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Why Choose Bob & Brad?

Strong Like Bull

Bob & Brad workout wall anchors offer secure and versatile attachment for exercise bands, ensuring confidence during workouts. Easy to install and compatible with different band types, they enhance your home exercise routine with durability and reliability. Plus, you also get 4 wall anchor when purchased on our website.

Strong Like Bull, Secure Like Steel

Maximize Your Home Gym Space with our Workout Wall Anchors




Exercise Videos

Instructional videos on wall anchor installation and exercise videos using the wall anchors on our YouTube channel and below

Comprehensive Kit

Each wall anchor kit contains four wall clips and screws, all you need to quickly and easily start exercising


Allows for a variety of angles and hundreds of exercises that target legs, abdominals, chest, back, shoulders, and arms

Highly Compatible

Each clip features three attachment points that are compatible with resistance bands, tubes, or pulleys

Sturdy and Durable

Each clip is capable of accommodating a pull force of 800 pounds

Simple & Easy to Use

Attach resistance bands or tubes to these wall clips and perform an endless variety of exercises

Forge Unbreakable Strength and Embrace Age-Defying Power!

Perfect for General fitness, High-intensity training, Cardio, Core strengthening, Physical therapy, Prehab, and Stretching

Elevate Your Fitness Journey




Customers love the Bob & Brad Workout Wall Anchors

Real results, real people

Ed P.

The wall anchors are stout and when installed properly are very secure. I like the solidness of the anchors and they felt like they will hold up over time. The resistant bands are very thick and look to be a quality product. Time will tell.

Sergio E. M

These worked really well, I’ve used up to my second to last thickest band on it and it held up. Make sure you drill on studs. These things shift a little on the final tightening so screw top and bottom a little at a time back and forth and always predrill to get a pretty straight install. This is a good and affordable option for home workouts with bands and these anchors. Make sure you test the waters to gauge how much your stud will take, I’m sure there’s a limit.

Cynthis A. T.

Makes working with resistance bands easy and challenging. Be sure to connect to wall stud! They are strong and sturdy.

Jason L. M.

I bought these to go with the resistance bands and they are great together. I can get all the angles for workouts (up, down, across) without a big gym machine taking up space.

Kristyn P.

These are sleek, low profile, and extremely versatile. I like working out at home, but I don't have the space or resources for a weight set, so I use resistance bands. My bands came with a little anchor that you have to shove in the door frame. It didn't work well and it started to damage the door. I saw these and decided to try them out and I am really happy I did. Installation was easy. Use a beam finder, find a beam, drill some pilot holes, drill in the screws, and get to work. The hardware and instructions included were appropriate for most installations. There is NO WAY these things are getting pulled out of the wall. They're solid as a rock and I don't have to worry about breaking anything. I find that I use the bands more now that they are all set up and constantly in view. Taking them out was easy as well and did minimal damage to the wall. Just needed a little plaster and paint and you couldn't even tell they were there.


These wall anchors were really good additions to our home gym. I've ordered them multiple times to give us more heights and options, and I have concerns at all that they'll pull out from the wall studs. Very well made and sturdy, I would highly recommend these over the competitors' products (and I've tried a few with bad results)!


Great product. would buy again. Easy to use.


The wall anchors are easy to install and use. A definite plus to the Bob & Brad excellent resistance bands.


It was easy to install and I love having a way to exercise at home.


I got these for my wife's yoga studio so she could add band workouts. They are absolutely fantastic. Extremely durable plastic - they definitely aren't going to break. Easy to both connect and remove the bands. Various places and ways to secure the bands. I cant imagine any similar items being superior to these - they are perfect for the job. PRO TIP: Unless you want to mess around and find out, be sure to secure them to a STUD!


I liked how easy these were to install and to use. They don't take up much space so you can put them in your workout space and they are not real obvious.

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