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Elevate your fitness regimen with the Pull-Up System, a creation by experienced physical therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck. Designed to enhance arm and core strength, this system offers a range of exercises, including pull-ups, chin-ups, neutral grip pull-ups, and twists, allowing you to target diverse muscle groups effectively. Additionally, it facilitates passive and active hanging exercises, renowned for relieving shoulder and back pain.


Engineered for durability, each Pull-Up System kit includes two pull-up units, ergonomic handles, three wall anchors, and installation essentials. Supporting up to 200 lbs. per handle (400 lbs. total), this system adapts effortlessly to your space, offering versatile workout options through its innovative wall anchor design. Discover a comprehensive fitness solution trusted by professionals and fitness enthusiasts alike, designed to elevate strength, posture, and overall well-being.


Key Features

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What's Included

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Bob and Brad's Pull Up System



Bob and Brad's Pull Up System


Bob & Brad Pull Up System




Therapeutic Benefits

Incorporate passive and active hanging exercises recommended by professionals for shoulder pain relief and as a form of traction to alleviate back pain

Robust and Reliable

Designed by physical therapists, the Pull-Up System is built to handle up to 200 lbs. per handle (400 lbs. total), ensuring durability and long-lasting performance

Comprehensive Kit

Get everything you need with the all-in-one kit, including two pull-up units, two handles, three wall anchors, mounting hardware, and easy-to-follow installation instructions

Versatile Attachment Options

Utilize the three wall anchors to create narrow-based or wide-based exercise variations, giving you the flexibility to adapt your training routine

Personalized Grip Variations

Target specific muscle groups with multiple grip options, such as palms facing towards you, away from you, or facing each other, to maximize your arm and core workout

Enhanced Training Options

Perform a variety of arm and core strengthening exercises, including pull-ups, chin-ups, and twist variations, using the Pull-Up System


Real results, real people


Big love from UK 🇬🇧 love your video and love the pull up equipment


Excellent, this makes a big difference especially when new to pull ups. It is allot more comfortable with the handles that can turn.


After hurting my rotator cuff previously, doing pull ups this way feels so much better.


I am a 48 female and did my first chin up last year . I have built up to a few more now since using the handles 👍🏼


I am working through shoulder impingement using Orthopedic surgeon Dr. John M. Kirsch's relaxed hanging technique aka ‘brachial hanging’. This system is very good for static hanging like that...not so much for active pull ups.

Grip & forearm strengthener

Grip & forearm strengthener

Grip & forearm strengthener

Grip & forearm strengthener

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Why Choose Bob & Brad?

Crush Your Goals

Experience the expertise of physical therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck with their Pull-Up System, designed for effective arm and core strength training. This comprehensive kit offers customizable grip variations, durability to handle up to 400 lbs., and therapeutic benefits for shoulder and back pain relief, making it the trusted choice for your fitness journey.

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