Hip Pain, 15 Signs You Need to See A Doctor Immediately

This article is a transcribed edited summary of a video Bob and Brad recorded in January of 2021. For the original video go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9ig4EZp6_c

Bob: Today we're talking hip pain. 15 signs that you need to see a doctor immediately. Let's get started Brad.

Brad: There you go, Bob.

Bob: Number one, you're unable to put weight on it. This is certainly true if you went through some trauma or injury.

Brad: Exactly.

Bob: Like if you went through an athletic injury and you just can't take weight on it, I mean, that's of concern.

Brad: Right, yeah you've got to get in see if it's fractured or something.

Bob: You don't have x-ray vision I'm sure so you're going to need someone to take a look at it. Number two, kind of along the same vein, you can't even move the leg or hip. It's so painful. Your body is going to naturally brace a limb if it's really injured.

Brad: Right, exactly Bob.

Bob: That's why nice about the body, it's smarter than we are.

Brad: You have to get it checked out. Doesn't mean that it's necessarily injured seriously but you need to get it checked and find out.

Bob: You need to get it ruled out. Number three, the joint appears deformed or is bleeding. Yeah, if you look at a joint and it looks angulated, I think people mostly know that you're going to go in to see the doctor.

Brad: And when you're saying bleeding you don't mean necessarily like the skin is ripped open, but internal bleeding?

Bob: Well, yeah. I have to be honest with you, this was off a list or different lists that I pulled off, so I wasn't sure where they were headed with the bleeding. Because you can see some bruising and bleeding and I wouldn't go in necessarily. It does mean a more serious injury by the way when there is bruising.

Brad: I had a friend, he fell on his, it was very dark and purple, so it was bleeding inside. Not the skin.

Bob: So did he go in?

Brad: Actually he didn’t, and I advised him to. I take that back, he did, but it took a little bit of…

Bob: Coercion?

Brad: Yeah, a littler persuasion and he did and everything was fine. But yeah, that was that was definitely internal bleeding.

Bob: It's one of those things I'm kind of on the fence. But look at other factors.

Brad: Sure.

Bob: Like if someone's really young, you know what I mean?

Brad: Right.

Bob: There's some bruising there. Yeah, maybe not.

Brad: Especially if there's an obvious cause. They fell on it. If it just comes without any apparent reason.

Bob: Yeah, if they fell on it and they're still able to walk on it and they're still, you know what I mean? They're still able to move it, I probably wouldn't go in. Number four, if you have severe back pain in addition to hip or leg, I would probably go in. Because that means it's, especially after an injury, it's probably pretty severe.

Bob: Right, right. And there's too many things that it could be related to.

Bob: You might also have numbness or tingling or pins and needles. And then we're thinking, of course that you might have a herniated disc in your back. Something from your back is pushing on the sciatic nerve.

Brad: So he's talking about pins and needles pain going down the leg. That's a red flag, too.

Bob: Previous history of cancer or tumor. Boy, we just got some bad news. A former girlfriend of mine, I don't want to obviously say her name, but one of the first girls I ever dated, I just found out she's got osteosarcoma. Which is really weird because I don't know if you remember this Brad, that's a cancer in the bone. Usually young people get it. Usually like 14, 15. So anyways, she broke her hip, not knowing what it was.

Brad: Oh I see.

Bob: And they found out that it was cancer.

Brad: That's terrible.

Bob: Number six, if hip pain came on suddenly for no apparent reason. That's always a red flag. And when we say a red flag, that means it's a warning signal to you that you probably should go in and see the doctor.

Brad: Yup, go in and get it ruled out one way or another.

Bob: Sudden swelling in the leg. Kind of the same issue.

Brad: Either around the hip or down the leg because the hip could be causing the swelling and gravity pulls that fluid downward.

Bob: Number eight, anytime pain in the hip is really intense. Again, your body's going to warn you. If something's really going on bad it tends to really give you intense pain. So you're going to go and check it. Number nine, signs of infection, fever, chills, redness, warmth. That's where often you can get really pretty severe pain too, if there's an infection.

Brad: So I guess maybe we should clarify this. You have hip pain and then along with that, I mean it might be warm to the touch around the hip, but your body may have a fever as a result of the, if it is an infection in the hip. So, you know the body really reacts to infections, not just locally but throughout the whole system.

Bob: I’m still amazed at my mother-in-law had an infection in her knee and she went to the hospital three times and they still didn't pick it up. And she went to another hospital and they picked it up within 10 seconds.

Brad: So the second opinion or a different doctor.

Bob: I don't know, it's just strange Number 10, if you've had a fall or another injury that initiated the pain. Especially again, as you get older. That I'm always concerned of course. It's pretty easy to break a hip as you get up in our neck of the woods, right Brad? Number 11, if you had to hip surgery in the past six months and you're having a lot of pain. You probably should have it checked.

Brad: Yep, absolutely.

Bob: Number 12, if you're a child and you have hip, groin, thigh pain without an injury.

Brad: Yep, we did a video on that actually.

Bob: I remember you did that, Brad.

Brad: I'm trying to think of the name of it. Hip pain?

Bob: You're trying to remember the actual name of the video.

Brad: Yeah, but my memory is not there.

Bob: It was a fairly rare occurrence.

Brad: Yeah, it's not common.

Bob: But when it happens, it happens.

Brad: And it's easy to rule out. Just a simple x-ray and that's all.

Bob: If you're feeling unwell in addition to the hip pain. Again, we're worried about something more ominous. If you've been feeling kind of crappy and all of a sudden you get hip pain along with it. You may want to go in.

Brad: The two may be related and just check it out.

Bob: Number 14, if you start hearing popping noise when you have injured it and you didn't hear popping noise before.

Brad: Particular if there's pain associated with noise, then it's even more so of a red flag.

Bob: It's funny it's not necessarily true with a hip as much as you might do with a knee or even an ankle. But like athletic injuries, you'll hear a pop. Quite often they say,” I heard a pop,“ and they tore ACL or MCL or something like that. Number 15, if you developed unexplained weakness in your leg. That would be another reason to go in.

Brad: Exactly.

Bob: No, I guess overall I would say, if you just don't feel comfortable with it go and see your doctor. It's so much easier to move forward and if you know that other things have been ruled out.

Brad: Exactly, it's just that peace of mind is going to help you sleep. And then that's going to help your hip get better and your nerves and all those things.

Bob: By the way, this is part of a series of videos on hip pain. If you want to see the entire series go to the program section at bobandbrad.com.

Brad: Right.

Bob: And under the program section you'll see the hip series and check it out. You'll see all different titles. Watch the ones that seem to apply to you.

Brad: You don't have to watch them all, that's for sure. That's the beauty of it. We don't take your email, it's completely free.

Bob: Nope, it's completely free. Thanks.

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