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10 Minute Ab & Core Workout in Bed

This article is a transcribed edited summary of a video Bob and Brad recorded in March of 2021. For the original video go to

Bob: Today, we’re going to show you a 10-minute ab and core workout that Brad thinks is going to take longer than 10 minutes, in bed.

Brad: Are we going to suggest doing these before you go to sleep or in the morning.

Bob: Whenever you want to do them. I don’t care.

Brad: The SleepOvation mattress is actually the bed that both Bob and I sleep on. Not together, we have separate houses.

Bob: One thing I want you to realize, even though it’s really comfortable, I don’t sink in. I keep good posture.

Brad: Yes, we’ve discussed that many times.

Bob: The first one is going to be bridging. So, up, there you go. We’re going to work on core and you’re also getting the muscles that tie into the core. Those are just as important for your back and protecting your core.

Brad: You can think about tightening your stomach muscles as you do this, so you get a complete core workout.

Bob: This is one where you’d tighten your butt.

Brad: If you wanted to, you could do this like 10 a piece instead of 45 seconds, that’s up to you.

Bob: Okay. We’re trying to give them a good workout here, Brad.

Brad: Make sure you breathe while you do this. We’re at 40 seconds right now, Bob.

Bob: Alright, I’m going to give myself A 5 second break. Okay, hands in the lower back and ready? Now, we’re going to lift up like this.

Brad: So, we’re still working abdominals.

Bob: Yep. Now, we’re not just doing a sit up and bringing the head toward the knees. You're going straight up.

Brad: Look at the head posture. Try to keep that neck so it doesn’t flex.

Bob: I have my hands on my low back to provide support to it. The back of my hand, the palm is going down. How am I doing Brad?

Brad: You’re doing excellent, Bob.

Bob: My core looks good?

Brad: Yep. We’re coming up on 40 seconds right now.

Bob: Okay, next one. Elbows on back. I’ll get my back supported and I’m going to bring my knees up one at a time.

Brad: Again, another core exercise.

Bob: Now if you want to make it harder, you do it more rapidly and you can even not touch your feet down if you want to make it really hard.

Brad: You could try to do a bicycle thing, that’s pretty advanced even though it doesn’t look like it. Bob makes it look easy.

Bob: Touching is hard enough for me.

Brad: You know, you do this, and I bet your core will start to get pretty warm.

Bob: Yeah, I’m feeling it. I’m feeling it, there’s no doubt about it. I used to do stuff like this in bed when I was growing up. My mom would put us to bed at 8:00pm.

Brad: What else did you have to do?

Bob: Right. I had nothing else to do. Now, we’re going to do a side plank for 45 seconds. Just a good way to hold.

Brad: Kind of like a plank.

Bob: It is a plank. You could do it with your legs straight, but on this mattress, I start swinging around and there’s no stability.

Brad: It’s probably a little more difficult on the mattress versus the solid floor.

Bob: It is. I would agree 100%.

Brad: If you’re new to these and you feel like your form is going, you’re getting really fatigued, you can just take a break. You don’t have to do the full 40 seconds. We’re coming up on 35 right now. Hold it, Bob, hold it.

Bob: I’m holding it.

Brad: Oh, you’re going to do the other side now?

Bob: Yes, I’m doing the other side now.

Brad: 40 seconds on each side.

Bob: Yeah, I don’t want to be unbalanced.

Brad: That’s right, otherwise you walk crooked. We’re coming up on 27 seconds, Bob. How

are you feeling?

Bob: I feel good. I feel solid.

Brad: Breath.

Bob: Oh, I forgot to breathe.

Brad: You start turning purple in the face. What’s next Bob?

Bob: Glute pumps are next.

Brad: So, hip extension, technically, if you bend the knee at about 90 degrees. What that does is that takes out the hamstring or decreases hamstring activity and makes the glutes more activated, more promoted with that. You’re doing very good, Bob.

Bob: I appreciate that.

Brad: So, you’re going to do right, left, right, left, is the best way to do this one. We’re coming up on 29 seconds, Bob.

Bob: Alright, let’s flip around. Now, the opposite arm to opposite leg.

Brad: There is a lot of core work here. I like that. You can exhale when the hand touches the foot, breathe. There you go. I am not getting tired at all, Bob.

Bob: Ha-ha. Yeah, you’re hanging in there.

Brad: I’m going to have to have my wife do this tomorrow morning. I’ll watch and she’ll like it.

Bob: You were always kind of a creep, Brad.

