What To Look For In A Massage Gun?

Are you curious what to look for when choosing a massage gun or have you been wondering how to use the massage gun C2 from Bob and Brad (refered to as the C2 for short)? Read on for examples and details on what to look for.

Stall Force

The first parameter we are going to discuss is "stall force". The stall force of a motor means the amount of force that can be applied to the motor before it stops working, and the higher a stall force a massage gun has, the more aggressive you can use it on your body. So, if you intend to use your massage gun mainly on the larger muscle groups like quads or hip flexors, choose one with a higher stall force.  Many popular brands of massage guns have stall forces of 40 to 60 lbs, suitable for general home use, and the massage gun C2 is tested to have a high stall force, making it unstoppable, despite its light weight and small size.

The Speed Or The RPM

Let's look into the speed and attachments of massage guns. Most popular brands offer four to six speed levels and five or six changeable massage heads, although one brand provides up to 20 speed levels - takes a bit of patience when choosing the right speed level there. The massage gun C2 follows the majority, offering five speed levels with the highest level of 3200 RPM and five different massage heads - cushion(Bob and Brad's favorite) , flat, bullet, foam ball, and fork. We will talk about how to choose a suitable massage head to target specific muscle groups to boost recovery in a future blog.

Stroke length/Amplitude

Another important parameter to consider is the stroke length/ amplitude of a massage gun. The greater the stroke length is, the further the head travels and the deeper the massage gun hits. Due to its small size, the massage gun C2 has a stroke length of 8 mm, slightly shorter than the 10 to 16 mm of many popular brands, but it provides decent percussion instead of vibration. Another trade off of its small size is that the angle of the head cannot be adjusted and, for those whose arms have a limited range of motion, it may be a bit difficult to reach the back of your body.

The Size

Size does matter! Being just 1.5 lbs in weight, the massage gun C2 is the smallest on the market, but you can't stall it just by pushing it against your chest. By comparison, Theragun Mini is also of 1.5 lbs, but it only has a stall force of 20 lbs. A 20-lb stall force means the motor will stop when the massage gun is pressed gently againt the palm (see 1:50 in the video here for the effect 

Other popular brands generally weight two to three lbs, so the massage gun C2 is basically half of the weight and comes in a fashionable, compact, high-quality case, so you can take it everywhere and use it wherever you need: in the gym after a good workout, on a business trip, or in the office during your coffee break.

The Noise Leve

Then, let's talk about noise levels. No one likes loud noises. Generally speaking, most popular brands of massage guns have a noise level between 50 and 70 dB, although they all sound differently, some harder and higher-pitched than others. The best way to experience the noise level of a specific massage gun is to check out their review videos on YouTube. Want to hear what the massage gun C2 from Bob and Brad sounds like? Check this out: 

It sounds more like a humming noise with a noise level of 41 dB at the lowest speed and 53 dB at the highest.

The Battery Life

Some massage guns have removable batteries, while some others' batteries cannot be taken out. Some massage guns have a battery life of one hour or less, while some others' batteries can go up to eight hours without being recharged. So think about how important charging batteries is to your life.  The Bob and Brad C2 massage gun is powered by an integrated battery (same battery they used at Tesla) of 2500 mAh, which is fully charged in 3.5 hours and can last four to eight hours depending on the usage. Its battery is charged via a Type C cable, and since nowadays charging by Type C cables are becoming the main stream, you don't have to worry about forgetting your charging cable somewhere else. Besides, the battery level is clearly indicated by the four LED lights on the back bottom, so no need to worry about being caught off guard that your massage gun is running out of juice.

The Budget

Are you ready to throw in $599 for a TheraGun Pro when you have never tried a massage gun? Similarly, you don't want to get a knock-off for a cheap price, only to be disappointed with its performance. Usually, the prices of many popular brands range between 200 and 400 dollars, but the Bob and Brad C2 massage gun costs just half that ($119.98 on Amazon, discount possible) and gives you a comparable performance.

Interested in the Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun: visit Amazon at https://amzn.to/36pMekg

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