Updated Best Massage Guns for 2020. Over 30 Massage Guns Compared

The Bob & Brad C2 mini massage gun has been available on Amazon for the US market for a while (https://www.amazon.com/Percussion-Massager-Handheld-Recovery-Soreness/dp/B08CKWVYMF) and received reviews by YouTubers from different perspectives.

  • Tim Fraticelli, a professional physical therapist, considers it to be the best $100 massage gun.

  • Scott from BeforeYouBuy, who had excellent performances in the sport show "American Ninja Warrior 2019", regards it as "the Best Massage Gun of 2020".

  • Radcliff Lance, a fitness trainer and martial art enthusiast, calls it "his favorite massage gun".

  • Kofuzi, an avid long distance runner, enjoys its good value for money and the high power brought by its small size.

Why is the Bob & Brad C2 mini massage gun so warmly embraced by different users?

The Bob & Brad C2 mini massage gun and all its accessories are neatly packed in a fashionable grey case with the logo "Bob & Brad" on the left corner. The case brings about a chic and low-key impression and does not take too much space in your gym bags or travel luggage. The length of the case is barely the width of a fitness bench. The massage gun, the five different attachments, the USB-C charging cable, and the user instructions are neatly packed in their own niches, so they won't be juggled around on the way and suffer from damages. Since nowadays USB-C charging cables are commonly used for smartphones and other electronic appliances, you don't run the risk of forgetting the charging cable or having to carry a specific charging set for your massage gun. The Bob & Brad C2 mini massage gun can be charged via the USB C cable by a 5 V/2 A adapter or by a power bank. Once fully charged, it doesn't need to be recharged for weeks under a moderate use, say, 15-20 minutes a day. The battery level is indicated by the LEDs on the bottom of the handle, so you know in time when to recharge it. Its battery of 2500 mAh is supplied by the same supplier for Telsa and its battery life can be guaranteed for five years. 

Once you take the Bob & Brad C2 mini massage gun in your hand, you will immediately notice how light-weighted it is and how ergonomically friendly the design is. Weighting only 680 g/1.5 lb, it is the lightest massage gun on the market. Compared to other pocket-sized "mini" massage guns, it won't fit into your pocket but still can be easily carried around with all its five attachments in its elegant case. The cylindrical handle with an oval-shaped cross section offers an easy and firm grip and its texture feels comfortable in hands. You can easily reach different body parts, even your back, with its small and compacted design.

The ON/OFF button is in the back of the massage arm, so you can easily reach it with your thumb once you grab it in your hand. To start it, you need to press the ON/OFF button for about two/three seconds, so you won't start it accidentally and waste its battery juice. Once it is started, you can change the levels by pressing the ON/OFF button swiftly and different levels are indicated by the LEDs above the button. It provides five different intensity levels, from 2000 rpm (33 HZ) to 3200 rpm (53 HZ) with an interval of 300 rpm. A recent study shows that the percussive therapy by a massage gun is more effective in reducing lactic acid level than a massage and may help with the recovery of DOMS, a kind of muscle soreness often suffered from increasing the exercise intensity or trying a new type of workout, and the "sweet spot" is around 50 HZ. No matter which level you choose, the Bob & Brad C2 mini massage gun works quietly and you can continue a conversation, watch a movie, or do whatever you want without being disturbed or disturbing others.

The Bob & Brad C2 mini massage gun comes with five different massage heads, that is, a round head, a head with cushioning, a bullet head, a fork head, and a hard flat head. They are suitable for targeting different muscle groups and can be chosen according to personal preferences. They can also be used in combination with different intensity levels to customize the massaging experiences. The massage head with cushioning is the most popular one, because it can glide across bony surfaces smoothly without hurting you. If you use the massage gun parallelly to your skin with the round head, you can also create a cross friction massage experience to break down scar tissues in muscles.

In short, the Bob & Brad C2 mini massage gun is small but powerful, quiet, easy to use, and of high value for money. Besides, the YouTube channel "Bob & Brad" regularly uploads videos on pain relieve, injury recovery, and healthy life styles, and the Bob & Brad crew is always there ready to help you.

Interested in the Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun: visit Amazon at https://amzn.to/36pMekg

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