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Get Your Stomach Slim & Tight in 3 Weeks – No Sit-Ups or Going to Floor

This article is a transcribed edited summary of a video Bob and Brad recorded in January of 2021. For the original video go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iI2PSkuDCvg&t=478s

Bob: Today we are going to talk about how to get your stomach slim.

Brad: SLIM! Tighten it up, Bob.

Bob: Slim and tight. I almost said slim and trim.

Brad: Well, it could be that too.

Bob: In 3 weeks, you’re not going to need to do sit-ups and you’re not going to need to go to the floor. You can do this in your chair?

Brad: Yeah, seated position, Bob. It’s very convenient. You have to do it properly though. We want to get that tight tummy, you know, and get it slim and trim. We need to get those muscles toned up. There’s a lot of people who really just do not want to go down on the floor.

Bob: Or they can’t get on the floor.

Brad: Exactly. Now this can be done at work or at home. You’re not going to do this in a recliner or one of those soft chairs. You need a firm chair. Something that offers good posture. I’m going to use this as a desk. We are going to use a desk an option for resistance. What we are going to do is isometrics to the three primary muscle groups that we are going to address. One is the transverse abdominus, and they are a deep flat muscle. I always think of it like a pancake. It’s a lot of posture and we use that to tighten up and it supports the back and helps with your breathing. There’s a number of things that these abdominal muscles do.

Bob: I think you just mentioned to me earlier that it’s like a corset.

Brad: Yeah, it wraps around, and goes from the sides to the middle. We are going to address that one first, but we also then will do what everyone knows about, the rectus. The six-pack muscle group which goes up and down.

Bob: Rectus damn near killed us. That’s an old joke LOL.

Brad: Why, Bob, why? I’m in the middle of a roll here.

Bob: Alright, alright, go ahead, keep going.

Brad: Then the oblique, the fibers that go kind of at that angle. We are going to hit all three of those.

Bob: As Brad alluded to, these all go around and attach into the fascia of the back so if you improve these, you can protect your back.

Brad: Back pain, exactly. That’s another benefit to this as well. We are going to look at that first one, that transverse. If you go to your ASIS’s there’s those bones sticking out right about at the beltline. You’re going to go in a little bit, not too far, an inch in, and a little bit down and just feel there. Then what I want you to do, you’re going to feel those muscles contract. You feel them, Bob?

Bob: Well, I’m just thinking you could probably kind of just go from the belly button out a little bit, right?

Brad: Yeah, we want to get past the rectus.

Bob: Oh sure, out a little farther.

Brad: Yeah, a little bit.

Bob: So, go from the belly button and go out.

Brad: The visual cue I want you to think about is taking your belly button and sink it in and push it into your spine. In and up. You don’t have to put your fingers there it just gives you some feedback.

Bob: For the first time.

Brad: Right. Then you’re going to take your phone, put it right on the desk or somewhere where you can see it. Set it for 10 seconds with a little ringer on there, or just watch a clock or you can count as well. For ten seconds you’re going to hold an isometric. So, it’s in and hold. I’m just looking at the clock here. We still have an old analog clock. You’ll feel those muscles get tight and then relax.

Bob: It’s nice, you can actually be working, Brad while doing this. Just tighten without your hands touching it.

Brad: Yeah, but if you’re reading, you’re not focusing enough. You’re going to have to take a break to do it right.

Bob: They’ll find muscles tighten up or strengthen a lot better if you are focused right on the muscle.

Brad: Exactly. You really couldn’t do your work and read and do it properly to get the benefits.

Bob: You could make it look like you’re working, ha-ha.

Brad: You can do that again, 10 seconds, 3 sets. Take a little break in between. We are going to do each of those and as you get stronger, because if you’re being completely sedentary, you’ll get sore stomach muscles the next day from this.

Bob: Surprisingly enough.

Brad: Yeah! Especially if you’re really working them hard; the way you should be. Let’s go to the next one. So, you’ll do that 3 times, 10 seconds, little break in between. Next one is the rectus. You don’t have to do them in this order, but I picked this order. The six pack or the 12 pack. In Wisconsin we called it a 12 pack.

Bob: You would.

Brad: Whatever. It’s a Wisconsin joke. Sorry about that. Anyways, rectus, now this one, I want you to think about bringing your knees up so that gets them going and then you’re going to flex forward. If you have a desk, I’m going to use the desk for resistance. I’m not going to round forward, nice upright posture.

Bob: Yeah, keep the back straight.

