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5 of the Worse Diet Recommendations

This article is a transcribed edited summary of a video Bob and Brad recorded in August of 2021. For the original video go to

Bob: Hi folks. I’m joined today by Jordan Tredinnick, a nutrition expert.

Jordan: Sure, we’ll go with that.

Bob: She’s got a master’s degree in nutrition so I think we can call her an expert. Today we are going to talk about five of the worst diet recommendations, correct? So why don’t we get started? Let’s start off with number one.

Jordan: Alright. Number one cleanses and detoxes. Let’s give our little take on those.

Bob: I don’t know anything about it.

Jordan: Oh, ok, I’ll just kind of talk about it. I’m not a big cleanse and detox promoter for several reasons. There are so many out there on the market and I wouldn’t even know where to begin, honestly to give you examples of some of the cleanses and detoxes out there that you can purchase, that you can do, juice cleanses, etc.

Bob: Is the idea that you're kind of sticking with one food for a while or what?

Jordan: Some of them and some of them are just taking out meals in your day and replacing it with some sort of drink, pre-made drink.

Bob: Really?

Jordan: Yeah. Or like a celery juice cleanse.

Bob: It sounds scammy.

Jordan: It is. The best way I can tell somebody to cleanse honestly is the same conversation I have all the time with nutrition. Just get rid of the processed foods, and increase the number of vegetables in a day and that works as an amazing cleanse. Also, we all have livers. We are born with them, and the purpose of our liver is to detox our bodies.

Bob: So, you’re saying watch what you drink or what?

Jordan: Well, I mean, yeah but the point is we don’t really need extra whatever, the liver is doing its job already.

Bob: Just don’t put it to too much work.

Jordan: Correct. So, we’ll just keep that one simple. There’s not one that I would sit and recommend to people.

Bob: Alright, next one. Exercise will help offset your poor diet so a lot of people believe that "I’m going to work out a lot so I can eat whatever I want." That is a big mistake.

Jordan: I work in the nutrition industry, but I also work in the fitness industry. I have within the last 10 plus years. I have seen it many many many times where someone goes “gung-ho,” starts an exercise program, they’re in there every single day busting butt and nothing’s happening. They’re staying the same. That’s because they’re not changing their diet. Personally, if I were to put a percentage on it, I would say like 80-90% of your results are going to come from what you do in your kitchen. Not in the gym.

Bob: I say this all the time, Brad and I do. The best exercise you could do is push yourself away from the table.

Jordan: I love that.

Bob: It really has way more of an effect and sometimes working out a lot makes you hungrier and you eat more. It’s a tough one to swallow but it’s good advice. Next one, the fewer the calories, the better. If I’m trying to lose weight, right?

Jordan: Restrict, restrict, restrict. That’s the society we live in. We live in a diet culture mentality society. I don’t agree with it.

Bob: We’re supposed to suffer from a diet.

Jordan: Right. I actually probably like crazy as it might sound, especially females, and I don’t

know why that is, females versus males but just in my personal observation, I see an issue of undereating more than I do overeating and causing someone to not lose weight, to be quite honest with you. We could do a whole video on that and causing your body to go into starvation mode and all that kind of stuff. But the diet mentality of less, less, less, back down, back down, back down, is not always the best way to go. My big motto is focusing on nutrient density and quality nutrients versus take out, take out, take out.

Bob: Well, it’s kind of a lifestyle too. It’s like, I’m going to go on a diet for the next 6 months or next 2 weeks and instead it should be what am I going to do for the rest of my life. Eat right and eat as much as I want to be able to eat but just the right foods.

Jordan: Correct.

Bob: Alright, next one. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I hear this constantly. I still hear it from so many people.

Jordan: I don’t know what your view is on it, but I’ve done a little digging into like where that actually came from. It’s really interesting. I encourage you guys to dig into it, but breakfast cereal manufacturers back in the day actually came up with this!

Bob: Yeah, I saw the same thing. Makes sense to me.

Jordan: There’s nothing in our human biology that says we need to wake up and go to the kitchen right away and eat. My first advice to clients is your first meal of the day should be when you’re hungry.

Bob: If you don’t feel hungry until 11, then sure, eat then. Then you are somewhat fasting. Which I don’t think you’re against, correct?

Jordan: I am not against intermittent fasting, not at all.

Bob: We might have to do a program on that.

Jordan: No, there’s some very good research on this.

Bob: Next one, I’ve seen funny videos on this. Throw out the egg yolks. If you’ve ever seen that video on YouTube or Facebook where eggs were in, eggs were out, eggs were in, eggs were out. A guy came back from the future and eggs were out.

