5 Rules to Fight Arthritis Pain

This article is a transcribed edited summary of a video Bob and Brad recorded in January of 2022. For the original video go to https://youtu.be/7IPAvp_NLWg

Bob: We’re going to go over five rules, you can’t break them, for arthritis pain. We’re going to start with number one. If you have arthritis in a joint, you want to decrease the weight on that area, especially if it’s flared up. If you’re going to use a cane, that’ll help take some of the weight off there. Not permanently, but until it calms down a little bit.

Brad: Right. Just a quick side note, if it’s your left knee, you’re going to use your cane in your right hand. We have some videos on how to properly use a cane.

Bob: Now, if it’s your shoulder, don’t be leaning on your shoulder when you’re working at a computer or something like that. You know, take some weight off it. Number two, keep it moving, but in a non-weight-bearing manner. A lot of people say, “Oh, it hurts. I should let it rest.” But that’s not the way arthritis works. If you get some movement, you get synovial fluid, which is like the grease for the joint.

Brad: It’s the lubricant in there and it will help settle things down. You must work with it gently at first and take your time and get things moving, whether it’s your shoulder or your knee.

Bob: Yep. Just bend and straighten it like 10 times.

Brad: If it’s your shoulder, I might take my good arm and use that to help move it up and down.

Bob: All right, number three, you want to make sure you keep it stretched out because if you’re lacking motion that will make the joint hurt worse. So, if you’re lacking, you can’t fully extend your knee. That’s going to work a smaller area and it’s going to wear out the knee faster. You want to make sure you take the time to work on stretching the knee into full extension. This is something you might want to do every hour. Just a little pressure on, pressure off.

Bob: Same with bending it.

Brad: Now, if it’s not your knee or you want more details, just go to Bob and Brad and look up stretching for whichever joint, stretching for the shoulder, for the wrist, for the knee. You’ll see we have videos that will cover each joint in detail for range of motion and stretching.

Bob: Number four. Also, very important to keep the joint as strong as possible. So, one way, let’s use the knee again, you can do isometric. With the knee, very simple, fold the pillow in half and put it under the knee. Now I’m going to push the knee down to the bed and I’m tightening the quadriceps and making it work. So, hold for a count of 10 and then relax. Three sets of 10.

Brad: Oftentimes, you don’t have to go to the gym. You don’t have to buy fancy equipment for this kind of strengthening. You can do things like this.

Bob: Three sets of ten, three times a week and you’re good.

Brad: Again, we have complete videos on every joint in the body and you can find exercises you can do at home.

Bob: Number five. This may be a little unusual to people. You want to make sure you eat right. There are anti-inflammatory foods. We had a lady on who had trouble with Rheumatoid Arthritis. She helped combat it just by changing her diet.

Brad: Are you talking about Jodi?

Bob: Yeah.

Brad: Yeah, she was fighting it. She did not tolerate the meds. The meds were not going well with her. She was getting kind of mad at her doctor. She did some research on diet and she found she could get off her meds and control things by her diet.

Bob: She also lost weight, too.

Brad: Yeah, it’s a double win. The big thing is sugars.

Bob: Right. Inflammatory.

Brad: Yep, all these foods that are in the center that are highly processed, a lot of sugar.

Bob: Refined carbohydrates, too much bread. Too much pasta.

Brad: All those things that a lot of people are now aware of. It’s still not easy if you’re used to eating that. She had a real problem stopping eating pasta.

Bob: Oh yeah, me too.

Brad: Yeah, people really like it. For me, it’s chocolate. If I have it in the house, it’s going in my mouth. I meant it!

Bob: It’s going in the little chocolate hole. All right, that’s the five quick rules. Make sure you follow them, and your arthritis pain will go down.

Brad: That’s right. It’s all very good.

Bob: It’ll go down, which is good. All right, thanks!

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