100 Ways Physical Therapist Bob & Brad Have Made a Difference in People’s Lives

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Nine years ago, Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck began a YouTube channel with the intention of sharing their knowledge on how to get fit, stay healthy, and live pain free. By providing free videos on these topics, they are able to reach people around the world who are striving to help themselves achieve these goals. The following are a few of the responses we have received from viewers. We appreciate all who take time to watch and we will continue to do our best to help as many people as possible to become healthy, fit and pain-free.

1. I did your intro song at an open mic. I got a standing ovation and everyone stood up with excellent form. Thanks guys.

2. As a 67 year old artist who sits for many hours a day, I really need such an exercise as this. I do a lot of tiny detail drawings, so am very close to my drawing surface for long periods, and get a bit slouchy and stiff after a while. I think this one exercise will help a great deal with the upper back pain I sometimes experience when I get into "that" mode of intensity and forget to straighten up enough. Thank you, gentlemen, for posting this exercise! You 2 are invaluable to our health. Great tips! & I like ur color-coordinated look today!

3. Hi Bob and Brad - you are the most famous physical therapists on the internet - in my mind especiallly. I am writing to thank you for the segments you have done on spondylolisthesis. I am an active, athletic 68 year old man. In 2014 I was diagnosed from an MRI as having “Mild, 4 mm, spondylotic spondylolisthesis is seen of L3 on L4. Otherwise normal alignment is seen.” I believe I acquired this due to prolonged sitting doing office work with poor posture and poor chairs. Six years later and my condition worsened to the point that I could only walk from the car into a store, or from the house to the mailbox. My pain manifested on the left side pelvic area and I thought I was having SI joint issues. Pain when walking but no back ache and no headaches. I will spare you the long story of everything I tried. But I will tell you that Saturday morning Sep 26, I watched your youtube clips on exercises for spondylolisthesis. Starting that day I began to do my version (not 200 reps) of Brad’s Spondylolisthesis (ADVANCED EXERCISES) for active people. O.M.Gosh Within 6 days I am now able to walk around the block with little to no pain. I will continue this program and increase my strength as I can - the payback is tremendous. I cannot express my relief and how much I am grateful to you two for the magnificent work you do as a public service. As I type this I have tears dropping down my face. Please know that your programs are extraordinarily informative and helpful. Thank you.

4. Hello! Thanks for your reply. I asked a handyman to come and see what should be done in order to embed the screws into wood, and he came up with the very easy solution of screwing the anchors directly into the closet frame that rests on the 2x4. So simple! I don’t know why it never even crossed my mind. Super solid, simple to install, very neat looking, and doesn’t deface anything. I thought of sharing this little light bulb💡... it just might come in handy for someone else. I am now enjoying your Bob&Brad anchors in the small bedroom I have converted into a mini home gym. I used to have to use the over-the-door/side-of-the-door system, but that was inconvenient as the front door to the apartment was the only door solid enough to resist the pulling. May you prosper as you keep on teaching how to stay fit. Your instructions are clear and easy to understand... and you are fun to watch and follow!I have subscribed to your channel. PS: I “accidentally “ found you by searching the internet for adequate wall anchors...but I found much more than a mere piece of equipment. Thanks again😃

5. You are the two men I most look forward to seeing throughout my week! Thank you for being so real, so raw, so helpful, so humorous (and so sharply dressed.)

6. You both are angels 😇😇on Earth saving many people who are suffering with severe pain n hell👍❤️❤️❤️. Thank you so much!

7. Hi Bob and Brad. I just wanted to tell you how much I like and respect your videos. I’ve been watching on YouTube for quite a while. I am a licensed massage therapist who often refers my clients to your videos. Thanks for what you do. Wish you could fix my broken heart though.