Brad: Lean forward, bring the knees up. You could also do it with your hands right on your knees as well. I’m going to show you one other option which is better than this, but you need a ball for it. So, we’re going to push and again we are going to hold for 10 seconds and then you’re going to relax. Do that three times. If you’ve already got a toned muscle to a certain degree, you can go up to 20 seconds.

Bob: So, are you trying to lift the legs up too?

Brad: Yeah.

Bob: So, you are kind of pushing up with your legs and lifting your heels off the floor.

Brad: Exactly, good point, make that clear. If you happen to have a squishy ball. You could use a pillow too. The nice thing about using this ball is it gives you some feedback. It just seems like you feel like you’re doing more if you have some feedback. You can see, I’m squishing the ball.

Bob: And lifting the knees up.

Brad: Yeah, exactly. You could put the ball under the desk and push it into there and that works too. Just an idea. It makes the exercise work better. Three sets of those and finally we need those oblique muscles that come in at an angle. I just have the desk here because I think you can do it at work. You can do these two or three times a day. You’re going to take the right hand over the left knee. Then bring the left knee up and to the right and push into it at the same time and rotate. Rotate and kind of push down.

Bob: Oh man, you really do feel that.

Brad: Oh, absolutely. I like the ball if you want to get the ball in there.

Bob: If you do rotate, still try to keep your back straight.

Brad: Yes, don't hunch over. It isolates pretty well. These are good exercises.

Bob: I’m surprised.

Brad: Now on this one, you have to go 10 seconds to the right, and then 10 seconds to the left. So, you have twice as many to do. You can’t just do 3 sets of 10. Go one direction and then the other. So, you’re going to do those all 3 x 10 secs, do it once. See if you get sore the next day. As things go on, try to do this at least three times a day. In the morning, afternoon and the evening. It’s going to get those muscles to pull in, but there’s one big thing that is not going to happen. If you do this, that fat that’s around those muscles isn’t going to fall off by just doing this.

Bob: It’s not going to tighten up.

Brad: This is not a big calorie-burner. It’s going to burn calories. It’s going to tone muscle. You’re going to have to change your diet, but that’s okay.

Bob: Yes, diet is number one if you want to lose fat.

Brad: Yes. I hate to say this, there are channels out there that say you’re going to burn off these calories by this simple way or drink their little magic juice and it’ll fall off in a week. We can’t promote that kind of stuff because it’s simply not true.

Bob: One of the conspiracy theories is that food companies came up with the idea that you can exercise to get the fat off because they didn’t want you blaming their food. Seriously, I’ve read that a couple of times. So, let’s name some of the foods, Brad, that you should try to cut down. You really want to cut down on sugar drinks.

Brad: Absolutely. I say just cut them out. Bob is saying, “No,” but I’m saying you get one cheat day. You have three weeks to do this. This is not a big deal. You can do it. Cut the sugar drinks out. No juice. Orange juice, I used to think was so healthy. It has a ton of sugar in it.

Bob: Actually, oranges are fine, but orange juice really concentrates the sugar.

Brad: You have to look at the ingredients. I’m just saying, eat an orange if you want the vitamins out of it instead of the juice. It’s not processed. Now, this is big for some people. It wasn’t big for me to stop but I quit eating bread. Well, I didn’t quit, but 90%. I’ll still have it occasionally. No pizza.

Bob: There’s a lot of carbs in pizza. I’m not saying you can’t, but it’s going to help you if you want to lose weight, to cut them out. Both Brad and I cut down carbs, and we both lost a lot of weight.

Brad: You’d be amazed. Then no sugar, no candy, all that garbage stuff. You’ve got to get the real food. It’s going to work, and if you happen to have this in your diet on a regular basis and you cut it out, you’re going to be amazed after the first week. You won’t notice it the first few days and you’re thinking, “Oh, where it is going?” But by that third week you’re going to say, “Oh.” You’re going to be able to eat volume. You’re going to be able to fill up eating good food. Not this stuff, but vegetables, meats, fish.

Bob: You didn’t mention the pasta or ice cream.

Brad: I was going to save that for you.

Bob: You have to cut down on those too. I was a pasta fiend.

Brad: I never was. That was easy for me to cut it out, but the ice cream was hard.

Bob: There are healthy pastas you can get now though. They are made out of something else.

Brad: Yeah, then you got a lot of fiber. It’s easier for me to just ignore it but, if you like pasta there are options for it. You’re going to slim and get tighter doing these exercises and you’re really focused on that diet. You’re going to be amazed how much better you look and feel.

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