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Why Choose Bob & Brad?

Quality Matters

Choose Bob and Brad Stress Balls for an unparalleled hand wellness experience. Designed by acclaimed physical therapists, these stress balls not only strengthen hands and aid in recovery but also provide instant stress relief. Crafted with premium materials, including a gel core and soft lycra coating, these balls offer varying resistance levels to suit your needs. Their ergonomic design fits perfectly in your hand, making them versatile for exercise on-the-go. With a 1-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee, these stress balls are your pathway to enhanced well-being.

More Than Therapy

Premium Quality Hand Exercise Balls for Wellness and Strength




Versatile Solution

Address arthritis, carpal tunnel, ADD/ADHD, OCD, and anxiety. Experience wellness and focus with each squeeze.

Perfect Gift

Quiet stress relief with a 1-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee. Support available 24/7.

Exercise Anywhere

Compact and ergonomic design fits in your palm or pocket. Ideal for athletes, musicians, and rehab.

Premium Quality

Non-toxic, BPA-free materials with varying levels of firmness. Soothing gel core and soft lycra coating.

Combat Stress

Squeeze for instant anxiety relief and enhanced focus. Perfect for both therapy and fidgeting.

Built by Experts

Designed by physical therapists Bob and Brad, these balls strengthen hands, fingers, and more. Ideal for recovery, motor skills, and pain relief.

Bob and Brad Stress Balls for Hand Wellness!

Experience the hand wellness and stress relief you deserve with Bob and Brad Stress Balls. Discover the transformative power of therapeutic hand exercises!

Strengthen, Recover, Relieve




Customers love the Bob and Brad Stress Balls

Real results, real people

Kindle Customer

Recommended. Great for building strength in arthritic hands


Bought these for my husband who likes to workout his hands. Love that there are 3 straight building balls and that it comes with an exercise sheet. The balls have a nice soft material on them which makes me want to use them constantly.

L. Bart

Hard with hand arthritis but has improved my strength after only one week

Kari Q

Good product. There were three with different weights. Excellent condition. I would recommend them.


My elderly mother broke her arm and used these after her cast was removed to help strengthen her hand. They are easy for her to use. Uses them while she watches television.


I gave these to my father for hand strengthening. He tried them out and loves them mentioning that they are good quality.


I love Bob & Brad. I tend to purchase what they sell without self-regulation, i.e., "Do I really need this...will I use this?" That said, I placed these on the coffee table & they are a huge hit! People who sit on the sofa gravitate towards them. Some use them as stress balls; others follow the instructions & do the exercises; and a few promptly juggle. Working out well.


I purchased this item to help with the Arthritis in my hands. There is no smell or strange feeling with these balls. The quality and the weight of the balls seems to be good and there is a slight difference between the resistance levels. So far I'm very pleased with this item.


Loved having 3 different pressure strengths to choose from. With arthritis in my hands these really make a difference in my mobility. Thank you for providing this!

Anonymous 101

Their videos are the best. This is the first of their products, I've purchased. I'll be purchasing additional products.

Watch and Learn


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