Brad: Well, she likes me that way sometimes. I’m just kidding! I hope she doesn’t watch this or I’m going to have a rough week. We’re coming up on 40 now.

Bob: Alright, this one’s a little different. Hands on the lower back again and you’re actually

going to do the splits. You get a little legs but also, you’re working the core.

Brad: You’re absolutely working the core as well as hip mobility too.

Bob: Yup.

Brad: Make sure you breathe. I am getting tired watching you do this one.

Bob: It’s funny, you do forget to breathe. You start holding your breath.

Brad: It’s easy to forget. In karate for 17 years, I had someone holler, they didn’t holler, they reminded me to breathe. It’s a natural thing. We’re coming up on 35 seconds here. I’m going to push you right to 40 seconds on this one though.

Bob: Now we are just going to do side raises. What this does is strengthens the hip, but it also strengthens your muscles on the side here.

Brad: Now, you have your left. Could you do it flat with the elbow down?

Bob: You probably could. Actually, yeah, that’s easier. Up on your elbow is harder. I’m all about doing things harder. It works the core more.

Brad: Make sure your toe is not pointing up towards the ceiling. Point it horizontal so it’s towards the wall in front of you. That works the hip abductor better. We want that. We want to keep that for stable walking.

Bob: Alright, I’m going to flip and do the other side.

Brad: So, if you’re doing this in bed, you’re probably going to have to get your sheets and your bed, quilts and stuff kind of off to the side. Or you could make the bed and do it on top of it. Then you can get the wrinkles out when you’re done.

Bob: I’m glad you’re taking all these things into account.

Brad: Well, these are things that people will be upset with us if we do not remind them.

Bob: It’s interesting, you probably couldn’t do this with your spouse at the same time on the bed. Well, maybe. Okay, number 11 out of 14. Now this one is a little bit tough. Pointer dog. If you have trouble, you could just do arm and just do leg.

Brad: This is a really good challenge for advanced people because you’re on an unstable surface. I would have a feeling most people haven’t done this are just going to do an arm or leg and work it that way. You’re still going to get a good workout.

Bob: It’s the pointer dog. There’s the pheasant, Brad.

Brad: Those pheasants, they are a pretty bird. I’m a hunter and I wouldn’t hunt those because they’re just too pretty.

Bob: As in many birds, the male is the pretty species.

Brad: The brighter color, yeah. You know why that is right, Bob? You have to get on your next exercise.

Bob: Alright this is actually kind of tough, Brad. You’re going to get up like this and you’re doing clamshells while the feet are up in the air.

Brad: Oh, so you’re talking like, look at this gap here. You’re really giving these people a challenge. People are going to appreciate this or they’re going to hate you for this.

Bob: This is the hardest one.

Brad: If it’s too hard, just let your legs, the bottom leg, lay flat on the bed. I can just imagine what your neighbors are thinking when you do these in bed and the windows are open on a nice cool morning.

Bob: What!? Why didn’t I do this one first? What was I thinking?

Brad: You’re coming up on 40 seconds right now. Good job, nice work, Bob.

Bob: Now, let’s do the other side.

Brad: I give you a lot of credit here. I feel glad that I didn’t do these. I went swimming this morning though.

Bob: Yeah, I ran this morning too.

Brad: You’re doing good, Bob. You still have 30 seconds to go on this side. So, the bird that the male is the bright feathered one because that makes the female when they have their chicks, they’re safe because a predator will see the male bird and that’s a good thing.

Bob: Right, you’re peacocking. You ever heard that term?

Brad: Oh yeah, when they fan out.

Bob: They show off.

Brad: You’re almost there, Bob. You’ve got 7 more seconds. Breathe, are you breathing? Time! You can go to the next one.

Bob: Alright, this last one is just a forward plank. You can just finish off and you’re just going like this. I guess I can go on my feet.

Brad: Get your body straight, Bob. I don’t want anybody hollering at us.

Bob: Where’s it crooked?

Brad: Well, your butt’s too high. There you go.

Bob: Oh, I thought it was too low. I’m touching the mat.

Brad: Yeah, that’s the thing with the mattress. This is a challenging plank. That’s alright though, we’re going to go for 2 minutes.

Bob: My toes are giving away. We’re not going to go 2 minutes. My feet are slipping.

Brad: You’re at the end of this, you can take a break and relax.

Bob: Alright, that’s its folks. You can pick out the ones that work for you but at the end of the day, you’re going to have abs that people will be proud of.

Brad: Oh yeah, you are going to tighten that stomach up.

Bob: Take Care.

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