Sciatica Series: 26. How to Stand Correctly & Pain-free with a Herniated Disc, Sciatica, & Back Pain

The following are quick adjustments to try while standing:

1. Do not allow your body to settle in. Do not lock your knees. With correct posture your chin, chest, and toes should be in the same vertical line. Do not puff out your chest.

2. Unlock your knees.

3. Place one foot slightly ahead of your other foot.

4. The Butterfly Exercise: Lock your hands behind your head and attempt to raise your elbows toward the ceiling as high as possible. Open the wings of the butterfly and spread your elbows apart as far as possible. Level your eyes and tuck your chin in straight back. Put your arms back by your side and hold that position.

5. You can also stand with yours arms locked behind your back to help hold the posture in place.

6. Sometimes it helps to put one foot forward on a step or ledge. We have patients open the lower cabinet door when doing dishes and placing one foot inside the cabinet.

7. Having a walking stick to lean on can take stress off of your back and promote good posture.

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