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Discover the epitome of relaxation with the Bob and Brad Back Massager with Heat. Its ergonomic design, 4 inches longer than standard massage pillows, offers a perfect fit for your neck and back. Versatile and cordless, it targets various areas, including your upper and lower back, shoulders, neck, and more. The adjustable strap ensures comfort and convenience by securing it to your chair. With a powerful rechargeable battery, this massager is wire-free, lightweight, and portable, enabling you to enjoy a deep tissue massage wherever you are—at home, in the office, or even in your car.


Featuring four deep kneading 3D massage nodes with bi-directional movement, this neck and shoulder massager replicates a soothing Shiatsu hand massage, effectively improving blood circulation and easing muscle soreness after workouts. The optional heat therapy adds extra comfort, especially during chilly days, and comes with a built-in 10-minute auto-off timer for safety. Whether it's a gift for yourself or a loved one, this Bob and Brad creation, backed by two renowned US physical therapists and a one-year warranty, is the perfect choice for ultimate relaxation and relief from muscle pain and tension. Elevate your well-being and experience deep relaxation with the Bob and Brad Back Massager with Heat today!


Key Features

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What's Included

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Bob and Brad Back Massager with Heat


Bob and Brad Back Massager with Heat


Bob & Brad Back Massager




Total Body Relief

Versatile 3D kneading targets muscle pain everywhere, from neck and shoulders to feet and calves.

Gift of Relaxation

From famous therapists Bob and Brad, the perfect gift for any occasion. 1-year warranty for worry-free use.

Warmth Therapy

Enjoy skin-safe heat for relaxation. Auto-off timer prevents overheating.

Soothing Shiatsu

4 deep kneading nodes mimic shiatsu hand massage, boost circulation, ease muscle soreness, and pain.

Wire-Free Convenience

Cordless design powered by rechargeable battery for on-the-go relaxation. No more tangled wires.

Professional Comfort

Longer, ergonomic design molds perfectly to your neck, back, and more. Use it anywhere – home, office, or car – with the adjustable strap.


Real results, real people



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Why Choose Bob & Brad?

Crush Your Goals

Designed by therapists Bob and Brad, this massager offers expert relaxation. With adjustable settings and 3D nodes, target specific muscle pain. Cordless and rechargeable, enjoy it anywhere. The built-in heat soothes, and its quality is backed by a 1-year warranty, providing enduring relief from neck to feet.

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