Massage Gun Heads: How to Heal Muscles Faster by Using Correct Head?

Massage guns on the market generally come with various shapes of massage heads to target different muscle groups. Take the Bob & Brad massage gun for example. It comes with five different heads, that is, a classic round head with an elastic texture, a soft air cushioning head, a flat head with hard plastic, a bullet-shaped head with hard plastic, and a fork-shaped head with hard plastic. We all know that when the same amount of force is applied to different surface areas, the smaller a surface area is, the bigger a pressure is created. So you can create a unique massaging experience by combining different levels of intensity of a massage gun with its various massage heads.

Choosing a suitable massage gun head depends on your personal preference and desired effects. When massaging a place with a large amount of muscle mass or if you are a big beefy person, it is fine to go a bit more aggressive by choosing a smaller, harder head with a higher intensity. But, if your muscle is exceptionally sore or is already injured, it's better to go easy with the massage by lowering the intensity or choosing a bigger, softer head. When you have minor muscle injuries at certain places, it is a good practice to just massage the muscles around the injury to increase blood flow and reduce local inflammation so that the injury can heal better and faster. Do not use a massage gun, not even with a big soft head, on an acute muscle injury. Or simply put, if the pain is too much, do not continue. If the pain is getting worse with a massage, stop. Besides, please be aware that it is recommended NOT to use a massage gun on your head or neck (above the neckline of your T-shirt) if you are not medically trained, since that region is too critical for life.

The most famous physical therapists online, Bob and Brad, use the elastic round head and the air cushioning head very often, because they can be used almost everywhere on your body. They create a relaxing and recovery effect on muscles and the experience is not too aggressive to accept. When using the elastic soft head, you can also choose to change the angle of applying your massage gun so the force is not applied directly perpendicular to the muscle but at an angle and the massaging experience can be further customized. In this way, it can mimic the effects of a cross friction massage to deal with muscle injuries by increasing blood flow and breaking down scar tissue in the muscle. Although it is recommended not to directly apply a massage gun to bony structures, it won't become too big an issue when you accidentally hit your knee or elbow with a massage gun with the air cushioning head. So the elastic round head and the air cushioning head are good options to start with and for general daily use.

When your big muscle is exceptionally tight and you'd like to boost its recovery, the flat head with hard plastic is the one to go for. It delivers a powerful massage to the target area, increasing the blood flow, flushing out acidic metabolic products, reducing local inflammation, and thus helping muscle recovery. Similarly, the bullet-shaped head with hard plastic focuses the massaging force even more, gives an even deeper massage, and can be used to break up scar tissue in muscles and help target trigger points. But because they are so focused and powerful, do use them with caution and do not force the painful sensation on yourself. Avoid applying these heads on bony places, and if your muscle has just been injured or is experiencing chronic pain/inflammation, do not use these heads and do not use a massage gun directly on the injury. Consult your physical therapist or go around the spot gently first.

Bob and Brad don't use the fork-shaped head all that often, but it doesn't mean that you shouldn't use it. Its unique shape gives it unique functions. The gap between the two fork heads makes it easy to be applied to places along a bony structure. It can be applied to run down the muscles along your spine or to give a massage along your Achilles tendon. Being the smallest of the five heads, the two fork heads also delivers the most penetrating massage and is good for a deep, targeted massage.

Using a massage gun with different choices of massage heads is surely a personal experience. To make it enjoyable and create the maximal benefits, listen to your body, use your imagination, and go exploring. Bob and Brad also have plenty of tutorials on YouTube on how to use massage guns for different purposes. Don't miss them! 

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