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Why Choose Bob & Brad?

Versatile and Effective

Choose the Bob and Brad Posture Pad for its trusted expertise and proven results. With their extensive knowledge in physical therapy, Bob and Brad have designed a game-changing posture pad that effectively addresses muscle tension, improves posture, and provides relief from common upper body discomforts.

Game-Changing Solution

Posture Pad: The Ultimate Solution for Improved Posture!




Additional Application

Flip it over to use on your calves, making it a versatile tool for multiple muscle groups

Versatile Use

Can be used for stretching, applying counterpressure, and targeting muscles with scars or knots

Neck Pain and Headache Relief

The Posture Pad helps realign jammed neck joints, providing relief from neck pain and headaches

Alleviates Arm Pain

By addressing rounded forward posture, it reduces pressure on spinal discs and nerves, relieving arm pain

Relief from Muscle Tension

Reduces strain on neck and upper back muscles, preventing knots and scarring

Improved Posture

The Posture Pad designed by Bob and Brad helps greatly improve back and upper back posture

Say Goodbye to Neck Pain and Muscle Tension with the Bob and Brad Posture Pad!

The Posture Pad, designed by Bob and Brad, is a revolutionary tool for improving back and upper back posture. With its unique design, it helps relieve muscle tension, alleviate arm pain, and provide neck pain and headache relief, making it a versatile solution for better posture and overall well-being.

Muscle Relief Made Easy




Customers love the Bob & Brad Posture Pad

Real results, real people


Thank you so much for this! I was looking for a back brace, but these techniques are better.

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