One Way To Keep Your Baby Or Grand Baby Healthy

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Bob: We’re going off on a little side path today, Brad. Today, we’re going to talk about one way to keep your baby, or grandbaby, healthy. You have grandbaby’s, right?

Brad: Well, yeah, they’re getting not to be babies anymore. Two years old is the youngest.

Bob: Okay, gotcha. So, as our audience, you may or may not know that Brad and I share a goal that we’re trying to help as many people as we can before we’re put into that cold, cold earth. That includes babies. I don’t just mean Brad, I mean tiny babies. How can we help babies Brad?

Brad: Sure. Well, they need to sleep properly, healthfully, and comfortably.

Bob: Right. Is healthfully a word? So, it’s a concern of parents of course, and there’s concern from grandparents, and as many of you may know, we have a relationship with SleepOvation. We really like their adult mattresses. They’ve come out with a baby mattress.

Brad: Right. Here it is.

Bob: We’re really impressed with it. It addresses some of the concerns that you may have about your child when they’re sleeping.

Brad: Some of the concepts are similar to the adult mattress. They’ve modified it to fit the infant, or the toddler.

Bob: Let’s talk about them. This is a word I had never heard of before Brad. Plagiocephaly. I can’t even say it. It’s flat head syndrome. Your brother had this.

Brad: Right and still does.

Bob: And what happened?

Brad: Well, your head becomes flat on the back. As a matter of fact, Chris’ son has it as well. Anyways, when you have long hair, you don’t see it, but if you have no hair or little hair, you can see the head’s not rounded normally.

Bob: Some of it stems from, Brad, that we really encourage people to lay their baby on their back because they don’t want SIDS to happen.

Brad: Sudden infant death syndrome, right.

Bob: You’re getting all the pressure on the back of the head. It’s at that stage where the bones are still growing and forming. It can flatten out. I know a certain percentage of children must wear a helmet to reshape it. Hopefully, this mattress and we’ll show you in a minute why it might reduce the pressure and help with flat head syndrome.

Brad: That’s what it’s designed for, especially on the one side.

Bob: They’re doing a study on it right now through Seattle Hospital I believe. We’ll mention that too. Overheating, we want a mattress that doesn’t overheat. This has little air channels. Rollovers and proper spine support. All those things.

Brad: Very similar to adults, but it’s different when you’re tiny.

Bob: I just want to say, the guy who invented the SleepOvation mattress, he’s got 36 patents Brad, in the U.S. All for mattresses. He has hundreds of patents in Europe or overseas. This guy, I consider him “the genius.” He knows what he’s doing.

Brad: He’s been around, and it’s been his life.

Bob: Exactly. I feel comfortable in supporting anything he makes. I know that he’s gone to the Nth degree to make sure it’s safe and that it’s going to be the best mattress out there. This is the SleepOvation Baby Mattress. The thing is, what’s cool about this, it’s got two sides. One side is made for the infant, and it has little teddy bears on it.

Brad: So, in other words, the cushion on this side is designed for a lighter, smaller body. Then, on the other side, is for toddlers. As they grow, then you’ll flip it over and use the other side. We’ll talk about the difference in a little bit.

Bob: If you look inside, they have it printed on the inside cover. So, if you clean the cover, you don’t have to worry about putting in on right.

Brad: Yeah, you want to keep it consistent.

Bob: You know, I really want a grandchild. Matt? Brenna?

Brad: Still practicing.

Bob: I don’t know if I’m allowed to put pressure on my children. Am I allowed to do that?

Brad: I don’t know. We don’t know the rules on that.

Bob: So anyway, this is cool. This is the infant side that’s up, but look at the little, tiny mattresses that you can see here. It has air channels so keeps it cool.

Bob: This reduces pressure, again 25 to 35%, spreads out the forces, so you’re not getting point pressure.

Bob: Seattle Children’s Hospital is conducting some tests on these to see if it works with plagiocephaly. They’re also applying for FDA clearance for that. Then the other side is the toddler side. I don’t know what, when do you become a toddler?

Brad: I don’t know if it’s at two years.

Bob: The thing is the cover is water resistant on the infant size. On the other side, the toddler side, it’s waterproof which I guess is even more than water resistant.

Brad: Yeah, at that age they may be potty training. There are some issues there. I had issues like that when I was a kid.

Bob: Well, let’s be honest Brad, you had issues with all those.

Brad: My poor parents.

Bob: You can buy extra covers if you want to. It comes in two sizes I believe. It’s going to be made with safe, non-toxic materials. Brad and I, we get products sometimes from overseas. We got a neck supporter once and the smell was so bad. It never went away, remember that? For weeks later, it was still there.

Brad: If it wasn’t toxic, it smelled like it was. We put that one off to the side.

Bob: Right. But this meets all the standards. I don’t know what they are. ASTM cribs mattress standards, I don’t know what those are.

Brad: It’s something they can look at on the SleepOvation website and read it for themselves.

Bob: That’s about all I have to say about this, Brad. I just think we’re going to make that baby happy and hopefully, someday, will make me happy by giving me a grandbaby.

Brad: They’ll all come at once Bob.

Bob: I’ll be a happy guy. Thanks.