1 Minute Exercise That Predicts Your Risk of Heart Disease- Harvard Study of 1,000 Men

Updated: Jan 5

This article is a transcribed edited summary of a video Bob and Brad recorded in March of 2019. For the original video go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ypuqrmnn7Ng&t=69s.

Bob: Today, this is interesting, we have a one-minute exercise that predicts your risk of heart disease. It was done by Harvard, and it was over 1100 firemen. They had them do this one exercise and then they followed them for many years after that to see how many of them had cardiovascular events like heart attacks or strokes, some type of cardiovascular disease. They found out that the people that did well at this had less events than the people who didn’t do well.

Brad: One exercise! So, if you want to find out what it is, hold on. We’re going to show you. We've got you in suspense.

Bob: Okay, cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of mortality worldwide. We have a study, Harvard performed a study. 1000 firefighters, they’re trying to predict the risk of heart disease and cardiovascular events such as a heart attack. The one exercise is push-ups. They had these guys do as many push-ups as they could do. They used a metronome for like 80 beats.

Brad: Okay.

Bob: It turned out to be a minute so, how many push-ups could they do in a minute. They couldn’t rest for more than 3 beats. They couldn’t stop and just hold it, they had to keep going. So, they did this, and they followed the firemen for years after that and they found out that basically, the answer is, the more push-ups you can do, the lower risk you had for cardiovascular disease. It’s no big surprise. For example, for those that did less than 10 compared to those who did more than 40, the people who did more than 40 had a 96% chance less likely to have an incident.

Brad: That’s significant.

Bob: Yeah. In fact, you virtually had no chance of having an incident if you were able to do 40 push-ups.

Brad: 40 in a minute?

Bob: Yes, 40 in a minute. So, you know what, Brad, you know I have to try it. I don’t have my equipment here, I’m already making an excuse. I should warm up a little bit.

Brad: Did you exercise this morning yet?

Bob: Well, I ran this morning.

Brad: Well, that’s a little warm up, plus it’s 30 degrees out.

Bob: I’m going to count them off but you can count them off too, Brad. Are you ready to go?

Brad: I’m ready Bob, are you?

Bob: This is pressure.

Brad: Pressure? Okay. Let’s see what Bob can do. Up on the toes, G.I. push-ups we’re doing.

Bob: 41

Brad: All right, nice work!

Bob: I’ll tell you, that is a cardiovascular event though. I mean, it does tax your heart.

Brad: It would be interesting to see what your heart rate is right now.

Bob: It’s probably 700 right now. So, anyway, it’s a great exercise. It works your core, works your strength, and it works your heart. I can’t say anything else, I’m too tired.

Brad: There’s a good testimony to get your heart rate up in a minute.

Bob: Thanks!

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