9. Plantar Fasciitis Series: Simplest Taping Technique EVER for Plantar Fasciitis

Two reason for tapping your foot.

  1. You are thinking of trying an arch support insole, and you want to see if added support in the arch makes your foot feel better. Tape can provide added arch support. Good for individual who are loose jointed. See three quick tests (below) to see if you are loose jointed.

  2. You would prefer not to use an insole in your shoe- or can’t- but still want increased arch support.

Materials needed:

  • We suggest using two types of tape to avoid skin breakdown. First layer of tape against the skin should be a 2” wide CoverRoll Stretch. This tape will protect your skin from the second type of tape.

  • The second type of tape can irritate and even tear your skin. We recommend a 1 ½ inch Leukotape.

  • A link to amazon for these two types of tape is also provided below.

Before taping your arch make certain it is acceptable to your physician or podiatrist.

The advantage to this taping technique is in its simplicity. Watch the video for the technique.

3 Quick Tests to see if you are loose-jointed.

  1. Flex your hand toward your wrist. Then take your thumb and bend it toward your forearm. If able to touch you are hypermobile or loose jointed.

  2. Straighten your arms in from of you. Do they bend beyond straight?

  3. Do your knees bend beyond straight?

If you are interested in the products mentioned above visit:

  1. 2’’ Wide Cover-roll Stretch: https://amzn.to/2Z3QW2A

  2. 1.5’’ Leukotape: https://amzn.to/3lPIA8f

For more information on the Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Program visit: https://www.bobandbrad.com/plantar-fasciitis-treatment-program


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