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Why Choose Bob & Brad?

Stretching Revolutionized

Choose the Bob and Brad Stretch Strap for unmatched versatility and durability. Crafted from premium non-elastic nylon webbing, our 12 Loop Yoga Stretch Strap adapts to your needs, enhancing strength and flexibility while reducing the risk of injuries. With a portable carrying bag, your wellness journey is always within reach. Elevate your routine with the Bob and Brad Stretch Strap today.

Flexibility Redefined

Achieve More with the Bob and Brad Stretch Strap




Injury Prevention, Faster Recovery

Integrate dynamic stretches to minimize injury risk and aid muscle recovery. Elevate your well-being with every stretch.

Wellness On-the-Go

With a convenient carrying bag, take your stretch strap wherever you go - yoga class, gym, or travels. Your wellness routine knows no bounds.

Amplified Strength and Flexibility

Elevate fitness progress and expand your range of motion. Our stretch strap relieves muscle tension, promoting better recovery.

Innovative Multi-Loop Design

Adapt to your stretch goals with 12 independent loops. The non-elastic band suits all-purpose stretching and heavy use, offering exceptional longevity.

Unmatched Durability

Crafted from premium nylon webbing, our non-elastic strap maintains its shape and strength over time, ensuring a lasting workout partner.

Versatile Performance

Enhance yoga, Pilates, dance, and physical therapy routines with our extra-long stretch strap. Perfect for pre-workout warm-ups and post-workout relaxation.

Ready to Stretch Beyond Limits?

Invest in your health and fitness journey with the Bob and Brad Stretch Strap. Elevate your workouts, improve flexibility, and embrace the countless benefits of effective stretching. Experience the transformation firsthand!

Stretch Smart, Stretch Strong




Customers love the Bob & Brad Stretch Straps

Real results, real people

William L. D

The design of this strap is great: it has two straps sewn back-to-back, but one of them creates 12 loops for handholds and footholds all down one side (the ends are also looped), which means that the overall strap works for people of all shapes and sizes, from short to tall. The sewing is very sturdy and the strap material is very strong. I'm really impressed.


Very attractive and high quality. Now make time to use it daily.

Joyjeet G

If you haven't watched Bob & Brad's YouTube videos, you must! This product is as good as their YouTube channel where they share great physical therapy tips. The band is very smart looking and sturdy, and I'm sure it will last a life-time!


This is so much easier to hold then the “green stripes“. I have ordered for them. They are so helpful. Bob and Brad are the greatest.


For whatever reason I stretch more just having this strap handy and stretching lightens my mood!


I really am happy with the feel of this stretching aid

Dell T

This strap can be used by people of different height and weights. It has multiple points that allow you to adjust your grip. You can shorten the grip or lengthen the grip very easily by just moving your hands. You can use it to help stretch when is various positions. It is very well built and appears to be a long lasting product. It is also very packable and light. Would definitely recommend this product.

Big Street

Probably one of the best one out there and I have used others during physical therapy great for big guys like me 200 plus club member😎


The material is very comfortable, both on the foot and in the hand. Other straps were a narrower webbing, which is a little irritating. Purchased two for gifts and they love them, too.


Excellent stretch band. so soft and comfortable . The Best On the Market. Better than the performance catalogue. Buy it...

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