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Burn Away Belly Fat? For the Millionth Time Spot Reduction is a Myth! Do This Instead!

This article is a transcribed edited summary of a video Bob and Brad recorded June in of 2020. For the original video go to

Bob: You want to burn away body fat? For the millionth time, spot reduction is a myth, do this instead! We've all seen the videos, Brad, "How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat", "Burn Away Belly Fat", "How To Get Rid Of Arm Fat", right?

Brad: Yeah!

Bob: Under the arm.

Brad: Yep. Double chin.

Bob: Yeah, how to get rid of the thigh fat. No, you can't do it through spot reduction. It just does not work. It's been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt; you can't spot reduce. So if you're working on your abdominal muscles and your core, that's not going to reduce the body fat in your stomach.

Brad: Right! The body is going to take the reduction in fat where it wants to.

Bob: Right.

Brad: There's some genetics involved. There's a number of things but if you think you're going to reduce the fat in your stomach by doing sit ups, no. You're going to definitely tone up the muscles.

Bob: Yeah. You'll have tone muscles underneath the fat.

Brad: Right.

Bob: It's basically what you're going to have.

Brad: Right.

Bob: Same with triceps. If you're working triceps, you want to get rid of the arm flab? You'll have strong muscles underneath the fat.

Brad: Right!

Bob: Same with thighs and muscles in the inner thigh there, you can strengthen them but you're not going to get rid of the fat.

Brad: By no means are we saying you should not exercise or exercise these muscle groups but just don't think that because you exercise that muscle group, you're going to lose weight right there. Your diet is going to be the big key.

Brad: Exactly.

Bob: And it's a combination diet and exercise is great.

Brad: Yeah! And we'll talk about that. Now you can build muscles site specific.

Bob: Sure.

Brad: We all know that, right? You can build your chest muscles. You can build your biceps, triceps, glutes, quads, calves. All those, you can work on a specific area.

Bob: Right.

Brad: You just can't reduce fat. Kind of as a general rule of thumb again, fat reduction occurs at the dinner table. Strengthening occurs at the gym.

Bob: Right.

Brad: That's a general phrase you might hear once in a while. So you need to burn more calories at the gym if you want to reduce fat.

Bob: Right.

Bob: Now we're not dieticians, Brad and I obviously, but I think we can make three statements about things if you want to reduce fat intake and reduce the fat output basically in your body. Basically, number one, you have to decrease the amount of sugary drinks that you drink. Especially those fruit juices, they're terrible.

Brad: Right.

Bob: Just full of sugar.

Brad: Sport drinks, oftentimes have a lot of sugar.

Bob: Good point Brad!

Brad: And it doesn't really matter. I just look at the sugars on what you're eating. Not only just drinks but the food you eat, all these carbohydrates. We've done a lot of studies on this over the last couple of years and had great success ourselves in losing weight without cutting down.

Bob: Around, the abdomen too.

Brad: Yeah absolutely!

Bob: Look at our old videos. You can see our puffy shirts.

Brad: Oh my God! I’ve got a video from four years ago, swimming, I don't even like to look at it anymore.

Bob: Actually, Brad, you did a video that showed the sports drink was similar in sugar or had more sugar than a can of pop.

Brad: Yeah. Pepsi or Coke, with all the sugar, you might as well just drink pop because they had the similar amount of sugar, just that it was carbonated.

Bob: And as Brad alluded to you, you don't want to eliminate your carbs but you want to watch the refined sugars.

Brad: Right.

Bob: The white bread and of course candy.

Brad: Right.

Bob: And again, the sugary drinks. The carbs. Definitely, big difference in my life just decreasing the carbs. Even if you just get rid of the bread in your life, that alone can make a big difference.

Brad: Right. I cut down 90% of the breads, all ice cream, although I still really like it, and no pastas. I'm not a big pasta eater anyways. But like for oatmeal, I'll eat, organic steel cut oatmeal.

Bob: Sure!

Brad: And it's wonders for me and it's a carbohydrate but it's not refined.

Bob: Well pasta's Brad, I've been eating a lot of the whole grain pasta.

Brad: Sure.

Bob: You have to look at the ingredients to make sure they really are whole grain. But that made a big difference. You still can get your pasta fix and decrease your carbs.

Brad: Exactly.

Bob: Eat more fiber too. Fiber fills you up and it keeps you regular and it's going to help with the body fat too.

Brad: Right.

Bob: Now, in addition to that, you do want to do some resistance training. Because when you do resistance training, not only are you burning calories while you're doing it but you continue to burn calories after you're done.

Brad: Right.

