This One Exercise Will Improve Your Life Forever! Including Physical Appearance, Health & Career

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Bob: Today we’re going to show you the one exercise that will improve your life forever including physical appearance, health and career.

Brad: Absolutely.

Bob: My gosh, Brad, anything else you want to throw in there? Will it make you rich?

Brad: Bob, you know, some people say this may be clickbait but I am passionate about this subject. I think you are too. There’s no doubt about it. 30 seconds, do this daily. It’s going to change your life. We’ll talk about it in a little bit of detail.

Bob: Multiple times daily is benefitial, by the way.

Brad: So, why is this one exercise going to change our lives, Bob? We’re talking about the big P, posture.

Bob: Right.

Brad: I just read a study on posture and how it affects your breathing. They did it scientifically, measuring the amount of air you bring in and go out, goes up significantly. Okay? Posture as far as shoulder mechanics. We know that shoulder mechanics work much better. If you’re slouched, you can reach minimally. If you’ve got good posture, you can easily reach up overhead.

Bob: You can swallow better. If your head’s forward, you can’t swallow very well.

Brad: Back and neck pain, which can lead into arm and leg pain.

Bob: By the way, I just was told about this study. I did not see it, but someone was telling me about it. If you have poor posture, you can actually, tighten up your abdomen. You can put pressure on the vagus nerve. That can actually increase your heart rate. So like, I always stress this with our runners in cross country. Is really good posture when you run, because your diaphragm’s in the right spot.

Brad: Right, right. And lastly, people talk about it socially or professionally, what does that have to do with it? If you go into an interview and we were just discussing, the studies show that interview is determined within the first few seconds.

Bob: They look at you and they probably already know if they’re going to hire you or not.

Brad: And if you’re coming in slouched, you’re not a winner. You’re not going to help the company out. You come in here looking positive, posture up tall. You’re going to take over things. It’s all shown right there as well as your outfit.

Bob: It shows confidence.

Brad: How you dress is important too, obviously.

Bob: We used to do a class on protection, right?

Brad: Yes, self defense. Absolutely,

Bob: That’s what I was trying to come up with. I remember reading an article about this criminal, and he said they would pick on people that were doing what they call the “Vic walk.” The victim walk.

Brad: Oh.

Bob: So they’d be slouched down. They’re the ones that they’d pick on.

Brad: They look like a loser, Bob.

Bob: Well they don’t look confident. So they think, well, I want to take that guy on.

Brad: They look like a winner.

Bob: A winner, that’s where he’s going!

Brad: Which all leads to the exercise. I’m sorry to keep you going, but I really wanted to tell

you why I’m so passionate about this. So the exercise is our Ws. We’ve talked about this many times. The reason this works is because you have to bring your head back, chin back, arms back, squeeze your shoulder blades together, which puts you in good posture.

Bob: What you’re doing, by the way, is stretching the chest muscles, at the same time strengthening the muscles between the shoulder blades.

Brad: So you’re doing both at the same time. So, in 30 seconds, you can do this between 5-10 of these. You’re not going to do them quickly, like this. It’s going to be, hold and relax. Hold. Do the chin tuck, don’t go forward. Chin back in and you’ll feel those muscle tighten up. You’ll feel a stretch in the front. And that’s exactly what you want.

Bob: The key to this though is that you do it throughout the day.

Brad: Right. You don’t have to do it for for five minutes. Again, 30 seconds is plenty. So, in bed, before you get up.

Bob: Why don’t you show us Brad?

Brad: Absolutely. You don’t have to lay down on the floor, but you could if you wanted. You need to take the pillow out, so you can do your chin tuck. Then back, like this. And you can do those. I even think if you’re doing 15 seconds, that may be adequate. 30 seconds is good. You can do them standing while you’re making your eggs. Do your chin tucks, you know?

Bob: I’d love to be at Brad’s house in the morning.

Brad: I put some turmeric on eggs, for anti-inflammatory.

Bob: LOL, very good.

Brad: At work, if you happen to have a job where you’re seated, boy you can just throw these in.

Bob: Yeah, lots of these.

Brad: Remember the "W." You’re going to win with this. It’s a reminder that you’re going to keep this good posture as opposed to this, poor posture, as well as all those other negative things that go along with it.

Bob: Alright, become winners folks. I was worried when Brad was going to that loser thing. I mean, we don’t call people losers.

Brad: Absolutely not, Bob, but we’re going to show them how to become "W" Winners. And "W" is for Wisconsin too, Bob.

Bob: I knew that was coming.

Brad: Yeah, that’s that state over there.

Bob: How about Minnesota? Thanks everybody.

Brad: Take Care.

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