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Hanging Handles by Bob and Brad


Bob and Brad's Pull Up System


Bob and Brad Posture Pad


Bob & Brad Grip & Forearm Strengthener


Bob & Brad Workout Wall Anchor


Bob & Brad Booyah Stik


Bob & Brad Knee Glide



Why Choose Bob & Brad?

Reshape Your Routine

Experience expert-backed excellence in your fitness journey with Bob and Brad Resistance Bands. Crafted by renowned physical therapists, these bands offer up to 125lb combined resistance for tailored workouts. Enhanced handles ensure comfort and durability, while their portable design lets you work out anywhere. Our complete kit includes all you need for comprehensive training. Trust in proven results and choose Bob and Brad Resistance Bands to transform your fitness routine effectively.

Unleash Your Strength

The Ultimate Fitness Companion - Resistance Tube Bands!




For All Fitness Levels

Unisex design suitable for men and women. Start your journey to strength and resilience.

Enhanced Durability

Redesigned with nylon handles, strong latex tubing, and slip-resistant grip. Built to last through intensive workouts.

Complete Workout Kit

Bonus door anchor, ankle straps, handles, and carry case. Customize your routine with included workout guide.

Fitness On-the-Go

Lightweight and portable, ergonomic handles for comfort. Work out anywhere, whether at home, gym, or on the road.

Total-Body Transformation

Build muscles, burn fat, and enhance flexibility. One set targets arms, legs, back, and abdomen - all from the comfort of home.

Varied Resistance, Maximum Results

5 color-coded bands, up to 125lb combined resistance. Crafted from 100% natural latex for elasticity and durability.

Bob and Brad Resistance Bands - Redefine Fitness, One Band at a Time

Get ready to revolutionize your fitness routine with the Bob and Brad Resistance Tube Bands Set for Workout. Elevate your strength, flexibility, and overall well-being with this comprehensive and adaptable fitness companion. Experience the transformation firsthand!

Compact Powerhouse




Customers love the Bob & Brad Resistance Tube Bands

Real results, real people

Arqam L

Great quality product!

Amazon Customer

After some initial confusion and issues with some bands, customer service contacted me personally and made things right. I use these 45 minutes to a hour, three times a week. Couple that with a low calorie diet, five days a week has helped me lose 63 pounds and gain strength and muscle.

Rohit G

I have been using these resistance bands for over 2 months (few times a week). For the exercise using these bands, I follow the exercises by "Bob & Brad" in Youtube. I am able to do exercise for pretty much whole body parts - back, chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps etc. I feel good after doing the exercise using these bands. Great product. Also I found that the "handle" which comes with these bands, is of great quality. I bought the Wall Anchors from "Bob & Brad" and installed these on wall studs so that I can have proper setup at home. I had issue with one of the resistance band. When I contacted their customer service, they immediately sent me 2 replacement bands(for free) - great customer service.

Robbin W

I love this set! Makes it so easy to do my exercises. It's really making a difference.

Julie N.

Bob and Brad did their homework on these. Very pleased.

Sue T.

I like that there are different weight bands so makes it useful for a long time.

Jason P

Surprisingly good quality. Big, soft grips are very comfortable to use. Comes with an accessory that lets you use it in through a door hinge or under the bottom of a door, two beefy velcro loops, and a mesh carrying sack. Would be easy to travel with this; I hadn't even thought of doing that. Handy workout poster was nice too.

D. Chai

I looked at the other cheaper options and then saw the YouTube videos from Bob and Brad and ordered this set of bands. They are strong and give great resistance for rehab and working out. I've only used the lightest two bands for shoulder rehab, but they seem super durable and well made. Great replacement for a home gym and portable!


Really nice product. The bands are good quality with the strengths marked. Door anchor, ankle bands and handles are well designed. The workout chart has many exercises to choose from, listed by body part. (Arms, abs, lower body…) Easy to design a perfect workout from easy to killer.


I am very pleased with this set of bands. They are top quality and easy to use. Comes with 2 handles that can be easily be switched between bands I like the door block and use it every session. This set was beautifully boxed and would make a great gift.

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