8. Thank you, I've been watching all those, wow they're brill, that's why I sought your help, I'll keep watching, I can't see my physio face to face here in UK so it's not good, hope alls OK where you are

9. I bought mine just over a month, and it is amazing! I use it almost every day. Here is the review I shared on Amazon for more info on my positive experience: “The description may say, “mini,” but it packs a punch - in a good way! I researched massage guns for several months before purchasing this one. The price of others kept me away, but I am experiencing what I would have expected from the other massage guns that are priced several hundred dollars more. I use it almost daily on my legs, hips, hip flexor, feet, lower back, glutes, and/or shoulders. It does a great job relieving my muscle pain and soreness that I experience from working out and the pains of aging with arthritis. It has also been great for massaging scar tissue after my total hip replacement, hip flexor release, and back surgeries. I love that it is easy to use and light weight. I look forward to Bob and Brad videos on its usage. Thank you for a great product!!”

10. This video came at just the right time for me. Just tried techniques recommended & experienced significant relief!

11. Your videos have helped me with this issue and others. Thank you so much for your dedication and your humor. Keep up the good work.

12. Thanks bob and brad for the lifesaving advice. I’ve taken this time at home to rehabilitate myself and it’s all worked. Thank you both so much.

13. A lot of your basic advice has improve my quality of life by leaps and bounds. thank you for this resource 😭

14. Thanks guys my sciatica finally went away for good giving hope to everyone out there my dr said nerves take so much longer to heal than muscle so stay positive

15. You are right, you are the best two physical therapist I have ever met. I am going to go to you guys on Facebook. Thank you

16. Thanks for your continued support- especially now, when more people might be home and finding projects that needed attending to.

17. Thanks again guys! Sciatica for 2 years you guys have helped me a lot.❤️

18. Hi Bob & Brad! I'm watching your Utube videos & taking them all in. If I've got to I look back to see them again to help me. I've got a very bad back. So far doing the exercises before getting out of bed has helped. Thank you for taking your time showing us these great exercises! Take care!

19. You dudes are the BEST! WHO KNEW physical therapy could be so much fun!!!

20. I injured a groin muscle weeks ago and have been trying to get the issue worked out. I've watched numerous videos with tips but so far nothing has really giving me my range of motion back. I have a loop strap but didn't think of using it for this. Thank you so much for the updated video!

21. Thanks Bob and Brad, I've got a groin strain right now and have found this very educational. Love your intro song too. You guys are simply the best.

22. Timely! we’ve been walking daily for the last several months & are worried about having enough physical activity during the cold winter months. thanks!

23. That little bugger looks like it would come in handy! I’m doing my best to ward off the need for surgery but unfortunately I’m not doing a very good job of it on my own. I will say that, as a somewhat new subscriber, your videos have absolutely helped take my pain level down a notch. Thank you so much! You guys truly are the best. 💃🏼💃🏼🕺🏻

24. Have been one of your first 100 viewers and have shared your wonderfully educational segments to many.

25. Wow, you guys are on a roll! The algorithm is working since I'm seeing you daily now.

26. This is perfect timing! My hubby just turned to me and said my shoulder is killing me, and it is that dang tendon! Lol I have had to massage him for hours before just to give him a little relief. This is going to make his life way easier! Thanks Bob and Brad!

27. I just found this channel after suffering (and I do mean suffering) from what I think is a pinched nerve on my shoulder for the last 3 days, you guys have helped me so much at better understanding what a pinched nerve even is. I love the energy in every video!

28. Thank you so much for your videos, and this one really hits the nail on the head for me! This video explains things so much more, infinitely more, than my orthopedic dr did a couple weeks ago, and my current physical therapist did, because they didn't really explain it much at all! - which I am seeing right now for this very problem. My therapist did not give me your 2 exercises with the arm held up high - the hanging one & the statue of liberty; I might ask them about doing those when I go back in a couple days.

29. Hey from India. Thanks a lot... After 1 month suffering from rotator cuff injury. I got some relief. Thanks a lot both of you ..God bless you forever.

30. Thanks. I think that is my problem and all the information I have seen on your channel has helped.

31. You guys are wonderful. I love your channel. I find your information so helpful and you both so motivating. Thanks!

32. I always wish I could have had access to a PT whenever I needed, thank goodness you’re on YouTube.

33. I love your channel! Thank you. I suffer from RA, sciatica, old injuries 😔 and poor posture, naturally lol I've driven trucks and ridden/ trained horses most of my life I'm 47 now and I Hurt Alllll the Time! Low back, knees, ankles, feet, shoulders, wrists, hands etc.. so thank you for your short videos that are super helpful!!

