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Praise for Bob & Brad products

Real Results, Real People

Mr. GoodToons

Hanging absolutely rocks. Everyone should do it. Hanging is our body's natural way of resetting the upper body, like the ground resets our lower body.


After hurting my rotator cuff previously, doing pull ups this way feels so much better.


Had total knee replacement. This will help increase your ROM much faster. PT is only three times a week, you can help yourself improve much faster with this device.


Got this a couple of days ago. Appears to increase blood flow to affected areas. I use it before bedtime and first thing in the morning. I apply to my Lumbar, traps, delts, upper pecs and heels and Achilles. Using an ice pack with it to the lumbar spine is a dream

C McCafferty

I bought this so I could get exercise at home without going to a sweaty gym during Covid. I fall a lot. Like missing a step, dumb stuff. I’ve had several falls outside on ice and snow while walking. I’m deathly afraid in winter. Plus there is the -20 temps in the Midwest. This has been a godsend so I can exercise indoors.


I ordered this for my 90 year old father. He loves it. It’s great for his knees. He typically does 500 reps each day.


I liked how easy these were to install and to use. They don't take up much space so you can put them in your workout space and they are not real obvious.


My husband loves this - very easy to use and does the job. It's compact and you can go as light or heavy as you want to work out and it's versatile!


I wanted something very unobtrusive and that didn’t pose a risk of me catching myself on something stickyouty as these were going onto my bedroom wall. They’re brilliant, just what I needed. Exercise bands attach easily and quickly and are very secure.


I bought this product after I noticed some arm and wrist weakness after getting a cast removed. It was very easy to use and I liked how you can choose the amount of resistance as your strength begins to come back. My husband also started using it and says he thinks his golf game has definitely improved so there's that!

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