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Introducing the Bob and Brad Extra Large Weighted Heating Pad – measuring 24" x 34", it offers full-body comfort and relief for muscle soreness, cramps, and stress. With 6 heat levels, 4 timers, and a snug fit design, it's perfect for a personalized and soothing experience. Made of skin-friendly flannel, it's machine washable, making it a thoughtful gift backed by a 1-year warranty.


Experience ultimate relief with the Bob and Brad Weighted Heating Pad. Developed by renowned physical therapists, it targets neck, shoulder, and back pain with customizable heat settings. Its weighted design ensures it stays in place, while the soft flannel is machine washable for convenience. A great gift option, it comes with a 1-year warranty and 24-hour customer support.


Key Features

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What's Included

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Bob and Brad Weighted Heating Pad


Bob and Brad Weighted Heating Pad


Bob & Brad Weighted Heating Pad




Full Body Heating Anywhere

Take warmth and comfort on the go, home or office

Thoughtful Gift

Ideal for all occasions, 1-year warranty, 24/7 support

Cozy Flannel, Easy Clean

Soft flannel, machine washable for a comfy experience

Stay-Put Comfort

Snug fit, micro-glass beads, snap fasteners, and waist straps

Customizable Neck Pad

ETL certified, 6 heat levels, and 4 timers for personalized relief

Full-Body Relief

Relieve muscle soreness and stress with our 24" x 34" pad by Bob and Brad


Real results, real people

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Why Choose Bob & Brad?

Crush Your Goals

Opt for Bob and Brad's heating pad because it's like a warm hug from your two favorite physical therapists! We have designed it with love, offering you customizable comfort, a secure fit with gentle micro-glass beads, and cozy, skin-friendly flannel. Plus, it makes an awesome gift!

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