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Holy Cowabunga Joint & Muscle Cream


Hanging Handles by Bob and Brad


Bob and Brad's Pull Up System


Bob and Brad Posture Pad


Bob & Brad Grip & Forearm Strengthener


Bob & Brad Workout Wall Anchor


Bob & Brad Booyah Stik


Bob & Brad Knee Glide


Mother's Day Gift Ideas for 2022

Mother's Day is just around the corner. What better time to check up on your mom and make certain she is feeling loved and appreciated. Bob and Brad have a growing line of massage products to help you pamper your mother, or yourself this season.

All products acquired between April 6th and May 8th will certainly be covered by a 1-year return and exchange warranty policy beginning with the date shipment is finished.

Whether you're looking to spoil mom with some self-care, relieve those aches muscles, or melt away stress, we have a great selection of massage products available.


For health-conscious individuals who are looking to enhance their lifelong body health, the Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun helps to target those pesky muscle aches and pains.

You can use the massager to tackle pains or stress in the back, neck, arms, hands, legs, and also feet with minimum effort.


The idea of an eye massager at home may be a new concept, yet these innovative tools are gaining appeal amongst the skincare DIYers and salons.

The lifelike kneading mechanism allows you to improve blood circulation around the eyes, bringing smoother skin and also far better eye lubrication. Furthermore, some discover that the eye massager relieves ocular pain and also tension headaches.

The Bob and Brad Eye Massager offers built-in heating, double-layered padding, as well as user-friendly controls.

Users can play pre-programmed music or connect it to their mobile device via Bluetooth.


The Bob and Brad Foot Massager uses a complete menu of foot massage therapies including compression, shiatsu massage, and heating spa, with adjustable setups for each option.

Air Compression utilizes airbags to carefully press the toes, heels, and all around the feet.

Shiatsu Massage gives a gentle working action that targets the arch as well as the heel. The heat helps relieve feet pain and relaxes the stressed foot muscles.

Enjoy time with family this Mother's Day, and help mom unwind and relax as she deserves!


Back Pain Relief Program

Get BACK to pain-free: Bob and Brad bring you the best information on keeping your back in tip-top shape! Check out our Back Pain Program and you'll be bending like a contortionist in no time


Bob and Brad Products Program

The products we back to help in your quest to live a healthy, fit, and pain-free life.

Sit back and relax as we explain the ins and outs of these products.


Osteoporosis- The Meeks Method

Sara Meeks specializes in the management of low bone mass and skeletal fragility (osteoporosis).

Here she shares her secrets to successfully prevent, arrest or reverse the Patterns of Postural Change.


Neck Pain Relief Program

70% of people will suffer from neck pain at some point in their lives. DON’T be one of them!

Check out our Neck Program with videos and printable PDFs full of at home treatment options.


Stretching & More Fitness Program

From your head to your toes, the Stretching & More Program offers stretches and techniques that will keep you feeling great and help prevent injuries! Add a few of these to your stretching routine today.


Shoulder Pain Relief Program

You shoulder your daily responsibilities, let us shoulder the burden of relieving your pain!

Check out our Shoulder Program for at home exercises to get you back to business!


Sciatica Relief Program

Do you have pain in your lower back that shoots down into your glute and leg?

Our Sciatica Program offers videos to help relieve your pain at home, work, or just out living life.


Total Knee Replacement Fitness Program

Planning knee replacement surgery? Want to improve your range of motion and return to activities you love?

Our Total Knee Replacement Program can help.


Self Massage Program

Two sure-fire ways of relieving tension and sore muscles: massage and humor! We have both in our Massage Program.

Learn to use self massage for a variety of ailments with videos and printable PDFs.


Hip Pain Relief Program

It’s not hip to spend your life in pain. Enjoy a pain-free life with our Hip Program, full of at home treatment options and printable PDFs!

You'll be back on your feet in no time.


Knee Pain Relief Program

Is knee pain slowing you down? Knee pain relief has never been so accessible.

Learn ways to relieve pain at home and feel your best with the videos in our Knee Program!


Plantar Fasciitis Relief Program

Foot pain can affect many other parts of your body without you even realizing it!

Don’t let your pain progress- stop it NOW with our Plantar Fasciitis program! Full of videos for at home healing.

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