accidents. Low-intensity Yoga can improve body motions, postures, balance, muscular strength, and confidence. Some yoga practices, such as meditation, stretching, and breathing exercises, can be a great way to stay active and fit.

3. Qigong: Qigong can rejuvenate the elderly. It is an excellent Chinese exercise practice that is the most efficient health maintenance exercise. It includes gentle exercises easy for joints and can be done by older people, sick or injured persons who cannot do other complex forms of exercise. In old age, people risk the loss of muscle. Qigong is the best option for seniors to preserve muscles from breaking down.

4. Balance exercises: These can help you stay active after 60 and prevent injuries due to falls or slipping by improving concentration. Falls can cause fatality, so gaining muscle mass and strength with balance exercises is the best way to avoid accidents. The main objective of balance exercises is to achieve static and dynamic balance by improving coordination. You should follow the safety tips to improve your balance ability.

5. Chair-based workouts: If a senior faces a problem in moving, it doesn't seem very easy for him to perform any physical activity. They can opt for some simple chair-based workouts, which they can complete independently. Some exercises may require a resistance band or dumbbells, but by consulting the trainer, you can choose it accordingly. Staying active is very important in old age as remaining inactive for even a tiny period can affect blood sugar and muscular condition. Chair exercises can be the best option for seniors who want to do physical exercises but are worried about the thought of an accident.

6. Gardening: Gardening is a fantastic option that can make you stay active after 60. It is termed a moderate-intensity exercise. Some studies have shown that gardening can improve your mental and physical health. It involves some physical activities such as digging, pulling, and lifting, which help increase strength, stamina, and flexibility. It can help to burn about 330 calories in one hour. Gardening reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety.

7. Swimming: Swimming is a fabulous way to stay fit and active over 60. In addition to being a fun recreational activity, it is a sport form of exercise for older adults. It allows seniors to exercise physically by minimizing the risk of injury and fear of falling. It is a good option for people suffering from injuries or arthritis. It results in stronger muscles essential for posture and stability, like the upper body, core, and leg muscles

8. Walking: Walking makes you active over 60; as with age, it's essential to walk, which helps to move the joints. It enables greater blood flow around the body and brain. If the weather is terrible, you can walk up and downstairs at home or do simple chair sit and stands. Regularly walking gives several health benefits.

Conclusion: Many assisted living centers and retirement communities offer various exercises and activities for seniors to stay active over 60. You should consult your trainer before choosing an exercise program. If you are beginning an exercise routine, don't try to push it too hard. Start it slowly until your endurance increases. When you start any physical activities, your muscles will likely be aching, and when you become used to the exercises, the mild soreness will go away. It would be helpful if you took safety precautions to enhance activity and ensure that you won't experience the negative impacts of too much workout. It would be best if you pay attention to your body and stay well hydrated while exercising. If you're going for a walk or swimming, ensure that someone knows where you are and when you will be back.


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