Bob: That's why we always want you to do some weight training. And usually we work on separate body parts depending on the day of the week because you always want to give a day of rest at least after you've done a body part.

Brad: And I do want to clarify it Bob, weight training and resistance training are the same thing. I do a lot of resistance training but I do no weight training.

Bob: Sure!

Brad: All mine is with bands because I really like it and there's a lot of benefits to it.

Bob: It’s easy on the joints.

Brad: Right. So whatever works best for you. I never used to do resistance training, all I did was aerobic, bike, swim and running. I changed in the last three years. I started doing resistance training and I realized that over the next day I'm burning more calories. It's amazing. I got to eat more and not gain any weight.

Bob: The muscles are basically trying to recover, and that's why they're burning a little more calories while they're going through that.

Brad: Right. And then I started bulking up too.

Bob: Well he started bulking up. But also as you get older, you start to becoming weaker and so you have to make up for that. If you don't do anything differently, you can lose like 5% of your strength a year. And that doesn't take long before you're down to zero.

Brad: Right. And then more chance for falls and all these other problems that come along with it.

Bob: So you can do cardio too but with cardio, we recommend a High Intensity Interval Training, the HIIT. Basically quite often, you're doing really high intensity for like a minute and then you're resting for a minute. There's a lot of variations on that.

Brad: There is, really can do a lot. I still like to do the long duration exercising because it's gives me a chance to air my head out. But yeah.

Bob: I do both. Very stress reducing.

Brad: The HIIT is less time consuming. If you have the time issue, you'll get the cardiovascular benefit.

Bob: Again I like to do a little bit of both. Almost even both most days. All right, now we're going to bring in that new product that we're talking about, Brad, that we're all excited about. So this is actually made by the Teeter Company which actually makes inversion tables.

Brad: Which we really do like, because they're high quality. They are. I really like 'em.

Bob: So I found it very interesting that, Teeter, a man named Teeter, made an inversion table like a teeter totter.

Brad: Right. I wonder if he changed his name?

Bob: I don't know?

Brad: I think we looked that up. I don't think he did.

Bob: We've got to find that out. So this is called the FreeStep LT1. And they're trying to compete a little bit with the NuStep. I'm not sure if you're familiar with the NuStep, more of a commercial model. But this is a model that you can use at your home. It is a little more expensive maybe than some home equipment, I don't know. It's $750.

Brad: Right.

Bob: It seems to be pretty reasonable to me.

Brad: Compared to the NuStep or other models like the NuStep, those are in the thousands.

Bob: Right, NuStep's stripped down version, is at least $4,000.

Brad: Yep. I think it's more than that actually.

Bob: Yeah, I think it actually could go up to $7,000 very rapidly. So this has different resistance and as you can see, despite me being very tall, it fits me quite well.

Brad: What are you? Six foot?

Bob: I'm six foot six.

Brad: Right, I'm five foot 10 and I had that adjusted for me and it just easily adjusted for Bob.

Bob: What I want to show you on this is I'm not using my arms here because you can really get humming on this thing. And so you can get high intensity interval training on this where you can work it hard for a minute and then you can calm down and rest take your cardio down a little bit.

Brad: And you certainly can use arms with that as well to get more muscle groups involved.

Bob: And there's resistance so you can actually get some leg resistance once you’ve got it set up at the highest setting.

Brad: Right, if you want to get that resistance training without so much cardio. And it's just a little knob that you turn.

Bob: It's in the back of the seat.

Brad: Right.

Bob: We'll do a full review on this thing. I like the fact too that, like I said, it adjusts for me and it fits for me. And I also like the fact that, it has a great seat.

Brad: The lumbar support is adjustable.

Bob: Yeah, I like biking but this thing, really gives a good seat. Unless you have a recumbent bike, you're not going to get this kind of support while you're working out here.

Brad: And it's extremely quiet, which is a big advantage for the home.

Bob: Exactly, this thing is whisper quiet. You can watch TV.

Brad: You've never seen anything that quiet.

Bob: I've never heard anything that quiet.

Brad: Had to get that one.

Bob: And it is easily movable.

Brad: Yeah.

Bob: Yep even Brad can move it.

Brad: Yep I'm not afraid of it.

Bob: We'll see you later.

Brad: Goodbye!

Bob: Remember Brad and I can fix just about anything.

Brad: Oh yeah that's right, except for--

Bob: A broken heart but no, we might have the answer right here.

Brad: Well, it's part of the puzzle, Bob. Once again, we continue to be--

Bob: Amazing!

Brad: Wow!

Bob: Thanks.

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