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Holy Cowabunga Joint & Muscle Cream


Hanging Handles by Bob and Brad


Bob and Brad's Pull Up System


Bob and Brad Posture Pad


Bob & Brad Grip & Forearm Strengthener


Bob & Brad Workout Wall Anchor


Bob & Brad Booyah Stik


Bob & Brad Knee Glide



Why Choose Bob & Brad?

Pro-Level Muscle Relief

Select BOB AND BRAD for meticulously designed solutions. As esteemed physical therapists, their UNI Massage Gun reflects their commitment to excellence and outcomes. With the assurance of a 1-year warranty, rely on a brand that places your well-being at the forefront.

Unleash Compact Power

Discover the UNI Mini Massage Gun's Max Performance




Compact Dominance

The BOB AND BRAD UNI Massage Gun packs potency in a travel-ready design. (Note: Carrying case not included.)

Your Always Partner

With 5+ hours of battery life and versatile usage, the UNI comes with everything you need.

Serene Quiet

Patented sound insulation keeps the UNI's operation near-silent, combining peace with power.

Pro-Level Results

Achieve deep tissue relief with the UNI's 10mm amplitude. Its 5 specialized massage heads target every need.

Effortless Ergonomics

The UNI's 105° angled handle ensures comfort and easy reach. Weighing just 1.26 lbs, it's portable perfection.

Mini Size, Max Performance

Experience the UNI Mini Massage Gun's compact might. With 5 speeds up to 3000 RPM and 35 lbs stall force, it's a true powerhouse in a small package.

Deep Tissue Relief with the UNI Massage Gun

Elevate your massage experience with the BOB AND BRAD UNI Mini Massage Gun. Get ready to unleash the power of precise, deep tissue massage wherever life takes you!

Power Meets Portability




Customers love the Bob & Brad UNI Massage Gun

Real results, real people

Watch and Learn


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