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Best Morning Exercise Routine Without Breaking A Sweat!

This article is a transcribed edited summary of a video Bob and Brad recorded in June of 2020. For the original video go to

Bob: Today, we're going to tell you about the best morning exercise routine without breaking a sweat.

Brad: Bob, it always works. We keep it simple, and anybody can do it.

Bob: We should also clarify that when we say exercise, we're talking about physical and mental exercises.

Brad: Right.

Bob: So it's the mind and the body. It has to work together.

Brad: It all gels to one. All right Bob. So there are five steps here. They're very simple. It's a very user-friendly approach. Number one is don't get up in the morning and turn the news on. Don't do that. Do not listen to the news. Bob and I both agree on this.

Bob: Yeah, 100%.

Brad: We don't have any studies. But everyone will agree there is pretty much nothing but massive negative information on the news. They thrive on it.

Bob: Yeah, and you can include finding it on Twitter or whatever. I mean your first thing should not be going onto social media because you're going to find negative news there. And it sets the tone for your day.

Brad: Yeah, it really does. When your mind is fresh, you don't need to get beat up right away, you know.

Bob: It's funny, Brad. I've kind of done this little experiment on me where I get up, and I'm like, feeling pretty good, and then all of a sudden, I'm feeling kind of bad. And I don't know why because I turned on the news. I was like "Why am I feeling so bad?" Well, they just said all these negative things.

Brad: Yeah, they'll pick anything, anything, that will kind of set you down.

Bob: You know, later on in the day, you can go ahead and check it out from your sources if you want.

Brad: I try not. Get some music. Some music that you can appreciate and turn that on. And nowadays with Alexa, that little thing you talk to, there are so many alternatives to get you up and moving.

Bob: Yeah, upbeat music.

Brad: Number two, eat something healthy within the first thirty minutes after you get out of bed. There's no hard rule on this. I've read a couple of books that suggested this. I do it. And it just seems to get you moving better.

Bob: Tim Farris, he’s one of the believers that you should eat breakfast. And you see this a lot. And, as you said, I'll see arguments on the other side of it too. But overall, it seems like, especially for weight loss, you're better if you do eat breakfast.

Brad: Right, and a good breakfast. No sugars. Get the refined sugars out of there. Cut down on the bread and the carbs. That's up to you. We're not going to get into that in this video. But a good healthy breakfast.

Bob: So no Cocoa Puffs?

Brad: No, you can take the Cocoa Puffs...

Bob: No Fruit Loops?

Brad: I wouldn't feed those to my dog even.

Bob: Throw them in the garbage.

Brad: Number three, a brief five to ten-minute moderate to mild workout. Maybe just a brief walk down the road and back, around the block. A brief stretching routine that you might find on Bob and Brad’s YouTube channel. Or even a mild exercise routine that's more than stretching. To get your heart rate up, get the circulation going. We don't have to, I mean, I like to. I went for a twenty-mile bike ride this morning. But that's just me personally. I don't recommend that to many people.

Bob: I went for a 2.7-mile run. It's not much but I mean.

Brad: Yeah, you don't have to do all that. Just get your heart rate up a little bit so there's circulation going. Helps wakes up the mind.

Bob: You feel a lot better. And I do a lot of stretching every morning. That's when I do my stretching.

Brad: Yeah, exactly. You don't have to break a sweat to stay healthy necessarily. Number four, sit down with a piece of paper, it's a little old-fashioned, you can do it on your phone, but make a list of at least three goals you want to complete for the day. It might be personal. It might be work-related, or maybe a combination. Maybe more than three but write them down. It kind of sets your mind and gets your whole program going in the right direction.

Bob: Yeah, well I actually use, this was actually from Tim Farris too, he uses a note card. So note cards are purposely small.

Brad: Like what we used to use in chemistry. I used them all the time.

Bob: So anyway the thing about the notecards, what's nice about them besides they fit in your pocket really well, you're kind of limited in the space. So I only put down the three, as you said, I put down the goals that I really want to get done today. Those are my priority. I don't care, I may not get anything else done. I might get a lot more done. But I'm going to get these three things done. So that's how I use them. And it just works out really well.

Brad: Do you throw them away?

Bob: Yeah, I throw them away at night.

Brad: Do you use the backside?

Bob: I should but I don't.

Brad: Are there lines on the backside?

Bob: No. There's a line on one side.

Brad: Well, you can't use it if you don't have lines. I use a spiral. I don't know why I like spirals. I've got big spirals and little spirals and I put the ones I'm going to get done at the top. And then down at the bottom, if I have a little extra time, then I put my alternative goals to do.

Bob: See then you kind of have a record, don't you? With the spiral notebook?

Brad: Right you can turn the pages, yeah.

Bob: So you can look back and say this is what I was looking at.

Brad: I just went to the dollar store yesterday and bought three new spirals. Only a dollar a piece. It's a dollar store you know. You can't go wrong. So anyways, number five and this is very important. Now this varies depending on your situation at home. If you have family members, roommates, or someone that you live with, make sure you say something positive to them, you know.

Bob: Or you can text somebody.

Brad: Yes you can text. Say hi to your neighbor, you know, if you live by yourself. If you are not a texter, you might be like my mother, she calls someone on the phone. She's not techy at all but she can make a phone call.

Bob: It's amazing how that sets the tone for the day. And how you're, you know, spreading goodwill throughout the world. I mean, if everybody did this, imagine what would happen.

Brad: Exactly right. It offsets that negative news that's going out there.

Bob: I think that's a great idea, Brad.

Brad: So you know, we took seven minutes to get through this. But it really doesn't take that long you know except for the five-minute walk or that little exercise part. The breakfast you have to do anyway. And it’s a wonderful nice simple routine so.

Bob: It makes a good positive upbeat message.

Brad: I really think this one we can fit into our broken heart.

Bob: That's right! Brad and I can fix just about anything...

Brad: Except for...

Bob: A broken heart.

Brad: But how you start today can make a big difference.

Bob: That's right.

Brad:- There you go. Good luck.

Bob: Give love and you can receive love. Thanks.

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