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JUNE 22, 2021

STEVE AUGUST Dunedin Manual Physiotherapist

Steve is the New Zealand physiotherapist who invented the Backpod. He has been a physiotherapist for over 30 years', with extensive experience in treating back and neck pain issues.
The Backpod is a practical New Zealand innovation developed to address a problem which was either ignored or misunderstood for far too long. The tool has had an extremely positive reception in the professional community and from customers who have genuinely found a solution to a painful and debilitating physical issue. It is especially effective for the very common hunched back and/or tightened upper back that drives most neck pain and headache. Statistically, most people will experience this problem at some point; one in six people will be in acute pain right now; and everyone knows someone who is stooped and sore - usually hunching over a laptop, tablet or smartphone has an element of cause.

Interested in learning more about the backpod visit:

For additional videos check out Steve's Backpod short video, Backpod long video, or his video on "Costochondritis and Tietze's Syndrome"