The One Exercise That Can Really Help Your WEIGHT LOSS

This article is a transcribed edited summary of a video Bob and Brad recorded in March of 2021. For the original video go to .

Bob: Today, we’re going to talk about the one exercise that could really help your weight loss.

Brad: One exercise?

Bob: It’s one set, or kind of exercise.

Brad: There you go, it is, it’s all true.

Bob: We’re going to talk about weight resistance training! It could be done with body weight, like push-ups. It can be done with resistance bands. We have a couple types, we have loops, and we have bands with handles. You can do it with machines and dumbbells, free weights.

Brad: Cables, yup, all those things.

Bob: So, the more muscle you build, the more calories your body requires at rest. There’s an after-burn effect where you build up muscle that keep breaking down fats and carbs after you’re done.

Brad: For example, if you do aerobic exercises, which I enjoy doing, you burn more calories doing the activity, but the recovery for the next 24 hours, you will burn more after resistance training. Is that right, Bob?

Bob: Right, that’s correct, Brad. It’s also effective like running and biking, aerobic training for reducing fat, but they can also reduce muscle. Believe it or not. As you get older, as Brad and I are finding, you must work hard just to stay average, you know what I mean? To keep your strength, you start losing muscle strength.

Brad: And, you don’t have the testosterone in your body to build those muscles.

Bob: So, what are you saying?

Brad: No, it’s just a fact, Bob. When you get older.

Bob: This is a family show, remember.

Brad: It’s just a hormone, Bob. It’s not a big deal, we’re science based. Let’s carry on.

Bob: Anyway, you’re going to want to include some resistance training into your workout. One of the easy ways we found to do so is just using our resistance bands. We have them hooked to the wall anchors. I have it set up nice and tall for me. All right, with these you can work the hamstring and glutes by getting into this position. I’m keeping my back straight. I’m doing kind of a press with my pelvis.

Brad: Double check, keep your head up at the very end.

Bob: This is good resistance. It really does work those glutes and you can squeeze your buttock together while you’re doing it.

Brad: The whole idea with resistance training when you want to burn calories is to use large muscle mass. We’re getting glutes, one of the biggest muscles in your body.

Bob: One of the biggest engines in your body is the glutes. You want to make sure you’re working those well. It’s that whole posterior chain they talk about, Brad.

Brad: You’re getting thigh in there, the quads, the hamstrings, the glutes, the multifidus up in the back. You’re doing a lot with this one.

Bob: This is a full body workout on this one. Why don’t you do the squats, Brad.

Brad: For people at home, if you’re not interested in buying a whole lot of iron and weights, if you don’t have room like my workout room is not big enough, plus I’m more attracted to these, the more I work with them, the happier I get with loops. We have a loop set, they usually come with five loops. This is a medium, they have wider ones for more resistance than the thinner ones. This one is a little thinner than I like for squats, but this is how I like to do my squats. So, I’m keeping that posture and I squat down and up. With this one, I’ll add a little arm lift when going up ends to your anterior delts, and that’s just a bonus, you don’t have to do that. By the time you get done with 10 of these, you should feel like you’ve had enough, and you need to break.

Bob: Again, you’re working some big muscles there. Therefor, you’re going to burn more calories. That’s why they talk about after lifting, why rest is so important. It’s almost as important as the lifting itself. Get lots of sleep.

Brad: Right. As well as between sets, if I do three sets of these squats, I want to take a couple minutes rest between the sets.

Bob: Now, this is important that you work on posture. Brad and I harp on this all the time, of course, but this is a great on for doing so, because you’re working your core too a little bit. It’s wanting to pull me forward, especially when you use a heavier one like this. I’m going to go back and then I externally rotate the shoulder and I’m really squeezing those shoulder blades together.

Brad: He’s also thinking about bringing those shoulder blades together. We get all these muscles working. Plus, we’re getting a postural effect. We’re getting rotator cuff and the lower back, these core muscles.

Bob: And, my abdomen is working too, Brad. I’m trying to stop me from losing my balance.

Brad: That’s the beauty of the bands. You’re working balance, you’re working core, and you don’t get that with some weight things like on a bench.

Bob: I’ll show you another one where you’re going to really work core and that’s the palloff press. You’re going to step out and now I’m working my core now. Now you can make circles and I’m really working on my right side.

Brad: Sure, you can feel it. When Bob starting grunting, you know somethings happening.

Bob: You obviously want to go the other way too.

Brad: One of the beauties that you could change out, the muscle groups is if he moved the wall anchors down, it’d be a whole different set of muscle fibers.

Bob: I can also take one of these bands off too, Brad, and make it easier. It wouldn’t be as hard.

Brad: Not so much grunting.

Bob: Not as grunting hard, shoot.

Brad: You even get down to that squat a little bit.

Bob: There’s a lot of different ways, a myriad of ways it can be done. All right, go ahead and do the last one.

Brad: This is another one I enjoy doing with the band, with the large loop band. You can do nice lunges, but when you add a little resistance after you’ve done enough lunges where it gets too easy without resistance, you’re doing more than 10, put the resistance on. You can change whatever size band you want, but red works good for me. I go down and touch my knee on the back and I come up and I do these with good control. You can feel that quadricep and you’re getting that glute and that hip all working together, balance is included here. I can feel the burn already, this is fun.

Bob: Now, these can come with handles too if you don’t want to grab the loop ends.

Brad: Right.

Bob: So, Brad, do you feel like the calories are burning off right now as you sit here?

Brad: Absolutely.

Bob: Me too. I think I lost a pound just while standing here.

Brad: I am serious, Bob, because this is three days a week, I have a routine with the bands and the wall anchors, and then I have some weight. Body weight exercises and I am completely exhausted after 45 minutes, I’m very much satisfied.

Bob: You’ve toned out, man.

Brad: Did you notice?

Bob: Yeah, I’ve noticed.

Brad: He’s so full of it.

Bob: All right. Thanks!

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