34. I just found your channel and it's like a gift, I’m gonna watch every single video. Thank you a lot!

35. This is great for my clients. Easy to do and understandable.

36. God bless u both of u ... Like ur combination... U people r giving us more knowledge.. showing everything practically...keep going .

37. Thanks man this really helped me remove the pain from my biceps

38. Hey guys thanks for being my online free therapist God bless you guys with happiness and health.

39. Thank You for everything that you do, I’ve improved tremendously using the brochure that came with the wall anchor and your video.

40. Thanks, very helpful 💕. I remind myself every day to hydrate (for my entire adult life lol!!). Why do hydration levels and thirstiness not seem to correlate anyway??? 🤔🤔🤔 Thanks 🌸

41. Just wanted to let you know that I've been doing the pinched neck nerve stretches and boy are they great. It's only in my upper arm and shoulder now. So happy! Thank you!

42. Y’all are great, wanting to keep ppl healthy. Since retired 3 yrs ago, I drink less water! At work, water on my desk, I would just reach for it & drink out of habit. Now, I have to “think” about water & I’m doing better about it. I’ve noticed my skin & hair is dryer. So I’m making changes. Love your channel!

43. P.S. I love the way you two Professional Physical Therapists work together - with so few disparities - to "Bring your strengths" to The Table! TY, Bob & Brad. GOD bless.

44. “Air Squat Arama” is just what I needed as a reminder of proper alignment! Thanks so much!

45. Great stuff guys, I needed this today, your hitting one of my sore spots, (left shoulder going down my left arm) and I just stumbled on this video, by pure luck! Thank you!

46. Thank you for all these great tips! I’m learning so much from you wild and crazy guys how important posture is.

47. You guys are aWesome....😉 I work long shifts wearing heavy gear on my waist and over my shoulders. This exercise will help me a great deal. Thank you 😊

48. You both are angels 😇😇on Earth saving many people who are suffering with severe pain n hell👍❤️❤️❤️. Thank you so much!

49. I’m an adaptive yoga teacher. This movement will dovetail perfectly into my breath and posture work. Thanks!

50. Noticed my mum has bad posture, and I told her. She's nearly 73! I had bad posture until I took on your advice, its much better now. Thanks xxx

51. I needed this!! 20 years in the nursing profession has me all sorts of crippled at a young age. Thanks for all the great content!!

52. I’m adding this to my daily routine several times a day!! My father in law refused to do his pt exercises over the last 10-15 years and has had poor posture when sitting for so so long that now he can barely move, his center of gravity is so off because of his hunched over head and shoulders he’s a fall risk, it’s sad. I will be a Winner and do my W’s!!

53. You 2 are invaluable to our health. Great tips! & I like ur color-coordinated look today!

54. Thank you guys. I have lost a lot of weight by not going out and a good diet. I am now going nuts with this pandemic. I watched and wrote down your gluteal exercises last night and compared them with several others. I was up until 2 am. This "W" exercise is important to me to improve my posture and get back into shape when I can start hiking and canoeing with friends next year.

55. Thanks for the W stretch tip Bob & Brad. I did it this morning before a work WebEx and boy does that feel good! Then I used it as a greeting with my mother. It's the new "wave". I might start doing it with others as well!

56. You guys are a national treasure! Thank you for sharing yourselves and your ideas.

57. Discovered the channel yesterday night and binge-watched about 2 hours' worth of content. I've had back, neck, & shoulder issues for quite some time (for context, I'm 27 years old and 6'4"). I've used a few of the exercises (that I've learned from your channel) over the past 24 hours and I can already feel the difference. I plan on getting a foam wedge for my bed, some more pillows, a lumbar support pillow for my office chair, among a couple of other things to expand the number of exercises I can do and to improve my posture.

58. THE 2 MOST REAL PHYSICAL THERAPIST ON THE INTERNET! No gimmicks, smoke, fluff, nunna that.. their exercises and tips work.