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How to Reduce Belly Fat, BIG Lie vs. Truths

This article is a transcribed edited summary of a video Bob and Brad recorded in September 2018. For the original video go to

Bob: Today we are going to talk about how to reduce body fat; the big lie vs the truth.

Brad: Belly fat!

Bob: What did I say? Body? Well, it’s kind of the same thing. Wait, wait, it’s not the same thing!

Brad: No, it’s not! 

Bob: No, we’re going to show you, how to reduce belly fat; big lie vs. truths.

Brad: Right. This is critical to us.

Bob: Yes, it is, because there’s a lot of lies out there. Even on YouTube, well not even on YouTube, especially on YouTube. You’re going to find people that are going to make these claims and that’s not what science is saying. We try to back our stuff up with studies as much as we can.

Brad: So, Bob, we’re going to get right to the chase. The big lie is, you know people want a 6 pack, they want that tight abdomen here and everything. They say, here’s how you’re going to do it, you’re going to do 14,000 sit-ups and different ways of doing the magical core workout. Don’t get me wrong, we love the core workout. It’s critical, it’s one of the best things for you but your fat is not going to come off your belly if you JUST do a core workout.

Bob: No, it’s not. You’ve got to do the other things that are going to be just as critical. You literally can’t get a six-pack just by doing a core workout. 

Brad: You’re going to have to incorporate a pretty serious diet to get a six-pack. If you just want to lose weight you still need to have a good diet. But you have to understand, just because you do exercises in the abdominal area, these muscles are working hard, the body does not take the fat from here and go right to the muscle. It doesn’t go from one to the other. 

Bob: You’re just strengthening the muscles here, that’s all you’re doing and the fat layer line over the muscles is not going to go down there.

Brad: Yeah, from where it is and go directly into the muscle and disappear, it just doesn’t work that way. 

Bob: You’ve got some studies that you saw, right?

Brad: Right, it’s easy to find good medical studies, studies that are scientifically proven that show that this is not the answer. 

Bob: You found seven studies done. 

Brad: Without even trying very hard. I’ve also taken a number of classes that all support this. I remember one instructor, he said, “Just remember, fat does not contract.” In other words, if you’re doing all these core exercises, the fat is not contracting.

Bob: You’re not working the fat. 

Brad: Right. The body’s going to put it on where it wants often times from genetics. You know how your body genetically is, like my family all the males on my dad’s side, they have the belly. It’s just a genetic thing. I don’t get it in my legs or butt, it’s just right in the belly. 

Bob: Well, I won’t say what family side has this, but I have a family side where they get it in the belly and the butt. You can just see it in the family line. They’re all walking along with that trait. 

Brad: The truth is, you need to diet and incorporate exercise regularly. You want to exercise large muscle groups. No matter where you want to lose the fat, it’s going to come off where it’s going to come off. But remember large muscle groups. So, legs, hips, the core is a great exercise. We aren’t saying core is bad, we are saying, work it in with your exercising. When you work the larger muscle groups, you’re going to burn more calories more efficiently and it’s going to make the whole process speed up.

Bob: You’re going to lose weight quicker and it’s just going to work a lot better. Back to the studies, just real quick, Brad, I just want you to be aware that every so often, you’re going to have somebody come out with a study that their basically saying you can do spot reduction. It’s probably not going to be a well-done study. You just have to be aware of that because I also know someone comes out with a study, well there’s a hundred studies that says you can’t, and there’s only one study that says you can. 

Brad: Right. Getting back to exercise, you know you can do aerobic exercise, which is going to burn more calories while you’re doing it, or you can do weights, which is great.

Bob: I think you try to do both if you can. They’re both really great. The aerobic is definitely going to be good for your heart and the weights, I think a lot of times you can lose weight quicker with the weights sometimes, just because you’re developing the mitochondria which you burn off fat quicker. 

Brad: Right. It all depends on our units, as a matter of fact we’ve got a video coming up that is going to address those two specific areas and to decide what’s best for you or is it a combination. Just remember, if you’re doing weights, you really need to learn how to do it properly and stay safe and don’t end up with a back injury or something of that nature.

Bob: Well again, if you can, you want to do squats, you want to do some bench and then you usually want to hit one for the core, right?

Brad: Right, right and then combine it. The next thing, we’re not going to do a video on diet here but we’re going to really address some top things that if you keep these things in mind and do them it’s going to make a big difference.

