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Why Choose Bob & Brad?

Comprehensive Muscle Care

Choose Bob & Brad for unmatched expertise. With their years of experience as trusted physical therapists, products like the Q2 Mini Massage Gun reflect their deep understanding of effective recovery. Trust Bob & Brad for quality, comfort, and proven results.

Precision Recovery

Revolutionize Recovery with the Q2 Mini Massage Gun




Trusted by Experts

Developed by renowned physical therapists Bob and Brad, the Q2 Mini ensures effective, ergonomic relief.

Total Muscle Care

5 attachments target every muscle group, offering quick relief and aiding regeneration.

Customizable Comfort

Choose from 5 speeds (1800-3000 percussions per minute) for tailored pain relief, all in a pocket-sized package.

Easy Charging

Convenient USB-C charging keeps the Q2 Mini ready for action at home, the gym, or on the go.

Power in Your Palm

Unleash potent muscle relaxation with the Q2 Mini's small yet powerful brushless motor.

Anywhere Relief

Take your muscle treatment wherever you go with the Q2 Mini's compact design.

'On-The-Go' Recovery Redefined

Experience the power of Bob & Brad's expertise with the Q2 Mini Massage Gun. Developed by renowned physical therapists, this pocket-sized powerhouse delivers effective muscle relief anywhere you go. Trust in quality, comfort, and results.

Muscle Recharge




Customers love the Bob & Brad Q2 Massage Gun

Real results, real people


The package was delivered on time. My husband and I are loving the mini massager. I can’t comment on durability as of this time but the functionality is fantastic. Great with people suffering from arthritis. It was an instant relief for me.


Wow!! this Massage gun is out of this world! My best and smartest purchase of the year. This little massage gun with different heads is so powerful been using it on the daily for two weeks and the battery is still going. Not to mention it does the job! Would definitely recommend this product!

Heather R

Very quiet Powerful compact soft design. I am super impressed. Definitely will buy anything from Bob & Brad. Here take my $$$

Vanessa R

I love this so much I bought two now! It is lightweight, powerful and easy to pack. As one who has bought a lot for family and myself this is amazing!!

Lynne W

I did a lot of research before choosing this Q2. All the features I want at a great price. My husband has a full size model in another brand, but it is heavy and cumbersome for me to use. This mini is perfect! So glad I bought it.


Fantastic product. The soft grip on the outside makes it a pleasure to hold, while the reassuring weight give you perfect control. The battery life is excellent and I use it all the time. I even bought a 2nd one for my wife who has a Theragun, however she preferred the portability of the Q2.

Knight Vizion

This was a great value, compact yet powerful, nice case, enough attachments, nice battery-saving features, and stays charged for a long time, my wife has a bigger massage gun, but she is always using mine, she says it works better and is easier to use.

Elizabeth W.

This is hands down the best massager on the market in my opinion. Travels great, is rechargeable, has loads of attachments and lasts a long time on one charge. Can’t say enough about it!!!


This is a real quality compact massage gun. Quiet doesn't sound like a jackhammer like some cheaper guns. Easy to hold in your hand. Definitely had given my sciatica and other muscular sore spots much relief. I am a follower of "Bob and Brads" website on physical therapy and highly recommend people in pain to check it out.

Peter K.

Works great, I had a total shoulder replacement a year or so ago and this breaks down the scar tissue in my shoulder. I can sit and watch TV and massage my shoulder all at once.

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