How to Fall Asleep Faster & Stay Asleep Longer. No Meds

This article is a transcribed edited summary of a video Bob and Brad recorded in March of 2021 . For the original video go to

Bob: We are going to show you how to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer with no medication.

Brad: That’s right, Bob.

Bob: Big promise. Let’s see if you can stick with it.

Brad: Bob, Bob, we have some wonderful information. As usual, in the wintertime is my time to get the book out about diets. I wanted to do that, a new book, and I found one by Shawn Stevenson. It’s called “Eat Smarter.” He’s very smart. I like him because he does a lot of research with his information, but he throws in more personality than a lot of the books I’ve read. He’s actually got a sense of humor.

Bob: Wow, he’s the author of “Sleep Smarter” too.

Brad: Right. Yeah, I’m reading that right now.

Bob: Oh cool.

Brad: So, this book had a section on sleeping and he brought up theses five different options to help you sleep throughout the night. Fall asleep without medication. I really liked it. I tried a couple of them. One last night actually. I slept all night long. I did have to get up to use the restroom and I hardly remember it. But I know I did. I went right back to sleep, and I woke up this morning and I felt like, “I’m ready to go.”

Bob: Strong like bull.

Brad: Yeah, then I went swimming and came here and then I had to meet Bob. Things went downhill from there.

Bob: Yeah, that’s right.

Brad: Just kidding. Anyways, so we’re talking about what we’re going to drink. With the mattress, I do want to mention it, and he talks about this, if you’re too warm, you’re definitely going to have problems.

Bob: Big problems. There’s no doubt. We were just talking about some people who were going through hot flashes right now. Of course, you can’t sleep through those.

Brad: With your wife?

Bob: Yeah.

Brad: Good luck with that. I remember that. That went a few years ago for me with my wife. She’s fine now. So, you’ll be good. Anyways, temperatures between 60 and 68 is what he recommends. Is that consistent with what you’ve read?

Bob: Yeah.

Brad: So that’s room temperature.

Bob: Like 65. But I mean, it varies from study to study.

Brad: Some mattresses actually hold heat in. That’s the goal with the Sleepovation mattress and the 700 tiny mattresses, it's good for the air flow.

Bob: And the type of foam they have isn’t as warm.

Brad: So, if you’re mattress shopping, consider that. Make sure that aspect is covered. So, we’re talking about the rest of the things is actually, most of them are teas but things you can eat or drink prior to going to bed or in your diet.

Bob: Food is medicine.

Brad: Actually, what your food eats, you’re eating. You know how that works?

Bob: Right. If your cow eats chemicals, you’re taking in chemicals.

Brad: Right and so on and so forth. That’s another story. So, I believe it’s pronounced Reishi and it’s a mushroom actually.

Bob: Is it really?

Brad: Yeah, but they make tea out of it and that’s the form. You can get it in other forms too. All of these you can get, I’m just doing them in tea, but you can get most of the capsule or extract.

Bob: Supplement.

Brad: With Reishi, he’s talking about tea. It’s like I said, mushroom. It comes from a long history in China. Over 2000 years ago. So, it’s been around for a long time as a relaxing thing. Helps you sleep. I had a hard time finding that. I had to go online in order to purchase that. Which is fine.

Bob: Sure. You can take it 45 minutes before bed?

Brad: Yup. That’s what he recommended. About 45 minutes prior to going to bed. Obviously, you’re not going to drink a lot of it.

Bob: Right, because then you’d have to get up and go to the bathroom.

Brad: Right. None of these are high in caffeine. The next one is chamomile. You’ve heard of


Bob: Yes, I’ve heard of that. Many times.

Brad: I do have some. I’ve tried this. I really like the flavor of chamomile. I don’t know if I really noticed my sleep change with it. And I think everyone has different body chemistry. Some of these may be effective for you and some of them will not.

Bob: So, I would try one at a time.

Brad: That’s right, exactly.

Bob: Do like an experiment and see what works for you.

Brad: Then the valerian root. This is a root, and they take the root, and you can find it in tea. I did not find a tea that was pure valerian. It was a mixture.

Bob: It was part of the ingredients.

Brad: Right. But you can get it in the capsule extract. Here’s my valerian right here. Now, this is what I took. I drank last night before I went to bed.

Bob: So, that’s the one you think worked?

Brad: Well, yeah. I have a whole box of it.