Bob: Number one, definitely have to decrease the carbs and the refined sugar, not eliminate them from your life by any means but most people are going to be surprised if they just reduce the amount that they are taking in and how quickly they can lose weight from that alone.

Brad: And the biggest thing I’ve learned over the last year and a half, which I didn’t believe at first, you have to just reduce the breads. I think the breads are good for you, wheat, flour, all those good healthy stuff and then you learn about how your body turns it into sugar.

Bob: Well they took out the part of the wheat that was really good, so it’s not whole grain anymore. If you can find truly whole grain bread, it’s going to be a lot better for you. They take out the currant so really what’s left is almost a sugar. So, if you think about it, if you’re eating a piece of bread, it’s almost like eating a donut. You’re not that far off.

Brad: I like to think about marshmallows. Just psychologically it gives me a turn off so that’s been helpful for me. I didn’t cut it out 100% but quite a bit. Small portions, no eating after supper. Bob and I were just talking about that.

Bob: Dr. Oz was talking about that. He was basically saying, you need to fast for 12 hours and I was like, I do that already. If you eat your last meal at 6:00, and you don’t eat again until morning, I mean that’s 12 hours easy. 

Brad: Unless you’re one of those people that get up in the middle of the night and go eat. You have 8 hours of sleeping, you have 8 now you only need 4 more on either end of it.

Bob: There’s people whose schedules are different. Sometimes people end up eating later and getting up early and eat a lot earlier, but I mean, it’s not hard to do. I’ve read a lot of books on diet and one of them was the 4-hour Body by Tim Ferriss and he talked about that you don’t want your insulin levels to spike. So, yes, the small portions, and what he did sometimes was he’d eat something, workout and then eat again, as opposed to just eating one big meal.

Brad: So, his dining room is right next to the fitness room, ha-ha. 

Bob: Well he talked about taking it so far on vacation when you know that you’re going to be eating badly to some extent, he would go and I know this is going a little stringent here but he would actually go into the bathroom and actually do toilet squats. He’s sitting on the toilet and he’d be doing squats and then he’d go eat and then he’d go afterwards and do something afterwards. 

Brad: I can just see, you’re all dressed up and oh, excuse me, I have to go do some squats in the bathroom. 

Bob: Yeah, one of his friends was giving him a hard time when he went into the bathroom with him but there he is.

Brad: Come back sweating. Let’s get back on track. This is one of my favorite things that helps me: eating out is an expensive way to get fat. You can find places that have good quality food that fits everything we’re talking about with low carb, it’s not easy. You go out and typically you’re out with someone. The way I see it, if I’m going out to eat, I want to go out and enjoy myself and not think about dieting. 

Bob: See that’s usually my one cheat meal of the week. I was reading about the movie star, the Rock. He was going to a restaurant, he was meeting the guy that was interviewing him and he brought his own meal. Because he has to stay healthy and he’s eating out all the time. He asked the waitress, “Do you think I could get this heated up?” And the guy that was interviewing him says, “They’ll do it for me.” And they did it for him. They warmed up his meal and he ate a healthy meal. 

Brad: Say no more. One thing my wife and I like to do is some places don’t like this, and I don’t quite feel right about it but it’s okay, is we’ll order one meal and share it. There’s just so much, they come with these big portions. If I eat all that, half of it I need, the other half is going right here, you know. 

Bob: Yes, portion control is really huge. They talk about getting smaller bowls. I found that in my life I used to have this huge bowl for my cereal. I got a smaller bowl now and I eat less.

Brad: Sure. Smaller spoon. Then the other thing, we referred to this already, I really think that if you can get a book on diet or nutrition, there’s something about when you read something, your mind absorbs it more. At least it does for me. I just can’t remember as well. Bob can really remember things from way back.

Bob: Well, no, I’ve read a lot on nutrition because it got kind of interesting to me, so I did like the 4-hour Body by Tim Ferriss and the "Diet Doctor." That was a decent book too. We’ll have to find some of these books and put it down on our favorite books list.

Brad: Once again, all these things are revolving around fixing everything except for, what can we not fix? 

Bob: A broken heart, but this does help a broken heart. 

Brad: It does! So, this is another key piece of the puzzle.

Bob: Yeah, that’s right. We’re getting closer all the time.

Brad: Keep watching and you’re going to find more pieces to the puzzle and we’re going to fix that broken heart.

Bob: Bye, thanks!

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