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Hanging Handles by Bob and Brad


Bob and Brad's Pull Up System


Bob and Brad Posture Pad


Bob & Brad Grip & Forearm Strengthener


Bob & Brad Workout Wall Anchor


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Why Choose Bob & Brad?

Hang Strong!

Choose Bob and Brad Hanging Handles for an unrivaled combination of expertise and quality. Developed by renowned physical therapists Bob and Brad, these handles are designed to provide therapeutic benefits, exceptional durability, and a comprehensive range of exercises, making them the ideal choice for your fitness and well-being needs.

Enhance Strength, Mobility, and Pain Relief

Transform Your Workout Routine with Hanging Handles




Accessible Resources

Find helpful videos demonstrating the uses and exercises with the Hanging Handles on our YouTube channel and below

Versatile Exercise Options

Perform various exercises, including full back stretches, mid- and low-back stretches, core strengthening, shoulder stretches, grip strengthening, as well as back, shoulder, and arm strengthening exercises

Heavy-Duty Support

Each Hanging Handle is designed to withstand a weight capacity of 275 lbs., ensuring durability and stability during your workouts

Comprehensive Kit

The all-in-one kit includes wall anchors, clips, handles, and mounting hardware, along with an insert featuring assembly instructions and exercise recommendations

Easy Installation and Use

Effortlessly set up and utilize the Hanging Handles to perform exercises that decompress the thoracic and lumbar spine, and enhance shoulder health and range of motion

Therapeutic Benefits

Passive hanging designed by physical therapists helps decompress the thoracic and lumbar spine and can aid in treating shoulder pain caused by impingement, while regular hanging exercises promote grip strength, shoulder stability, core stability, and improved posture

Strengthen, Stretch, and Soothe Your Body!

Hanging handles enhance well-being by promoting spinal decompression, relieving tension in the back and shoulders, and improving posture. Regular use of hanging handles also strengthens the core, improves grip strength, and increases overall stability, contributing to a healthier and more balanced body.

Enhance Your Well-being




Customers love the Bob & Brad Hanging Handles

Real results, real people

Mary Lou

We installed them in a beam in basement as my husband is tall. They are sturdy and easy to develop the habit of daily use. The Dr Kirsh book was excellent and had photos of lightweight exercises that are different the the usual ones recommended.


Excellent Product. They're Strong & Sturdy, no worries about Breakage, must be made in America.

L.R Bodine

Easy to install and use. Supports full body weight for shoulder hanging stretches as recommended by Bob and Brad. Great product.


I have a bicep injury and needed a way to stretch it. The hanging handles are perfect for this injury (consult with your dr. first). After injury has healed I will still use handles every day to stretch out my back. Very sturdy product.

Lysa H.

Huge help for posture and middle/low back pain. They have improved my shoulder mobility as well. I try to hang for a total of 2 to 3 minutes a day, usually in 1 minute intervals. Try them, you won't be sorry.


These are well made and are a great addition to our home gym!

Elaine S

I watched a Bob and Brad video about shoulder pain. They said hanging really helps. I decided to add the hanging straps to my home gym along with the bands. My shoulder is pain free and I have full range of motion back

Brian H.

I can't quite get on with the hanging from hands yet but will. However, I used three belts attached to either side to make a spinal sling. It works. Thanks guys!!

Ryan B.

I hang 3 minutes a day, every morning. I still have soreness and stiffness when I first wake up, but the improvement otherwise have been impressive. Highly recommended.

Kindle Customer

I added these in my basement as a way to hang and do modified pull-ups. They are sturdy and well-made. You can hang them from just about any sturdy beam. They do need to be installed in at least a 2 x 4 or larger.

Mr. GoodToons

Hanging absolutely rocks. Everyone should do it. Hanging is our body's natural way of resetting the upper body, like the ground resets our lower body.


Helped me tremendously with my shoulder injury recovery time - the book is a must and I still hang as maintenance that is good therapy for everyone at any age.

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