Jordan: Yeah, that’s one of those back-and-forth things. That's one of the most controversial things in nutrition. I’ve never thrown the egg yolks out, to be quite honest with you. From a nutritional standpoint, that’s what I’m going to speak from, that’s literally where all of the nutrients are. Nature does that on purpose. There’s little to nothing in the egg white, a little bit of protein.

Bob: I have actually done that before, where I did at one point take the egg yolks out and I ate the egg whites. I was so hungry.

Jordan: Yes, yes.

Bob: Where the whole egg really satisfies me.

Jordan: The big reason for that there’s tons of healthy fat in the egg yolk. You’re just a lot of likes, it’s super nutrient-dense. We could probably live off eggs alone.

Bob: I did my own experiment here and a little bit based on your recommendations. You said it was okay if I eat eggs every day. So, I ate three eggs a day. I just had my cholesterol measured. Perfect. No problem at all and I’ve been doing it for six months. I don’t know what else it could be doing to me, but my cholesterol is fine.

Jordan: There are plenty of other testimonials or examples of other people doing the exact same thing. I think it’s more so if you’re eating egg whites along with a ton of refined grains and sugar where we could maybe have a conversation. If you’re eating a good clean diet and eggs are the only thing in there, that’s fine.

Bob: Yeah, that was the only thing I changed so for an experiment of one, eggs were fine for me. The next one, red meat is bad.

Jordan: I think we are going to ruffle some feathers on this one.

Bob: Yep, we are going to upset some people.

Jordan: I feel like every time, this is kind of like the eggs are in, eggs are out, kind of thing. There’s always some new headline about how red meat is going to cause heart disease. You’re going to get cancer from it. You’re going to get diabetes. It’s linked to all sorts of stuff. In big news articles, you’ll find it all over the internet. I haven’t seen anything recently, which means it’ll probably be something that comes up soon. A new documentary made on it, all sorts of stuff. One thing I found while looking into research with this is, that nutrition research is hard in general but studies don’t isolate like you can’t isolate red meat consumption alone. They’re looking at people who eat red meat having a higher risk of these, but what else are these people who are eating red meat doing in these studies? Are they smoking cigarettes? Are they drinking beer? What are they eating with their red meat?

Bob: The thing I’ve seen in the studies is their red meat was not sourced. They were taking the beef with antibiotics or whatever, so in that case, you should not eat red meat. I don’t think you should eat chicken, with chickens that are injected with antibiotics. I think you’re going to pick up some weird stuff.

Jordan: For sure. Unfortunately, that’s just not talked about. Like red meat is all lumped into one category and you can’t compare red meat from a factory farm to red meat that’s raised locally that’s not injected.

Bob: Nobody’s done any studies on that.

Jordan: So, it’s not bad, as long as you choose the right, good quality and know where it’s coming from.

Bob: And I think there’s probably moderation like with most things too. We’re going to give you a bonus one here. You shouldn’t use vegetable oils for cooking.

Jordan: Back in the whole era of saturated fat causing heart disease, that whole thing, we started to adapt polyunsaturated oils like soybean, canola, corn, vegetable oils, anything like that for cooking and ditching any of those saturated fats, like butter, and all that. My problem with those oils, first of all is they’re incredibly highly processed. I remember one thing I did get out of grad school. Some of it was garbage and some of it was really good information. They actually extract all those oils using a chemical extraction. I don’t know if you’ve heard that before.

Bob: I have not, no.

Jordan: So, leaving chemicals as a major by-product in those oils. Also, those oils are filled with really high concentrations of omega-six fatty acids which promotes inflammation in the body. Most of us, I think we can all agree, we want to promote a state of less inflammation in the body.

Bob: That’s a big one right now. I think we’re seeing lots of the consequences of high inflammation in the body, arthritis. Who knows what diseases it’s contributing to?

Jordan: That’s one of the culprits because unfortunately, all of those oils that I mentioned if you take anything out of a package, most of them if you flip over the package and read it, it’s going to have one of those kinds of oils in it.

Bob: So, again, soybean oil, corn oil, canola oil and you recommend?

Jordan: I recommend olive oil, avocado oil, and I use coconut oil.

Bob: I went with the avocado oil upon your recommendation, and we actually even spray it on stuff sometimes. It gives you a little more flavor. So, doesn’t avocado oil burn better or something like that?

Jordan: Olive oil can tolerate very low heat, or I use it more for like salad dressing, things like that. To roast vegetables at 400 degrees in the oven, olive oil is not that good.

Bob: That’s why we went to avocado oil.

Jordan: Yeah, avocado or coconut oil can withstand heat.

Bob: We could spend probably a couple of days on this topic, but we are just touching the surface. Maybe we’ll visit this again. We’d love to see your comments below. See what you guys think. We always like to hear from you. If you want a topic that you would like us to go over as far as diet or nutrition or as far as fitness, let us know. Thanks for watching!

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