Stick To New Healthy Habits With A Few Simple Tricks

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Finding healthy habits that work for your lifestyle isn’t too difficult, but it’s often a challenge to stick with them. Creating a new routine takes time and energy, and if you’re pressed for both, you might find yourself giving up on it. The key is to incorporate small changes into your life and set realistic goals for yourself. For instance, you might change the way you think about workouts if you make them more fun. Here are a few more tips from physical therapists Bob & Brad on how to make healthy habits stick.

Find a diet that works.

Whether your ultimate goal is weight loss or you just want to incorporate some healthier foods into your diet, it’s important to remember that a slow lifestyle change is much easier to stick to than a drastic one. Rather than limiting yourself to certain foods, which can lead to a relapse, create a realistic meal plan that still allows you to have some of your favorite things.

You can also compromise and have your old favorites in a different way — for instance, cooking with olive oil instead of vegetable oil, or using dark chocolate when baking as it has less sugar than milk chocolate.

Deal with stress at work.

If morale is tanking at the workplace, whatever the factors, stress is ever present. No doubt there are toxic coworkers contributing to the negativity, so have a strategy in place on how to first identify the personality type of these ne’er do wells, then how to deal with them. You may simply need to avoid interaction if at all possible. If they’re on your team and avoidance isn’t possible, learn how to work around them in such a way that minimizes time in the shared space.

Learn how to shop.

When we think about healthy habits, we often don’t include the ways we shop for food, but it’s an extremely important part of making positive changes to your diet and lifestyle. Not only is it a good idea to make a shopping list and stick to it, but you’ll also need to learn how to read food labels properly, as well as put together a well-balanced meal.

Greatist suggests a meal-prep plan, which can save you time and money. This involves cooking large quantities of a healthy meal to distribute throughout the week. These are easy ways to stick to healthier eating because you’ll be more knowledgeable about what you’re buying.

Get moving.

In addition to finding a diet that works and learning how to shop, it’s crucial to start a workout routine with realistic goals. The Anxiety & Depression Association of America notes that daily activity can help with everything from boosting your mental health to relieving joint pain, but it’s up to you to find the right movement for your needs. You might try yoga, take up a sport, attend an aqua aerobics class, or simply get outside with the kids for a game of kickball. When you’re engaging in an activity and having fun at the same time, you’re much more likely to stick with it.

Finding healthy habits that you can easily work into your routine can take some time, so try to remain patient as you start the process. Look for support from friends and family, which can help you stay focused on your goals.

Physical therapists Bob & Brad can assist you with do-it-yourself treatment for common problems. With a series of videos and follow-along printables, you can be on your way to a healthy, fit, and pain-free life.

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